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1. Intro - The Universal Desolation Circle

2. Stormtroopers Of Death

In brutal European Middle Age rules genocide
Hallowed be thy name Knights templarian soldiers
Rotting corpses lying in the cemeteries of battlefield
Consumed by hate I'll drink the blood of the enemies
I will shit on your dead face and lacerated body
I want to see your suffering before horrible death
Carnage in the holy temple Muslims headless cadavers.
Don't wait for the saviour
You'll never see the day
Storm troopers of death!
It's too late
Run riper strikes back to kill you all.
My cold hart and cruel eyes are full of hate.
Storm troopers in brutal land we live and die by the sword
Elimination without mercy and village devastation
Showing the planet the real war lord of chaos
No one can save to live another day.
Killing in cold blood till the last one
Those who die by my steel will fell the power of barbaric hoards.

3. Anno Domine Nostre Satanas

Look him in the face as I speak blasphemous gospel.
Turning Christians to insane and humiliation.
God is not the way,
Worship the devil with power.
Enemy of me you will always be there's no coming back.
Crucified and murdered on the cross the enemy of mankind
Fuck you Christ.
Never will you return from the rotting grave.
God crying watching his creation dying in pain.
The golden palace feels all the fury of the Black Knights of hell.

(Anno Domini Nostri Satanas)

Following the path of Lucifer's name without brainwashed to believe.
Goatmaster taking Christians to sacrificial altar and cut your throat.
Desecrate holy ghost in pure blasphemy destroying their churches and crushing their heads.
This is the acclamation against celestial motherfuckers and liars

(Anno Domini Nostri Satanas)

We calls the true worshippers without fear without god.
Hear the voice of might Satan and take immortality,
Now we have our victory against Abrahamic hypnotic theocracy.
This is the vengeance of forgotten souls in hell.

4. Purified In Debauchery Communion Of Flesh

In nomine dei nostri Satanas...
Luciferi excelsi!

Concupiscence engulfs me in mysterious emptiness.
Commandments shall burn with your congregation…
Contagious disease of jaws, arrogant fanaticism.

The semen within eclodes
And spreads the organic chaos
Drink the vaginal holy blood
Purified in baculous communion

Natural order engulfed by theological cancer…
Corruption of church putrefaction of malign temple…
Innocence has been destroyed, lies spoken in tongues…
I deny salvation, the irrational absurd.

Oppressive presence the loss of spiritual freedom…
Archaic inspiration sacrilegical lies of the holy book…
Concupiscence the mark of the beast, amen!
Voluptuous penis of Baal the sacred communion of flesh…

Blessed are the dead – those who rest in disobedience
Universal damnation redeemer of mankind's obscurantism
Catholical dogmatic hate against freedom of the will
Heretic deuterocanonical books
The prophecy of contradiction…
Roman apostolic tradition
Abomination followed without hesitation…
Macabre ecumenical councils scripture builded in flesh and blood.

5. Horned God Of Punishement

Feel on flesh the scepter of damnation and bloody steel.
I see you end with morbid delight and satisfaction.
The poisonous hate fall above apostolic dogma.
Demons with cruel eyes outbreak the hell's legion.

Horned God of Punishment delightfully
Steal your soul.
In the cannibalistic abyss prevails the lamentation and eternal night.
The odious essence destroying false hope of heaven.

Faceless demons of underworld spreading the true Gospel.
Hear the tenebrous voice of might majesty.
Luciferian opposition now fell the purgatory desolation.


In blackened reign of tears you will never rise to light and life.
There is no way back to lacerated souls in torment.
Hell's fire will burn those who blasphemy against me.

I'm Baphometic Goat the master of this world.


6. Omnipotente Spiritus Diabolis

7. Lucifer Archangel And His Magnitude

Aeon of left hand path doctrine has shown us the sadistic satisfaction…
Oh, Lucifer, hear our cry war against evangelical Jews' lies…
I offer you the flesh and blood of these sub-human pigs…
Where the beast rest in obscure silence of darkness…
The splendor of Lucifer archangel and his magnitude.

When the storm of philosophical truth wake up the world from nightmare.
The abominated gospel of terror will never be spoken again…
All the theological ignorance will be buried forever…
Oh, lord Lucifer, sanctified angel of lasciviousness.
The glorious cosmos shined for his magnitude…
Emerge himself
Chaotic abyss of life and death…
Omnipotent void crushing the universe…

I blessed all you with wisdoms stolen by the true enemy of mankind…
An astronomical phenomenon was found in blackened cosmos.
Omnipotent and enthroned who came back from the dead horizons
And spreads his peaceful light to all mankind…
Cosmological abstraction and chaotic manifestation.
Orthodox sanctus diabolus spiritus sancti.

[Repeat all]

8. Morbid End Of Cannibalistic Cosmos

Desolated and frenetic intensity of cannibalistic cosmos
The power that creates it in eternal circle and self-destruction
Divine beginning in extension whose devour into a dark uterus
The obscurity splendor outbreaks the ultimate paradigm.
Like almighty serpent of 7 heads the ancient nameless born again
Macrocopus immaterial entity – the annihilation of everything.

Obscure phenomenon destroying life in the cosmos
In the end of time there will be not substances and atomic fragments
Remains in astral desert – the equilibrium of chaotic lifeless
The pestilence of all creatures will disappear forever

No order or purpose for the universal desolation circle
Retrograde laws spread around the essence of shadows

Nihilistic destiny of all substances and foetid life procreation
No remembrances or past: everything ends in morbid collapse

[Repeat 1 and 2]

Nothing has any sense or connection, it is the final point, obviously
The fate of nonsense homo sapiens civilization – predestination to extinction
Harmony of lifeless silence, a glacial emptiness.
Chaos restore the universal order without organic life.

9. Revelation Of Blasphemous Gospel

Semitic lies will be banned from the world forever…
They infest the world with filth theology…
And now they will pay for all their crimes…
Purifying the world against hysterical abraamic theocracy.

The chalice with blood and celebrate the wisdom of archaic spirits…
The holy ghost of all fevers and plagues…
We rise the chalice
Wine and laughter of your dead god…
We are worshippers of the thelemic serpent of seven heads…
I could feel abysmal wisdom and chaotic power around me…
I was freezing but I don't fear you.
I've kept the cabbalistic mysteries.
The majestic vision of infinite cosmos…
Too much impossible for human comprehension…
I was the chosen one and can understand the purpose…
There is no more secrets between us because I am now mixed with your essence…
Hallelujah chaos!
Negative power will never dies and lives through the millennium…
In my dreams I could hear the voice of strange languages…
I can see the manifestation of the almighty force…
Blackness doctrine against the failed homo sapiens' civilization…
Hallelujah chaos!

10. Skull And Bones

Barbarossa operation carnage of the Blitzkrieg ordered to kill
Brainwashed soldiers must die for his Führer
The Red Army has failed on Eastern Front Hell
There's no way out to Russian black Horizon
German elite soldiers in black uniform hunt merciless
SS-units patrol political of mass extermination.

Siberians offensives The Wehrmacht bloodshed.
Snipers behind enemy lines
German official dies.
Panzers advancing once more,
Again and again to face death.
German machine guns carnage of civil population.

Cannibals consume bodies amongst ruins.
The fascist invaders buried deep in snow.
T-34 monster of steel the Romanians obliteration.
Panzerarmies massacre children in the Caucasian brutal winter

Horse cadavers and frozen bodies falling on the ground.
Sixth Von Paulos division is let to slowly die in Stalingrad.
Insane ultimatum command to kill diseased and amputated.
Suicide is the final solution against nightmare front.

11. Without Cosmic Order

The ghost wanders arising from annihilation
Nihilistic nature of absolute power
Reigning in the depths of chaos without bio-life trace
The splendor of the obscene and unlight dimension
Extreme wring.
Bizarre echo sound.
Nuclear collision.
Lifeless molecular.
Magnificence power spreading annihilation in darkness
It's absurd and make no sense to limited human mind
Mistaken perceptions of homo-sapiens about hell horizon
We're worms whose existence disease the cosmic design

Negative force without trace of primitive life.
Lord of emptiness the essence of eternal night engulfs light
Neutron essence spreading dangerous vibrations in death form
Phantasmagoric horizon the obscure mystery

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