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1. Destroy // Create

Rip off all of my skin
Find something new within
Try just to not give in
To pain I feel again
No joy right before the fall
Destroy to escape it all
Create an alternative
Escape from a life of shit
I am trying to find a way
To stop my life from slow decay
Gave up on myself
Had to hit rock bottom
Created my own hell
An end I never though of
Im so sick
Of all of it
Someone please
Kill me quick

2. Misled

You hypocrite piece of shit
You cannot
Ever say
That you're perfect
No one is
But it's bullshit
That all
Your favorite goddamn bands
Are filled with basic doods
Asking every girl they meet
On tour to send them nudes
Spending all your money
On strippers after shows
They don't want your sing along
They want you on a pole
Fake emotion pouring out
Screaming fake ideals
I may not be a perfect
But at least I know I'm real
Every single one of you
Has been duped by all the lies
I won't have anything to do
With your bullshit hardcore pride
Women have a place
Not just hangers for your coat
It's for them to decide
For them to choose their role

3. Paid In Full

Blood on the lips of yet another priest
Lies vocalized in the sermon that you preach
Impervious to the shit you teach
Taught from birth in the ways of non belief
How can you say your religion teaches love
When you're obsessed with atonement paid in blood
Your crucifix sustained by all your greed
World populace hurt irrevocably
Idealize all of his cries
Identify with all his pain
If jesus died crucified
Its for the lies spoken in his name

4. Vegangelical

Half and half in your coffee
Means you broke vegan edge
Now you cant look down your nose
At everyone that eats meat
The vegan police put you under arrest
For breaking code 827
This is your third violation
Now you cant get into veggie heaven
No vegan diet no vegan power
Psychic ability destroyed by gelato
Mental integrity impaired by lactose
If you truly think this then you're a fucking wacko
Cruelty free also includes human beings
You're holier than thou attitude fucking stinks
You catch more bees with a little bit of honey
Your ethics and morals make you look so fucking cocky
I do not eat anything
With a face they're living
This does not excuse me from
Being a shitty being

5. Holmes

Sick diseased mentality
Depraved mind of insanity
Cut your throat
Taking advantage of those without
Your weakness stems from your self doubt
Cut your throat
Your deprived mindset makes no sense
When you kill children take their innocence
No resources and nowhere to turn
For your sins you still must burn

6. Overstimulated

Too much stimulus and no real interaction
No fucking context all over reaction
Misinformed opinions and bigoted intolerance
You're not changing anything as an online activist
And you keep on acting as if you're the fucking best
Egotistic high and mighty full of fucking shit
You might as well just dig a fucking grave
For the cause that you say you're trying to save
I don't really think you believe a word you say
You abuse your holy status just so you can have your way
Hypocrite your rhetoric designed to alienate
When I know that deep inside you're really what you hate

7. Cheap Punks

No gods no masters
All cops are bastards
Cheap shots cheap slogans
Cheap art cheap tokens
Practiced rebellion it makes no difference
To all cultures that are affected
Excess and chaos
Don't help any of us
Organize and take action
Practice not fashion
Keep on buying whatever they're selling
Your superficial life doesn't change anything

8. Hipler Youth

With your Burzum haircut you look like a tool
Wearing his tshirts doesn't mean you're cool
Pseudo racist
Cannot dismiss
Tis piece of shit
Has influence
Take your blood and honor and shove it up your ass
All you hipler jugged should be killed en fucking masse
Give your money
To a nazi
How can you be
So damn shitty
You keep supporting a national socialist
Openly flaunting you're own goddamn ignorance

9. Savior Complexxx

Fuck your self righteous egotism
Your aggrandized self importance
Just because you don't partake
Of substances it does not make
You the savior of everyone
Theres in fact nothing you have done
Stop defining your self worth
Based on lack of actual work
I don't care how long its been
Since you've had an alcoholic drink
I cant stand you enough to associate
Please break edge and walk away

10. Endless Failure

Nothing I do
Nothing I say
Nothing I try
Seem to ever go my way
No motivation
Too weak to be strong
I don't know why
I cant seem to go on
I feel that everything I do is fucking wrong
Like no matter what I try its just seems to prolong
A string of deterioration thats been lifelong
I just want to disappear and be more withdrawn
Misadventure filled with strife
How I linger I don't know why
Endless failure thats my life
Boundless anger is always rife
Why do I keep trying

11. Blood

Life of greed
No meaning
I thank god
I have none of you in me x2
You are not my holy father
Ego, vanity
Pain, cruelty
For all your wealth
You've death, insanity x 2
You are not my holy savior
We cannot be bought
We cannot be sold
The land is not yours
Or the blood that we pour
You are not my savior
I am a false prophet
God is a superstition
Money is your savior
I'm am fucking finished
You're methods are fucking heinous

12. Dead Cops

I despise your right to take a life
Your disguise it hides your racial pride
In your eyes I see the hate inside
Swallow your pride choke and fucking die
Blanket forms of
Attempts to target
People that don't have the privilege of being protected
Because of the color of their skin they're left defenseless
Of the
Comes from within
Your gang
Of black
And blue
Striking fear in
Those that abuse of their power and those that have been
Getting away with the murder of innocents
I hope that Dorners ghost comes back to seek revenge
Brings an arsenal blows off your fucking head
Even cops hate cops because they know they're full of shit
I hope he doesn't stop till your good and fucking dead

13. Keep Sweet

Divide devastate
Lie and manipulate
At the expense of your diginity
Choose your fate
Try to escape
Break away
Break the faith
Disobey and your troubles fly away
Cannot question any of their prophets
Sacred doctrine of you'll be punished
This is no way
For anyone to live
They always take
You always have to give
Time to reclaim your humanity

14. Lifeless

Rational fear of failure
Insecure behavior
Pushing away all negative thoughts
Cant overcome fearing all loss
Moving forward I have to try
My life is no longer only my life
All these contradictions that are inside my head
Trying not to fuck up and just do my best
Disregard my plan
Do everything I can

15. Filicide

Trying to save his soul
Your praying does not console
Your son is dying
You're wasting time
To make amends
For all your crimes
You should have never been allowed to give birth
When you don't have a clue what lifes really worth
I hope you pay for all the things that you said
About your sweet young boy who's now lying dead
Searching for breath
Waiting for death
A life is lost because you called him a fag
You'd rather be a good christian than be a good dad
Every passing moment slipping away
Because you told him it was wrong to be gay

16. Give Up

Screaming till no more sound
Is allowed from out my mouth
No more fucking life
No more happiness
Thoughts that are inside
Just self pitying

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