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1. Ancient Imperial Reign

Ancient imperial reign
Age of iron and blood
Not monotheistic civilization
Guided by conquest and plunder

No place for wimps and cowards
Assyrian empire built on bones
Riding fast black horses
Steel swords cutting heads unmercifully

Destroying and burning villages on the way
Reign of terror in the Middle East
Assyrians prisoners are skinned alive

2. Babylonia In Blood

Lex talionis
Criminal code of retaliation
Marduck god temple
Words engraved in stone

Hammurabi multi-ethnic empire
Controlled with an iron hand
Bringing civilization
To the barbarian world

A thousand-year empire
Punishment by the sword
Amputation and dismemberment
Spoils of war

Forced slavery
Babylonia in blood

3. Divine Deception

Paradoxical existence
God does not care about the man
Faith the illusion of the fools
There is no heaven and the afterlife

God can to prevent evil but unable?
God is able, but without desire?
God is not able to do it?
So god is own evil in the world.

Only sense of fear and despair
Old questions with irrational arguments
Zombified from birth to death
Builds its inner wall as jail

Then he is not omnipotent.
Then he is malevolent god.

4. Malevolent Intent God

I'm the creator of wickedness
I'm the malevolent god
Everyone should be humiliated before me
I demand the sacrifice of your children

Omnipotent evil genius
The creator of malignancy
Master of deception
Lord of uncertainty

Suffering and despair I spread the world
I want to hear your cries for forgiveness
I have the illusion of after life paradise
I reign by terror and the doubts

I control all of you for deception
I hate my own imperfect creation
Keeping the light of wisdom buried
Keeping the world an obscure grave

5. Meditations

Outside our solar system
Paranormal emanations of the underworld
Breaking physical laws
Hidden forces of the unknown

Primitive manifestation form
Annihilate all matter in the universe
Cellular life unbalances the cosmos
The countdown to extinction is near

Pathetic lifetime
Insignificant existence
Parasitic life form
Returning to the dust

Incinerated by cosmic radiation
Entropy melancholic evidence
Closing the cycle to emptiness

6. Misotheistic Faith

I hate you deceiver god.
I hate their falsehood.
Do not try to seduce me.
My soul belongs to hell.

You is a cold and absent god.
You turned your back on the mankind.

Hopeless fools seek your mercy.
I woke up a terrible nightmare.

You can not see the evil.
You can not make yourself.
You live in the memory of the past.
You was a bad dream for all mankind.

7. Under Control Of Celestial Evil

Desire to evil
Pure hatred against for all mankind
Created by terror and control
Obscures the world
Phantasmagoric shadow
Innocence dies in the womb

Under control of celestial evil
Oppression and malevolent laws

Killing the light and wisdom
Archaic theocratic world
Created by terror and control
Obscures the world
Phantasmagoric shadow
Innocence dies in the womb

Welcome to the zombie planet
Reigning over fear
Argumentum ad baculum

8. We Salute The Dead Ones

We salute the dead with full glasses
Rain and thunder follows us on the road
Leather dresses we accelerate 'til hell
Riding horses of steel and guns holstered

We salute the dead ones
In memory of all who died on two wheels
Another beer and shots we salute those who die
We have built our own paradise and hell in this place

Our dead friends are waiting for us proudly
We do not fear the devil every day he rides with us
Tattoos on the skin and sound loud engines
Fuck you all the assholes who do not like our way

Every drink old remember and salute the dead warriors
Never break the chain
The legacy of the past remains strong
The true covenant of the skull
Forever strong as steel

9. Witchcraft

Secret of underworld
Paranormal worship
Voodoo victims
Epidemic diseases

Malignant manifestation
Breaking your bones
Smell of rotten flesh
Slow and painful death

Human entrails
Scattered in the circle
Necromancy cult
Opening her belly
Diabolical incantation
Ceremonial rites
Pentagram in fire
Evil spell!

10. Neolithic Macabre Ceremony

Neolithic macabre ceremony
Moloch want child sacrifice
Killed in cold blood

The servant wants to die
In honor of the gods and his master
To live in the afterlife

His remains will be devoured
The whole tribe will consume your flesh
Dead skulls on the altar
Thousands must be killed
Knife on the throat
Red blood drips in the bowl
Entombed in the walls
Immolation in sacrificial hill
Archaeological evidence
Ritualistic decapitation

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