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1. Cannibal Congregation

Bloodlust and orgiastic massacres
Consuming all internal parts
Guiding the souls to paradise
Murderes consuming their victims

Some degree of sexual satisfaction
The compulsion to eat human flesh
Widespread among ancient cultures
Post=mortem dismemberment in funeral rites

Their enemies were eating till the bones,
digesting the flesh and the defecated

Butchered humans.....
Scalped skulls....
Roast beef.....
Bloody feast....

Woman miscarries devour the abortive
Consumed children by their own parents
To symbolise unification with a higher power
The sacrament of the human carcass

2. Landscape Of Tears

Deadly viral epidemies
Mysterious phantasmagorical plague
The disease was previously unknow
The decline of civilizations of the world

It fall away after killing again
Ghost towns and empire in decline
Vomiting of blood and rotten skins
No graves to burn the dead

Landscape of Tears

Global pandemic takes its toll
Deadly virus defeating and destroying
Wounds widespread and intense pain
Horrible way to die

Landscape of Tears

3. Bloodthirsty

Crushed on the sickle and
the hammer
Human slaughter in
concentration camp

Karl Marr morbid vision
Millions die of hunger and cold

Brutal organization of the
mass murder
ideological legalized
death squads
The Black Book of Communism
Sixty=five million of
rotting corpses

Death march, hunger and mass suicide
Cruel torture and execution
against enemies of the state

Killings is necessary for
the securing of power
The new order of the blood
and genocide

4. Dissection Of Souls

Oh Lord cast your evil light on us
We have sharp sword into fists
We do not feat death because
she walks with us
And the end the meat is stronger
than steel

Give us the strenght to kill them all
Because the night is dark
and full of terrors
Oh Lord accept our blood sacrifice
Oh Lord We are forged in the war carnage

Delight with the sound of sword in shock
I have the head of my enemy in my hands
We will drink wine in their skulls dried
Their souls will burn in hell at the stake

5. The Man Who Defied God

Acused of blasphemy and
his immoral books
He was burned alive
in the Middle Ages
Against Catholic dogmatic theology
Expert in Kabbalistic doctrine
and cosmology

Not abjured In the last interrogation
He was sentenced to death at the stake

What kind of God is this
what you believe?
He is a sadistic maniac.
Why all this spread blood and carnage?
Why the supreme master is so blind?

By Supreme Sacred Congregation
of the Holy Office
He was burned against the lies
and mental control (last words)
Why God should not stand
trial for his crimes?
How long all you will be slaves
of a dictator ghost?
Serve this monster.... Never!
My soul now rest in peace

6. Those Whose Down From Paradise

They deliberately build rebellion in Heaven
Mens and fallen angels become like God
Why I created human beings?
God prostrate himself and ask

They can choose and became
God itself
Having free will angelic and demonic blood

God canĀ“t meddle with the human world
But the Heaven was doomed and Destroyed

The Fallen Angels and Humans became like one
God admits his terrible mistake
The primal master was exiled forever
Lucifer and his domain is now complete

7. Destroying The Church Of Atrocity

War Lord army is read to kill
In this full moon satan night
The church of atrocity will burn
They all will die and beheaded

We have our delightful vengeance
Against all religious pigs
They will pay in hell for his sins

Inside my head demons takes control
Mentally insany I will make the work
Chapel full of blood will burn tonight

Black Metal against the brainwashing
Satan take my mind with pure hate
Hellbanguers Legion clame for blood
The children of the Antichrist came to stay

8. Underworld Of Hades

Dead souls wander in his kingdom
He is associated with darkness and obscure
Only the penitent man crossed his realm
In afterlife land all his past is revealed

Elysium where the blessed heroes may dwell
Tartarus the place reserved to fooled one
Acheron the deceased come crossing
Styr forms the line between the two worlds.

Only blood sacrifice can reawaken them
Your dread kingdom causes terrible fear

9. Lucifer Archangel And His Magnitude

Lord Hades: bass guitar, vocals
Inquisitor: guitars

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