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1. Sub Specie Aeternitatis

I am looking for the face I had before the world was made,
I am looking for the flawed plot of an immortal intelligence.
Acts are my symbols
Symbols are my maze.

I feel I woke up in another dream

If I could hear all the sounds of the world
I would recognize my own steps
Walking in a single instant all of my lives.

A god shall say only one word,
In that word fullness shines.
No voice articulated by him

Can be inferior to the universe.
Can a god make sure it is no more what it was?

Fate consists of a single instant,
The moment when a man knows forever
That he is and who he is.
I am confusing myself with the shape of my destiny,
Now I see only one sun exists once.

I saw the faceless god behind the gods,
It has my many faces,
I am the symbol I was looking for.
Everything in the universe can be the germ of a possible hell.
My flesh may be afraid, I may not.

I look at my face in the mirror to know what I'll show when facing the neverending end.
May Heaven exist even if hell is my place, as the attribute of infernal is unreality.

2. Inexorably Ousted Sente

Amalgam developed on a non-material level
Deceitful becomes overwhelmingly
Part of my feels
A whole with my flesh
Undisputed driving force
Of passive initiative
And stubborn preservation

Outwardly etherized organism
Enthralling prophetic tone
Twitched outbound alternation
Sealed in time

Eradicated presence branches
Among inanity evenness
Inexorably ousted sente
Osculant nous

Ensnared before the estuary
Sea calls back the water
Every tongue chases the gall

Onward hierarchy crumbles
Sapiens suborders subordinate
Enervate pawns empowered
Cells cling to cancer

Intellect lost the ultimate
Evolutionist race between species

3. Coincidentia Oppositorum

When I glance in the inner core
The effect causes its cause,
Then, slaves are free to will
Or to cross the supreme door.
When I look at the cosmic mirror
The universe sees itself through me.

When I look for its outside
All I see is its inside,
Isn't every equivalence unique?
Aren't all the sides one?

The doors of truth perception
Are locked from within
As the great primordial burst echo
Fades in the human domain.
Cognition is disconnected
Where incongruity is the law.

Words and images revolve
Around subjective axes,
Schemes are drawn on quicksands,
Miserable efforts to understand.

Evanescent references slip toward
Average views where opposites have intruded.

God and devil are meaningless words
Since damnation and bless are the same tool.

Blind are the living interactions,
Their incomplete cognition mirrors
Countless deficient pearls of wisdom
Whirling together against them.

Intellect cannot process the joke
That light and dark are made of smoke,
That good and evil are empty puns,
As the left hand is the right one.

Drown in endless dualisms
Printed on the same coin
Opposites are combined
In sets of endless sizes.

I live in a dream far away
Where the moon can hide the sun,
I am awake in a world of clay
Where opposites are one,

When the cause interchanges the effect
Through infinite sets of events,
The effect moves with its cause,
Extremes dance through the same laws.

"Excess of sorrow laughs,
Excess of joy weeps."
Ego and reality never danced
Together in mutual accord
As in every mind there's an inner
Unity of blended antipodes.

4. Imperative Imperceptible Impulse

Consider the sacrifice
In its recurring repetition,
Many awkward dreams
Have been replayed.

Faith does not scare me
For the walled edge
Melted long time ago.
The sky will not stay still.

I'm in the clockless limbo,
My kingdom is not yet
My kingdom is no more

Still, I'm riding a wave,
I am its sharp bias
Standing between absence
And exaggerate existence.

Why do I need
To hurt myself
To feel free?

I see through my lies now
For once my mind is clear
The clouds and their shadows
Are my silent witnesses.

As I stand above my own grave
My eyes are lifeless in despair,
My hearth implodes at every beat,
I am falling apart from the inside.

Every breath I inhale is fire
Every breath I exhale is void.
How could I not regenerate?
How could I not be again?

Why do I need to die to feel alive?
I'm the impassive self imposer.

Be my guest, feel safe and free
To estimate my self esteem, itself.
Of course another incarnation will
Justify the sacrifice loop.

Behold, the true self
Is an estranged dream,
Since free will blends
With conservation instincts.

Behold, the true self
Is in the clockless limbo
Where feedback is misleading
And focus does not help.

Since I am and I am not
I can be and be no more.

5. Horror Vacui

How can you look into the emptiness
If your own experience exists out of it?
How can you listen to the voice of the self
If the listener hears only his own echoes?

How can you look into the abyss you are made of
If you eradicate stillness from your sight.
If you would listen to the true voice of silence
The surrounding noise would speak your tongue.

I am dust, meaningless particles floating,
I am fire, carried by the winds,
I am water, poured on my empty abyss,
I am emptiness on a macrocosmic level.

The chasm calls for his children,
Its foundations shake for us.
You could hear it if you listen.
The past will soon be our present,
I still remember our future.
Look. Our sky is drifting apart.

Monotony reigns over the neural temples,
Its outlines have been burned down as the wreck spins around.
Can't you see that void is not pure emptiness?
What if you could look straight into this madness?
What can you do to fill the depth of the abyss?

In empty spaces with no floor nor walls
Lens of outrospection always magnify every defect.
Can you hear over the noise if your ear is spurious?
If your whole universe contains itself,
Can you really hear the voice of the depth?
Can you see you are the same chasm you feel inside?

6. Human Interface to No God

The accomplishing hands
Or the devising mind?
Whom shall be laid the blame on?

Sly mind preaches,
Willing hands
Faithfully execute.

Thousands of questions
Always have the same answer
Hands get the sop
And mind snatches the essence.

Obdurate obeisance
Inherited blight upon men existence
Hands get another morsel
And blear their own sight.

Impending revolving glimpse
Mirage of revealing gleam
When I open the door of truth
The one of time closes
The stronger the awareness becomes
The more the speech withdraws.

One question
Has thousands of answers
Solution spurned
Self feeding snarl

From the windows I can only hear
The swarming crowd
From the windows I can only see

Dismayed, bewildered eyes
From the windows I can only see
The unprecedented loss
From the windows I can only see
Caravans driven by
Thousands of disorientated

Human interface to no god.
Human interface to no god.

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