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1. Collateral

Waiting for a new dawn of mankind
I'm proudly flaunting my mistakes
Guide me where the peace of mind is dying
Just below the dome of my doubts

Walking on a way where nothing happens
Destination through our movement in time
Swept away in endless instrospections
In this sea of contradictions I'll drown

Save me from the rigid laws of god
Fill these voids that grow between us

There is an inner voice catching my attention
Lead me now, to my collateral tomorrow
Consequences bound, despite these severe rules I'm blind
Hand in hand we fall, so let my mind burning on and on

Our lives are outlined, under the finger of god
In a sort of Eden, we're born to see our world to burn

2. State Of Persistence

I see your fingers as a sign of indictment
Always shifting the blame to the weak
Sanctifying your compassion for nothing
Your perseverance is disgusting me

Pull the trigger...

We generate
Caught into the state of persistence, our conscience is cabled
Through the cold, through the fog, through the time, I'm lost in despair

There is an inner voice that is draining and calling, humiliations are feeding it
You're blinded by the veil of your ambitions, your existence is worthless

Pulling the trigger beneath my jaw, outstretched
Burning a bible above your god, unpleasant

So my external behaviors may be limited
Despite this my own cruelty is not suppressed
The sphere of my dreams, illusions, it's so demonic
I'm a pawn in this game, separated from myself

Endless cycle of same mistakes
I glimpse our failure

Hey you! realize!, I'm sanctified in time
Kill me, I'm alive, stratified in time

We're nothing

3. The Giant And The Cow

When time wasn't yet defined, the tongue of god started to align
And the abstract fell from the heaven
To incarnate the matter, the flow of time

Raise, spread your crushing power
Spawn, bleed into our sacrifice

And the space came to life, from his core the heat increased
'till the giant unleashed its power
An endless cycle reverting the past

Hail giant
Show me thy way

And now his word still reverberates, to give to matter a thousand shades
Sum identity of your religions, the giant rules from his throne of time

I will never bind to you
Behind your promises, father, your lies
There's no words to set me free
Silent being

Now there is nothing to heal
Now you worship this ill
I'll slay you all until
Show me how you reached the sky

4. Timelapse

Sometimes I've got a wish to escape
Maybe where my dreams are silent
So now you understand, why I need salvation
I'm still there, still hibernated

Memories pressing each other, collapsing thoughts
You could feel pleasant to remember, in a blink of an eye
Sad life on the edge of isolation, by your thousand lies

But now I'm sitting here in sadness
I live out from any certainties
Our lucid visions get drastically changed
Still am I? just hibernated

Drawing pictures of existence
At the speed of light
There is no time now for the afflictions
I'm already judged

They wait across the line
Drag your soul, despise the sun
Pull me down from my desires
Keep me far from all this light

Still waiting

5. Liar's Paradox

What if you could hold all the answers in your hands? Try to wonder if they're wrong
So now try to beg to your firm awareness
And declare your ignorance

You'll get enslaved into reality, your firm beliefs starts to tremble

Let's begin this masquerade, where no one is sure of anything

Liar paradox
Concealed meanings

Did you realized how the truth is unshaped? It's stuck in your internal contradictions
Convoluted sentences impossible to explain
True and false, I cannot define

What if you could hold, in your hands, lies
In my vague dreams, we are still, blind

Just wonder why believe, just waiting for salvation
We'll swim through reality
A pleasant harmony, grew up my lack of planning
Dug deep into my peace of mind
Declare your ignorance, realize the truth is edgeless
We'll fly trough the eternity

The cynic air I breathe
Pull strings of my tomorrow

6. The Burning Of Methuselah

Claiming the vile sentence of a tainted church, thousands torches are now approaching
Act like a puppet in obedience to your tyrant
Pierce your rival with a blade
Materialism became our doctrine our chains, beyond the vortex of the monarch laughing

Under the prophecy, the way of sadness
I would not scream cause my pain is not your concern
Justify empty life, trough your awareness
Under a cryptic dream still not unveiled

You tried to burn me, lost in despair, crawl beneath the shadow of what you were
Ashes silently swept away, divine salvation please forgive our cowardice
An agreement for enslavement, be the next victim in corruption and perversion
Crown your rotten heritage
Hidden damnation, an empty life with empty dreams, outline a vision of a domination

I'll be blinded

Under the vortex of infected wishes, leading reins of demise
Claiming my ancient rhymes

Justify your empty life carving deep into your soul
Breaking chains of demise
Please claim my ancient rhymes

I'll be blinded
Silent laughter

7. Redemption

Never wished my own salvation
Now I believe to see a peripheral vision, I blindly stand
I feel naked without protection
Walking across this sea, I will not drown in my forgotten sins

I can't be overwhelmed, I'm a dormant, dying
Deep into the grudge of god
I can't be overwhelmed, I'm a dormant, dying
You'll not redeem my own end

Venerated misconceptions
Spreading around the fear, your temptations will guide you into the flames

Slave, and they still try to save me
Slave, but perhaps am I really lost?
Slave, there's no comfort in your prayers
Slave, cause in your faith dwells a lot of pain
Serve, my hesitation, my lunacy
Serve, recognizing conspiracies
Serve, and where the reason survive there is
Serve, I'm finally repenting

I bravely share a parallel reality, where everything is chaos, without a reason

Instead to stoke our global submission, awake your old doubts
The place where every truth will be revealed, is not in your grave
Now break your chains

And time, will tell
Who's right

8. The Furnace Creek

Suspended above rules of any fate, dwells the most secret of the universe
When the rocks of our world started to move, even god watched amused what he created
An energy, that seized our stable cells, filtering our shells

The ancestor miracle, that lived in our fears
Clashing frequency condemned to expand
Waves of shocking blast within a blinding light
And all became undeciphered

Aligned to the spiral of unknown effects, for a fortuity we've been all generated
Out of control and spreading in all the world, a draining power that sneak in my veins
Our morality belong to the chaos
We are an aberration

Mutated throughout our history
Created without any reason
We're the sons, the only imperfection
Descending directly from the chaos

Our hopes projected in the sky, we are living suspended
Like the spore of the same infection, we're tainting the creation

Coiled around, destined to the void
Watch our race about to fall

In a swamp,generated to the void
Here are our conscience shouting

9. Ayahuasca

Stuck in timeless streams in despair
Intersecting waves, bring me light

Start to count all universe laws in order to survive
Burning flames reduced to ghosts crawling next to me
Mirror that reflect my sight, a vision petrified
Trying to save myself from a parasitic blood that is flowing in me

Let me bleed
Caught in Ayahuasca dream
Ticking sound of my demise its vanishing in time

Wondering what is dwelling my eyes, illusions or desires?
Expectations now raised to borders of my fate
Underneath my skin I see, a weakness growing up
Visions passing through me, they're blowing on my neck, I am one of them

Seems like I've always been here
Seems like there's no sorrow
While my coming days keep on tear apart
Hand in hand we stand to fall

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