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1. An Affirmation Of Forsworn Vows

Behold a dove with broken wings
Delivering a shriveled branch
Barren of fruit
To the mouths of the starved

In dust and dry earth
Soiled with the rueful lands
They erect temples for their gods
Deifying famine and ruin

Praise be to hollow prevarications
Praise be to oaths broken
Thralls enchained by rusted manacles
To stale, weightless air
For promises sired from Seneh, dying in droves,
As flight from this deceased terrene
Blindly leaping from the precipice into the chasm of faith—
A descent into shallow graves

Cursory knowledge vomited by a bastard
Impaled upon moldering woods
Iconic portrayal in suffering—
And by three, suffering thrives

Deep rooted into infecund dirt
Ternary parasitic vines
Dead are their hearts who seek enlightenment in blindness
As a dove with broken wings, ensnared in thorns

An affirmation of forsworn vows
Let the searing dawn commence the rites
Exonerate this misbegotten filth
Banish the faith that desecrates lost heights
Be true to the sword
Be true to dignity
Be true to the blood
Be true to purity

2. Litany Of Iron I: Ancient Graves Of The Fallen - II: Rekindled Fires

The litany of iron shall be sung by torn skies
And written in blood upon omened sands
Adorned by graves etched with ancient names—
Manifold forbearers of broken hearts
Mournful of the lost light
When an argent crown from eras past
Bore supremacy to brittle thorns;
When the white sun pierced through dismal veils
To shine on forsworn swords
Raised high

Again, the days will come
When all shrines collapse into dust
And arms must be brandished
For a never-ending war
Rivers run red beneath burning heavens
Deafening sound of legions advancing
Towards the ashen lands

Ancestral rites of war
Sparks of iron clashing
Courage, pride and glory
Without fear of death

And as the shrines fall
Lands scattered with the wounded and dying
The earth beneath remembers
The memories of the dead
When thrones were won through golden embers
Strength and valor before dishonor

Rekindled fires
Within the spirits of men
Ever forward; never flee;
Come, glorious death
“I know one thing
which never dies:
the judgment of a dead man's life.” — Hávamál

This axiom reminisced
In the reawakening of the flame
Unmask from darkness, sanguine pride
No longer thrall to three upon three

The white sun shining
Through shattered veils
Evoking the names
In ancient blood
As all creeds fell
But one…

3. Die Wulvsära (am Ende der Zeit)

An axe age—A sword age—
Etchings in bones portend doom
Sated on the lifeblood of the ill-fated
A wind age—A wolf age—
In a vortex of lightning and fire
When no man will have mercy on another
The celestial stained by crimson gore
Feral onslaught erupts on all fronts

Kingdoms will be ravaged
By strong blows and deep wounds
As the wolf within made flesh
Reaves haunting scars into the mortal worlds

An axe age—A sword age—
Funereal pyres burn macabre
In cursed twilight
A wind age—A wolf age—
Black steel and hate consecrated
In the pall of rife carnage
The wolf’s hoary breath and sharp teeth hunger
To feast on the corpses
Strewn across the slaughtering fields
All banners will be bathed in blood

A bestial semblance—
The true face of god revealed
As the wolf within made flesh
Becomes the reflection of every man

Cruel maws grip the throat of this coil
Quelling the last desperate prayers
Peace and pity made dead virtues
These are times for war
These are times for death
These are times for glory
These are the end of times

The sound of raging battle slowly fading
As eternal winter swallows the realms
In a haze of ice and fire
The outcomes of war
The finality of death
The ultimate glory
At the end of time

Earth shall be riven
And the over-heaven smoldering
All banners drowned by blood
As all past icons perish
The harbingers of death and renewal
Clad in silver flames
Divulge the mysteries
Of the last runes
All secrets ascertained
In an axe age—A sword age—
A wind age—A wolf age

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