Dark Lyrics


1. May Silence Keep You

It comes from deep within
So swiftly without warning

A place that no one speaks of
Cares not for what's at stake
The beast tears into walls of the soul

Then breaks loose

Writhing and wretched
It breathes genocide
Upon the fiber of your being
Until nothing remains

Hosting monstrosities
Body becomes a vessel
Controlling every step that's made
If left undone, true self expires
For all time

May silence keep you always

Pray for the death
That you wrought
Walk with me
Come feel the light once more

Releasing this ghost of ages
Transforming before my very eyes
Reflection not my own
Descending to lifeforms unknown

Evolving within to find a way
To cross the line, staying alive
Release me, be done with me
Become no more

2. The Ardent Optimist

Since infancy a void
Has plagued my existence
Attempts to disregard such anguish
Only magnified the hollowness

So many years
Have came and went
Without a single trace of you
This half a man, with half my heart
Who I've been searching for
Since I could walk

And still I hold on
To faith that we shall meet again
I'll stay forever strong
Until the day I find
Where I belong

This broken child
Collapses forth
In desperation
Come in, make this life complete
And stay forever more

The memory of you now

Seems like fading moments
Passing by
Like senseless dreams
That beg to wake me
From my comatose reality

Disposed of precious love
As though none was ever needed
Addiction over blood
The time has come to rectify
What you have done

This passage is the fruition
Of a life confession through song
Reaching out, holding on to the hope
That you will make me whole

3. Angelic Deception

Whisper softly in the dead of night
Conspire against yourself
Every selfish act and thought
Comes back with no remorse

Incarcerate the one
Blind with jealous rage
Invoking wrath upon
What now remains

Lay down your weapons
Become yourself once more
Waken, realize, release your mind

Weak willed fall far behind
Sometimes all that's needed
One last push
Straight over the edge

So now the story
Has changed course
What once meant the world
Is now nothing more
Than a fading memory
A vicious facade unveiled

You long to squander
Strength that has been bestowed
Upon the life
That has now become
A lifeless shell
A fossil, preserved in memory
Forever projecting deception
A place only evil resides

The strife endured
You can't leave behind
Your hardships, they become my own
Weighed down by instability
All is now lost

No comfort lies
When the flames have died below
Still I rest in solace
Knowing that all was done to warn
I will not lose myself
In all this drama

Swiftly comes resentment
Burning through no threshold
The realization
Of relentless destruction
Will be found
Only then the true price
Shall be paid

4. Farewell To Favored

From it's origin
The bond we set
Seemed never failing
Yet paralleled truths
Would shadow my dreams
With a dormant evil unrestrained

Still trusting nature
Will allow the signs
To be ignored
Never will I falter
This way again

For my will eradicates
Treacherous fallacy
Fate beckons the reaping
Of your alienation

These broken words
Leave shattered hearts
Unmask this trite facade
Triggering loathsome rage
Unforgiving karmic malice

Farewell the favored
The loss is your own
Remember this presage
Losing self is much like being dead

So now this bond is banished
As infinite as time itself
Never again shall it mend
And this farewell is welcome

5. The Illusionist

The gloves have been removed
Lets see it to the end
May the better man prevail
With hopes that we can bring
Some closure to this nightmare
Never speak of this again

They say kill your idols
Yet idols are the source of inspiration
With one exception
When the chosen prove to be
Everything but what they are

Slipping through the cracks
Creating peace of mind
Quaintly slithers down your back
Undetected, creeps behind
Siphoning the very structure
Built upon false pretenses

Crumbled reality
Welcomes lividity
It's becoming real
Let's put a stop to this
The past reveals
What you have become

A boundless black oasis
Consuming swelling scorn
A helpless apparition
Refusing to make right
What's been destroyed by your hand

When all has been forsaken
I will be the one
To hold you to this promise
This war has come to you

There will no longer be carnage
In the house of brothers
This game of smoke and mirrors
Has been revoked

6. Pestilence & Rapture

Since the dawn of creation
Mankind has been hexed
Constantly torn by forces
Beyond comprehension
The endless struggle
Of pestilence and rapture

They will be heaven sent
Or hell bound
Each with equal intention

Bribing the subconscious
Waging war for control
Manipulation their ambition

From the womb we are mere targets
For earthly free radicals
Shifting shape as they see fit
To compensate for no escape

Steadfast with your convictions
Seek out that which brings obliteration
Utilize each with positive force
A Taoist approach will mean harmony

Now among the enlightened
Rising above
Regardless of the challenge
Transitions with ease
What once destroyed the spirit
Is of no consequence

Falling back to the point
Of no return
Deceivingly simple
Focus, restrain the weakness
You have found a higher power

Pestilence and rapture
Battles within us
Seeking to destroy
The choice must be made now

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