Dark Lyrics


1. Abstract Abysmal Domain

Psycotropics is consumed for the mystical satisfaction.. They drink the substratum of spiritual dimension without law. An atrocious vision of twisted bloody faces and grotesque voices. Welcome to obscure fear and disintegrating mind.
Falling into abyss of psychedelic drugs to dreadful mental hell. The faceless madness reveal the abstract abysmal domain. They can't speak about this ritual under penalty of dreadful punishment. Immaterial manifestation between left hemisphere of shadows.
Obscure painful pleasures of Sodom belong to me now
Whore from hell desire my flesh and consume my soul.
Intense luxury and pain in sadistic sexual torture.
Fallen angels take my hand and purify me in blasphemy.

2. Doomsday Millenium

The ancient book of revelation speak about extinction of human civilization...

Doomsday millennium planet will begin in megiddo hills the fantasmagoric temple.

Total destruction of solar system and carnage to all planet.

The annihilation of the biological life and gravitational collapse

Cosmological holocaust sending vast radiation across hundreds of light years.

Catastrophic devastation from blast of cosmic nuclear hell

Global climate change of the planet with deadly consequences...

Megatsunamis and intense cyclones all around the earth...

Massive volcano eruptions infest toxic and gases into the atmosphere...

Governmental organizations has a nuclear final solution on mortality...

But once the destruction and death it unique show on what stresses in there.

You'll have the same purpose, and the darkness reign gloriously over your hopes and your made never will be immortalized, and the fate of matter what built your ridiculous body shall be unclean burn in the lake of fire.

3. Manisfesting The Lord Of Lasciviousness

Fallen angels the essence of luxurious cult of flash and blood.
The Left Hand Path beatificating of The Qabalistic Tree of Life.
A carnal phenomenon whose the equilibrium of dark Pendulum prevails.

In Gnostic doctrine I'm manifesting the lord of lasciviousness.
The Way of Darkness is perpetuated in disintegration of life into the void.

I renounce dogmatic belief and hipnotical Karma fear.
Manifestating divine Baal and immaterial demons of abyss.
Breaking morality of Abrahamic Religious Status Quo.
Incorporate the carnal
Sexuality into demonical ritual.

Madagascar where the cult of the flesh destroy ethical codes and religious convention.
Sex rituals symbolises the contemplative female spectrum of lascivious fertility.
Voodoo cult which are ruled by Satan the personification of pantheism.
Ecclesiastical demon reveal yourself and lead us though way of lasciviousness and carnal pleasures.

4. Hells's Allegiance

Sinister Roman unholy liturgy.
Shine us night spirits of immortality.
Ancient fallen angel of damnation.
Feel the hell's gates open now.

Caesar allegiance shall be glorious.
Caligula impetuous rage the triumph of madness.

Human devoured by beast in Coliseum.
Fucking disciples burn till annihilation.
Blessed are centurions the Christ killers.
Soldiers of luxurious prince of hell.
Rotting on the grave of maggots.
Rigor mortis deterioration steal your life…
In human flesh their name was cursed in sins,
Sacrilegious conception eternal doom…
Caligula soldiers show no mercy.
The destroyers of Jew's temple.
In torment hills the sacred blood flows
The false messiah was killed in cross.
God is dead and we kill him.

5. Devouring Putrefying Clerics

Violent death circumstances and intense horror before die.

Shit head are devoured by bacteria and pus concentration.

The clerical nightmare just has started.

Priest face disfigured by hammer till death

Brutal torture and asphyxiation resulting in grotesque death I think that you are very nice in purgatory painful dying fear

Your mortal remains in advanced rotting decomposition... Welcome to obscure world of faceless cadavers... All the clerical liars must die infested by hungry vermins. With my boots I fucking kick her rotting face and profaned cadaver.

Purgatory belongs your soul... Burn in hell for even children pussy you molested

Innocence enemy you just lying in your own secretions and internal defecation

In necromantical night I exhume your rotting grave celebrating Sodomatic ritual.

6. Dimension Of Black Horizon

"Mutantis mutandis" a breakdown to molecular pathologies and fatal cancer...
Deformation of cellular life circumstances that we should not speak of god creation...
Retrogrado laws
The essence of doom and relativistic manifestation...
Mysterious power the primordial chaos in universe

Convulsioned essence reborn celestial leviathans...
Cataclismic spectrum of death in dramatic collision of doom...
Gravitational collapse sinister cosmological circle of cannibalistic self-sacrifice

Bizarre existence of cosmic nuclear hell...
Destroy life in cosmos leaving no trace of bio-procreation...
Whose cannot be continued any longer but a finite insignificant existence...
Dimension of black whose no life and time can prevail into the cosmological abstraction.


Dimension of black horizon...

7. The Heaven Belongs To Satan

Crucified and beheaded.
Devoured merciless by demons.
Obliterate the holy ghost.
Followers blinded meet their end.

The messiah rotting in the gates of heaven.
Eradication catholic delirium.
Angelic bloodshed suffering and pain.
Horrific prophecies in paradise…
Satanic retaliation divine suffering…
Catastrophic rebellion and tortured souls…
Demonic creatures
Disintegrating bodies…
Reincarnate evil spirit the hell goat…


Brutal butchering and chaotic visions…
Maggots crawl mortify them all…
Flesh and blood manifestation into pentagram…
By the Hammer of Satan
Darkness reign supreme.


Your devotion in false dogma and idol…
Blind sheep will feel the desolation…
Satan proudly sits on the throne…
There's no redemption to Jesus Christ the dead God


8. The Triumph Of Fallen Angel

Triumph of fallen angels
Celestial bloodshed
Consumed by flames
By the Hammer of Satan.
Burning down the church of atrocity.
Desolation in paradise.
Obliteration of heaven tyranny.
Hail Lucifer!
Death to god the enemy of beautiful and human nature.
The last seraphim is dead
Before claim for mercy.
Headless cadaver of god shall fall from the heaven
Slaughter and death to fooled weak worshipers
Your tears and blood.
Is wine for my chalice
The prophecy was completed.
They can't resist the power from hell.
Hail Lucifer!

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