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1. Monument

2. Reclamation

Horrific cries, So thankful not to die, Anchored down by this demonic force
No machine will offer us remorse
Before my eyes, chamber of war orphans, skin torn like rags, Beyond the foreground lies
Dark shattered skies

Stench of gasoline runs thick on the winds and my senses inhibited by nuclear dust
Awaken the end of days. A ruin of mankind through machines so they must all fucking die

I walk in situ with the veterans
I've come to reclaim my tower
I will walk amongst the biodroids
I've come to reclaim my power

A dozen left but yielding the strength of a thousand armies
Unwilling to be erased so we walk as a whisper amongst the winds

Swift clash of steel, The seizure of machines
Send this burden from whence it came
Let the sky inhale their flames

This is our reclamation.

3. Time Of The Empty Throne

4. Detachable Faceplate

Denial could lead the path to your redemption or the path to your grave
Your ally, Your kingdom, Which one would you save?

The embers & stone we can raise from the ground
Your body & your flesh, No cure has been found

A flood of iron waves consumed our homes
Loved ones and daughters have been beheaded by drones

A Nuclear Burial of all we possess
Our valour & glory is all we have left
From the remnants of our empire we shall re-build
From broken hearts, broken homes & shattered bones
We are architects left with a pallet of stones

Our debt paid in blood

We are merely inadequate, Servants to the beholder of mists
Tenants to his bludgeoning fists

Our land, our faith is not our own
Shadowed by the doubt of an empty throne
We lost men, They lost machines
Now a truce is dealt the slate is wiped clean

With a promise in blood, Scribed on the sand
We must not cross onto their land
Exiled from this earth, We are to obey
Destroyed all we know form the light of day

Now one year passed
The stones we laid evolved into mass creation
The impossibility of reformation has proved to be our destiny

Towers now stand that intimidate the skies
Yet forged within shadows
The resurrection of new lives

Beyond our capability, We shall prosper with the invent of immortality
Our creations spread doubt over their reality’s

Convinced we have burst the moulds
But with the strength of ten men
Watch the horror unfold

Appearance so humane, So they are not to know
With a detachable faceplate ingrown

So that our identities are not shown

5. Drone Of The Nychomist

6. Unhallowed Domain

Throw me the cross, I fuse to my heart
Pray for release, I am so cold & so weak
But relentless I stand.

Our quest incomplete, Cross hits the ground
We have yet to defeat, Our heroism confound

Through the mists the scent of the dead awakens
Shreds our morale, Our gruesome fate it beckons

Our quest incomplete, The winds bare no sound
All machines named obsolete, Our wounds tightly bound

Lightning strikes, Forces us to shelter
The sky’s domain it soils the land with acid rain
Cleanses our wounds
Corrosion drips from rusted towers
Concealing us throughout the showers
The heavens bleed while the clouds churn out burning ashes
Silhouetting this temple, Unveiling our castle
A haven for us, A shrine to rebuild our faith again

The metallic messiah appears so viscous
No chamber could overwhelm its existence
Our final twelve consumed by this
Abnormal Leviathan

Appearance of liquid steel
Aware still I grip my shield

And suddenly a tremble of stone
From the awakening of what lies beneath

Engulfed by a mechanical mucus
Clarity of our in-existence made visible

Encased within this iron womb
We have chosen our fate
We have created our tomb

7. Mycora

8. Temples

Past efforts fought & crumbled as of our frail descendants
Night falls over our kingdom of forgotten souls
An appalling redemption waits behind the gates
of the rising sun

Our creations, Drones of untold sacrifice
Merely crushed into a fine dust.
Their eternal march begins to the chorus of the stagnant

Beckon the dawn of destruction
Mankind’s great repression

Smoke seeps from the temples in which they dwell
We glance at the inglorious structure
Their Temples Of A Transcendent Evolution.

Our embodiment, The deathbed to our leaders execution.

These times see man meeting his malfunction
A weakness they will use to bludgeon
Such a reckless oblivion ignites a frenzy of sacrifice
To serenade a worthless eternity

Earth shakes to the tremble of a thousand frightened men
A fuel they will burn again & again

The sound of stones thudding into our frail bodies
Pulse hammer force, Machine gun speed
No words can speak the agony we will concede

Smashed to bits torn to fucking shreds
Our entrails contaminate the machines treads
A short sharp violent thrust leaves your insides in your hands
Not a battlefield but a slaughter ground
These godforsaken lands

Our malfunction, a weakness they will use to bludgeon
Such a reckless oblivion ignites a frenzy of sacrifice
To serenade our worthless eternity

And the last breath, For heaving earth
Has become the descent into our expiration
Decomposing reality led us to our embodiment
The aftermath


Sam – Bass
Richard – Drums
Christopher – Guitars
David – Guitars
Stephen – Vocals

Thanks to defbored_usd for sending track #8 lyrics.

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