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1. The Human Process

At times the human process is one of hardship and misery it is in these times we must look to each other for comfort and safety from those who seek to break our spirits and make us suffer with persistence and determination we will survive let us stand together.

2. Variations On A Scream

Staring into a cracked mirror
Only receiving fragments
Bits of one's self
The world itself is a plight
Shattered dreams and mirrored shards
Those knives
Wedged between the sharpening stones

Is there no earth under my feet again
They dance aloof as if souls stirring in a breeze
Outward expressions of the inner voice
Will father a child
You can be proud with the talents
You've been endowed

Slipping into a masquerade
And meeting all who've long stayed

Parlor tricks snuff candle wicks
Gone is the light that once burned bright
Receiving small shimmers
Glimpses of the source of light
Reclaiming our lost sight we will take
Effacing the blinders


All aboard the bandwagon
All be whored
While riding the bandwagon

And stay away
From trite cliché
Is there no earth under my feet again


Dwell not in the foot holes of our pioneers
Individualize intellectualize
Relate instate leave it behind
Leave it all behind

3. Life. Respect.

Recant your words
We'll find out strength
As I stand beside the rusty windowsill
More thoughts of you
Run through my head

Still cant believe it's come to this
We are forever
On written scripture
Through resurrection

Walk slow across the world
Embrace the lives forsaken
Wronged nevermore

Recite the words that give solace
Forward marching
Into our destiny
On broken wings we fly upon those
Who need shelter from the rain


Cut the strains of anguish
And bury pain in its wake

Take not for granted
Those who ache
So others survive
Those are the ones deserving
Of your time

Embrace your heart
And open it up to all
So it beats forever
Recant the words we find
That breaks us of our strife
And separate us
From evil forever

There's one simple way
You'll finally recognize
What must be done


4. The Infinite Divide

Take one step back
And look at yourself
What you've become thus far
Revel in all that's been accomplished

Start from scratch
Concentrate on your instincts
Let nothing done
Need reprimandation

Go fourth and learn from your mistakes
Represent all your strengths
For human worth
Is measured in their actions

Take pride in that
Which means the most
Prioritize your life
Make peace with
Everything that haunts you

What we've learned is to
Forget all the information
Through separation
Focus now on the
Ways to gain some inspiration
Move on with pride

Accept nothing less
Than the best possible result
Reconstruct passion and honor
Reconstruct your life
You'll find yourself


We can never let ourselves
(we can never)
We can never let ourselves
(we can never)

Be condemned
We can (we can)
Never (never)
Let ourselves be condemned
By the wretched dance
That is hatred

Lock away swelling pain beneath
And never look back

5. A Means To An End

This back and fourth has got to stop
My heart can't take it anymore
Decisions have to be made
Make up your mind
Whether its worth it
To stay or run away

Contort the reasons
Taken blame for nothing
Repent one more time
For all the lies repent

So what have we learned
From the senseless words
We've said
Its the same old story
Falling farther from the truth

I've never built a foundation
On which to thrive
I died for love is blind
Take it slowly save the heart
Protect from
The false reflect

I've found that even though
We have suffered
We all rise to the occasion
We've made our graves
I don't believe that
We can't learn from
Letting go too soon


And what will we know
After all is said and done
Will we burn our bridges
And swiftly fall apart

I've realized
We're not all mortal
Like broken glass we'll shatter
Still puncturing the surface

6. The Sun Sets

Can you feel this
Pervading through
Unveil the light
May I wisely

Seek the truth
You shall find
When the world
Falls apart

Witness hopelessness
My backs against
This damning wall
Witness hopes impress
I reach for a hand
To you I call

When that's done
No sunsets
Will slip through your fingertips
(they will not)
Will you stand by me
Or will you just run away
I wander this world paralyzed by hatred
(by this hatred)
If anytime I fall
Will you pick me up

Witness hopelessness
My backs against
This damning wall
Witness hopes impress
I reach for a hand
To you I call

[Repeat chorus]

I feel this
Pervaded through
Unveiled the light
I wisely

Sought the truth
And I found
When the world
Falls apart

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