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1. Life And Death Of A Broiler

Born in crates and mutilated at birth,
45 days of abnormal growth,
feeding on hormones and antibiotics,
constantly living in feces and urine.

Sick and infected, maybe cannibalized.
Never seen the light of day.

Shackled upside down by their legs,
stunned by immersing their heads
in electrically charged water tanks,
then beheaded or killed by bleeding.

Sick and infected, maybe cannibalized.
Never seen the light of day.

The carcass gets soaked in a chlorine bath
to remove the smell and the slime,
dismembered and shipped to the grocery store,
destined for your dinner plate.
this is your fate!

2. Living The Nightmare

Living the nightmare of immutable things,
of evanescent dreams.
Lost in time, inside me hell!
I can't relief the tension inside.
I can not stop feeling like...

Living the nightmare, things never change.
Living the nightmare, bound to the same.

Things never change.
The living nightmare falls and rises again,
tortured by thoughts, vacuumed brain.
Endless efforts of living the nightmare
of emotions never felt before.

Living the nightmare, the living nightmare.

3. The Might Of A Nation

The might of a nation, only laws and restrictions.
The might of a nation is lies and repression.

The might of a nation does not allow rebellion,
it represses and crushes you, denies you your future.

Promises of life, reality of death.
Illusions of progress while millions beg.
Approve their power, approve your death.
No more poor men fighting,
killing and dying in rich men's wars.

The might of a nation.

4. H.A.A.R.P.Y.

Brainwashing laserbeams, holograms from the sky,
frequencies to enchant the minds. Truth or filthy lie?
Conspiracy, so unreal? Conscious about what we feel?
Restricted information, kind of suspicious.
Underground research is hardly serious.

LF, VLF, ELF to daze the human race.

A desperation demand for elucidation,
clamping to a secret perpetuation.
A net of misleading, built so stable,
confused about what's trustable.

LF, VLF, ELF to daze the human race.

Soon it will be too late.
No chance to turn our fate
from earthquakes, tornadoes and tsunami-waves.

5. Beaurocrap

Democracy, freedom, welfare, peace.
Fancy terms, supposed to make you feel safe.
If you are dumb enough to believe
the spoken words that still say nothing.
How come in the western world
that one's providing isn't ensured?


While depending on help, we only get led astray
an annoying procedure just to harden the way.

6. Carniwars

In the eyes of the animal kingdom
all humans look like nazis.
Perpetuating a self-righteous species war,
a "sustainable" animal holocaust.

For what cause!? Greed!

Fish and birds, cattle and pigs, even bees.
Genetically altered breeding
to enforce profits increasing.
Ignoring endangered species
and filling th e world with feces.

7. Genocide To Glorify

For eversince, since men can think, men beat their heads.
Gods, churches and traditions cause millions of dead.
In the name of any dogma, senseless wars are declared.
According to the crusades no one was ever spared.
Genocide to glorify. Your god ain't mine.
A willingness to kill for a doubtful presumption,
to even act out totalitarian and self-righteous.

We all share a single idiocy
and still need different gods,
sticking to all the stale fairytales
and the rotten frauds.

Genocide to glorify. Your god ain't mine.

God, man made bullshit.
Fraud feeding on the stupid.
War, to kill all the infidels.

Choke! Choke on your invented gods.

8. Repaint The Truth

In youths solitude the forging begins.
Quantities that never will be satisfied.
Preparing the young for the thirst
to get every last drop of attention.
Eyes caged to the artificial figures.
Slit wrists bleeding on the catwalk.
Hearts hold quiet, veins pumping air.

A stilted smile...
Repaint it all. Refuse it all.

As grind is my brush I repaint the truth.
Scrape the old canvas clean,
all the coating, all the protections,
all the truth-bending lies, all the capitalistic thrives.

9. An Aggregation Of Misfortune

Thousands of years ago was thought to civilize
to distinguish from the beasts,
to reign the earth, the seas, the sky.
But as fate would have it, for every step forward,
two have been made back and the world became a wreck.
Superiority and self praise.
Intelligence is a curse, inventing rules.
Finance was installed to enslave the will of man.
Total control of the masses, sick as shit, a master plan.

10. Discorporate

Corporations mean hidden phases of production.
Corporations mean total contamination.

Discorporate the corporations.

Free the earth from C.E.O.s.
Rid the capitalist cancer
or wait how far this story goes.

Corporations mean economic power and greed.
Corporations mean a culture of commodification.
Corporations mean bleeding the third world.
Corporation in fact means social control.

Discorporate the corporations,
witness an alternative world.

Think globally, act locally. Break free from the chains.

11. The War On Drugs

We call on you to end the war on drugs.
The prohibition regime, a war on us.
This prohibition regime has had its time.
It fuels violent organized crime and devastates lives.

Busted for a roach, it's time for humane approach.
The war on drugs, a war on us.

Powerful lobbies still stand in the way of change.
Prison departments whose budgets are at stake.
Politicians fear the alternative approaches
as they will appear weak on laws and orders.

Busted for a roach, it's time for humane approach.
The war on drugs, a war on us.

12. Planet Monsanto

Manipulating genes of plants and their seeds.
Retaining a kingdom-like monopoly.
Soy, canola, corn, and cotton.
The food chain's controlled by a syndicate of greed.

Scourging the world with PCB, aspartam and rBST.
Acreages poisoned, dead for years.
Contaminated food causing subconscious fear.

A patent on life even worse as it ever got.
Disposability created by industrialists playing god.

Scourging the world with PCB, aspartam and rBST.
Acreages poisoned, dead for years.
Contaminated food causing subconscious fear.

13. Le Grand Illusion

24 hours feeding crap.
There's another carnage displayed on the news.
Bloody sensations, cruel indeed.
Millions stick to their screens to catch a view.
The better the more one bleeds.
In need for a master, the guide of the guides,
the screen will tell us how to survive.

Prayers to the altar of frames.
24/7 without a break.

Minds shaded by a never ending rerun.
Beyond intellectual evaluation.
Reduced to a lifeless hull.
Prayers to their evil installations.
Families interchanges,
talk shows to keep the brains in check,
documentary soaps, wrecking of all eloquence.
Trapped in shallow consciousness, forever and a day.
A new star born out of a casting will blow all concerns away.

Prayers to the altar of frames, 24 hours feeding waste.
24 frames the eyes can take. 24/7 withput a break.

14. Nuclear Hazzard

Leaking containers of toxic waste.
Uranium and Plutonium polluting this place.
Contaminated radiation leftovers
dumped in soil and waters.
Cursed to behold the atomic menace.
Extinction of the human race.
Sneaky, creepy, crawling death.
Particles even infiltrate by breath.
Infecting blood, affecting the growth of cells.
Cleansed landscapes, a vision of hell.
Even the smallest half-life will outlast us all.
Barrels buried in saline mines
or at wastelands and deserts all over the world.
Left to rot, forever seeping into the ground.
A jurisdiction, so unclear and blurred.

15. Life Banned

Regressive regulations block our access
to household remedies, medicinal herbs.
Bound to suffer without a chance.
Poisoned by the cure, customized death.

Life's being banned.

Organic alternatives ain't that lucrative.
The corrupted medical lobby
supports this obtuse and cruel act of greed.
Grow lots of weed!
High barriers to the effective solution.
Your health, a shady illusion.

The pharmaceutical industry is not looking for a remedy.
Denying all Chinese, Ayurvedic and African medicine.

Life's being banned.

16. Bullets Are Forever

Multi billion contracts, manufactures of death.
Politics and armed forces become linked to commerce.
Shiny trigger and itchy finger.
Unlike men, the bullets linger.
Tool of death, forged from metal.
Mass production, the purpose is lethal.
Detonation-heads added to the hulls,
created to finally intrude enemy skulls.
Bullets are forever.

17. He Who Plants Sorrow

When will we ever learn that it's us we destroy?
He who plants sorrow, made to collect our hate.
Chemically enhanced, grows from nothing and
Children scream unheard while we stand quite.
Ten thousand guards stand strong, safety denied.

Destroyers and generals, heroes and gods
they all laugh when this whole circus burns.

Inherited beliefs and thoughts of bloodshed.
Dreamers of the sky lie face down in asphalt.
Risen heads pressed under the surface.
Everyone silenced, ready for the furnace.
If human is the scale, it's the one measuring death.

Heroes and gods,
they all laugh when this whole circus burns

18. The Carrier

Yes, Boss! Yes, Boss! Yes, Boss!
Stuck with a rock on the back.
Toiling until bones start to crack.

Yes, Boss! Yes, Boss! Yes, Boss!
The carrier, victim of progress.
The carrier, dying for success. Yes, Boss!

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