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1. The Era Of Destruction

Follow along the crooked line
The blind leading the blind
What's left to show from your grand idea?
A path of unnecessary death

Lead your men to die
A fight chosen for yourself
A nation torn by sadistic action
Silenced freedom being forced to comply

And for the first time
I am taking a stand
Against an era of destruction because

There is no tomorrow.

2. Eternal Warfare

I need tomorrow more than then before
I have fallen again to lust
I need tomorrow more than ever
I have fallen to his games

Reckless thoughts brought up by thoughtless actions
"I will always provide a way out."
I'll wait until I fall to my knees again
Wait until I fall to sin

"I will provide a way out."
"I will provide a way out."

With hands around my throat. I grasp for air
Both hands around my neck. I need life
The snake around my throat. save my life
I need your love to survive, save me

Tomorrow has never seemed so far
This guilt has won again
What have I done to myself?
Jesus, save me.

3. Crown Of Thorns

I have failed so many times to become the person
The person that I long to be
Perfection, the standard of my everything
Unable to realize I bring my fall

Perfection, a task not possible
I try so hard, not hard enough
My God, lived without sin
Myself, I'm indulged in it

My god how long I will sing this song
And my god how long til I come home?
My god I'll sing until I have no breath
And my god come and take me home

Blood stained hands carry my sins
My hands carry no such wounds
Your eyes have searched for me
I look away. I look away

I have failed to be the person I strive to be
I fall so short to the expectations
You wore the crown of thorns, as I wear the crown of shame

Your eternal sacrifice
Has torn a whole inside my heart
I fail to sin, not for the last time
I will rise back up, and carry on

My flaw of the man I shouldn't be
Is not the man you died to see
So I'll learn to be who I should be
And give back to you, and give less to me.

4. Everything I Despise

I've watched the filth thats become my fellow man,
I've seen the kingdom fall once again rise,
The world holds no ground along the road,
I've fallen to destiny I no longer find it
Necessary to become who I want the truth of it is,

I will always be who I am,
I've seen the tongues of man ripped from there flesh,
I've seen the hearts of man painted the darkest black,
My Struggle to turn myself from murder I come to find

That I'm he who cuts the throat of my brothers,
I am everything that is ugly in this world,
I am the result of my own lies,
I am everything I despise,

5. My Cross To Bare

I try to be a person of you
These thoughts attack my soul from angels
I try to see
Past all the lies
Past the sin of the world
Faulse ideals tear me apart
Pray for and hope of change

This is my cross to bear
My cross
My choice
My life
This is my cross to bear

I work so hard to be what you wanted for me
You bore the cross so I could be
You died so I could live
You died so I could breath

I work so hard to be what you want
You were born so you could die
You carried my sins on the cross
You died so I could be alive

My cross to bear
My cross to bear.

6. This Constant Heart

As the stars rise
I see the farewell of my better half
Showered in the, the most sincere shade of red
And while the night has taken you, I know we will remain

Love, this world was meant for you and me
And while you've moved along with the night
I know that we will be just fine
I know things will me alright

My world is crashing down without you

I'll do everything I can to give you everything you deserve
I'll do everything I can to show you the world.

7. The Vanguard


8. Safeguard The Helpless Pt. 1

This is the last live city standing tall,
Through whats been done the devastation of a race,
Abolished tarnished hit from all sides by a reackless force,

I will be the voice of the voiceless
I will be the strengh of the weak
I will be the identity of the lost,

I am no more,

What good is gone what good is never-ending,
We're pushing past through all that's left to safeguard the helpless.
With thoughts of change long forgotten

They struggle to find hope in all that's lost,
Closed eyes praying for this hell to be over
Who will save them?
Who will perserve them?

Bring me your tired and your weak,
Bring me me you timid and your meek,
I'll shelter you from all the storm cut from the cold,
Away from harm,
And when the world caves in,
I'll stan between you and the end,
I am the hand that reaches,
I am the last of dying bread
I am the end of what's been done.

9. Safeguard The Helpless Pt. 2

I am no more, what's good is gone
What's good is neverending
We're pushing past,
Through all thats left to
Safeguard the helpless

10. Betrayed

Your eyes have turned red.
Once beautiful now ashamed.
The girl I once adored.
Now different.
Now gone.
Bring back the heart I once thought so highly of.
Bring back the one who wasn't so high and mighty.
I will not sit around and watch you bring your demise.
I cannot sit around and watch your bleeding eyes.

Take back what you've said.
Take back all you've done.
Your heart will be alone.
You do not deserve me.

I don't want to let you be part of me.
You had your chances.
And now I am coming clean.
Your ego has become larger than life.
Have fun with your beauty, it's all you'll ever know.

Your eyes bring disgust.
Your heart fading fast.
Your soul once was gold.
Now nothing brings it back.

Color my insides black and. reveal the pain
My heart will beat again

11. Condemning The Righteous

It's been a long time time coming and
I'm ready to make my claim against an era
Of of self loathing and pain,

I gave all that I had into what I thought
What I thought this should be and now that I'm on the outside looking in
I think it's safe to say it's better off this way and when I was at my best

I now see was just what you made up
As I lost myself in hope of keeping you,
And I'm ready to leave that behind
Because I'm worth more than that
I'm more then just an ear to talk to,
I deserve to be treated as I treated you
In what I thought my perfect life was

The past is nothing more than thoughts,
Thoughts of how I could change the outcome
And now I'm seeing in,
I'm glad things enden this way
Becuase I was never wrong,
This is not what life intended to be

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