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1. Proclaim Extinction

For far too long this putrid race now walked the earth / Contagious waste - you shall tremble with fear / As I arise and devour everything that you love / There is no saviour and no redeemed / I AM THE DEMON THAT KILLED ALL YOUR GODS / Unending purification will be all
that is real / And when the chants of extinction resound in your ears / All your pleas will be unheard / This is no call, no demand / This is a promise to break / All of the branches you took / And built your lives on as fakes / I won't forgive any sins / I am perdition
within / I have come to cleanse / This earth and all life on it Humanity will witness what I'm able to do / There is no god to safe you / No place where you can escape / THIS IS YOUR PRICE FOR LIFE / THIS IS MY VENGEANCE / The end is near / Prepare to fucking die

2. Engulfed In Fear

THERE IS NO CHANCE TO ESCAPE / From this nightmare / You're lying on the floor and struggling for air / Every bone feels like broken / I will redeem you from your pathetic life / It's not the end - this is just the beginning / Of what you have to go through / The only
thing that contents me is your blood on my hands / Can you hear the demons inside me / They're screaming for victims / I will not fight against this possession / Your offering will release the pure evil / My will shall be done / I WILL SHATTER THE BASICS OF EXISTENCE /
It's you I delete / When the air in your lungs is replaced by sulfur / Rage shall fill your minds / When the demons amongst you take off their masks / Countless hours of torment /Weaken your mind to the point of perdition / My minions will not halt at any volition /
Until the day that you rue all your insolences / You must feel my hate / FUCK / Everything you once adored will now perish from my hands / And with cruel hearts they will rage upon you and your land / Ultimately blood will pour out your bastard veins / YOU WILL BE ALIVE
BUT NOT OPERABLE / Suffocating - throat split into half / Trachea squeezed and your head crushed / The endmost thing you will see is your waist ripped to shreds / SLAMMED TO DEATH / This is a decimation / This world turns to a fucking graveyard / Your dead bodies pave the
way to my throne / Now lay and rot beneath my feet

3. Irate Creator

They brought this PLAGUE upon themselves / These filthy maggots came and fucking conquered this planet / This invasion is unstoppable / You swept over my land with destruction / Absorbing every life like parasites / RECKLESS - without wasting a thought on what a gave to
you / Brazenly - establishing cottages to make their profit out of everything / Sorrow, indigence, beliefs and confide keeps them alive / I can feel the contempt begins growing inside of me / Inexorably it takes over my body / WITH EVERY BREATH I EXHALE HATE / I will eat
your rotten corps and munch your flesh between my teeth / VIOLENCE WILL SHAPE YOUR CORPORA TO WASTE FOR GOOD / You will fall as a product of this / Entombed in a pile of corpses / Yet still in all apparentness / You cannot see / All this bottomless hatred derived / From
nothing but your self / Your kind has without regard / Polluted all my works / You did not see your actions sent you to the grave / And now you made me your irate creator / In everlasting wrath / YOUR BLOOD SHALL PAINT THIS EARTH - RED / Scars of torment adorn your skin
/ Your heads will roll just for my pleasure / Death is not the worst that can occur to you now / In fact you will beg me for salvation / But for your IMPUDENCES you'll pay / Another day where you will watch me slay your children and your loved ones / And you will bath in
their bowels / I WILL FEED YOU THEIR EYES / And make you drink their mouldered blood

4. Days Of Atrocity

YOUR EXISTENCE DISGUSTS ME / I will end this with my own hands / Prepare to meet your creator / I am a product of hate / Resentment, lies, fraud and pain / My flesh is marked / From this hell that you call life / And all mankind is passing by / With their empty eyes / We
are condemned to extinction / But I wont surrender / I will fight for my life / This cant be the end / I will fucking tear apart / Everything that comes in my way / All your innocence means nothing to me / In catatonia you'll rest until there's nothing left to save / I
am the epitome of evil / I AM THE HELL YOU WILL ROT IN FOREVER / In hate I prevail / Your life will turn to dust / My lungs crave for your soul - in everlasting thirst / And your words are like poison / Though I never heard your voice / In fucking hate I prevail / This
is your downfall / Words cannot describe what you did to me / What you're doing right now / All my tolerance has vanished / My anger has become hate / My hate will become your demise / Treachery - will reign upon you for you're just a waste / Calamity – AND YOUR LAST
BREATH I WILL TAKE VIOLENTLY / Enemy – I will destroy your heart and rip your guts apart / FOR YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A DISGRACE TO MY LIFE / And I can't stand to see you prey on what I - built up – as if you were its own creator / I will find pleasure in dismembering you
completely / You're a fucking infamy / Your inaptitude is the cause of your failures / I condemn you to the highest extent / This urge cannot be repressed / Every cell in my body demands your death / Cavernous thoughts overcome your mind / Who are you to think you won't
be confined / To this place I dreamed of so long in my head / Where the rain is your blood and YOUR LIFE MEANS NOTHING / It's still in my head / BUT I WILL MAKE IT REAL / This I promise / It's still in my head / But I'll kill you tomorrow / This I promise / It's still in
my head / But I will make it real / This I promise / It's still in my head / But I will slaughter you / THIS I PROMISE

5. Descent (Interlude)


6. Eternal Purgatory

What is this pain / This drill inside of my head / It's getting deeper - I SCREAM / I thought I have reached the end / But it's still too soon / Everyone I loved is buried under the debris that I used to call home / Hot blood is flowing throughout my mouth / I feel like
puking my guts out / My limbs - mangled from the hounds of hell / My brain - rumpled from the hands of the devil / A grin is becoming apparent in front of my eyes when my flesh starts to melt down from my bones and dissolves from the inferior being I am / Worthless scum
- this is the way I'll rot / Bathed in my blood and exposed to the heat of the eternal purgatory / I'M FALLING FASTER / FALLING FASTER INTO SLUMBER / I'LL NEVER WAKE UP AGAIN / THIS WORLD IS DYING / Bereft of our right to exist - nevermore shall we depredate another
kingdom / Tremendous horror will sprout from the seeds of our own ruthlessness - and drain the fruits of our civilization / As maggots we lived and as maggots we die now / Eternal ravens, they feed on my skin / But I can't perceive any pain no more / I feel hell
demanding my soul / My creator, he calls me back to his realm / I now become one of them / I am fixated / I am a bloody statue / CEASELESS AGONY / We must not lose sight of our failing ever again

All I see is fire.

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