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1. Tipping The Scales

Here is a message
For all who seek to take advantage
Of kindness gravely mistaken for weakness
Things are not always as they seem
Take nothing for granted

Be mindful and restrain
Such foolish ways
There's no debating reprimand
Assures your numbered days
Attempt to analyze what lies inside
The ones you seek to overcome
Just might enrich your life

You have been warned
Pretentious action could unleash a force
Far beyond the boundaries of comprehension
Aggravating these limits
Only beckons the beast
To make itself known

Banishing hate from whence it came
Restoring order to its place
Making known tolerance was tested
Feeble attempts are rejected

To underestimate your fellow man
Is a fools errand
Fueled by arrogance and insecurity
Surely you will falter

So thinking twice
Before disrupting the balance
Is advised for the livelihood
Of all that's involved
For tipping scales with wounded souls
Could help you meet the end

2. Song For The Hopeless

Today's a day for retribution
This all ends here
Now is the time to commit to the changes
That are needed to survive

Look around and see what's missing
Nothing's as it used to be
Smoldering beneath the wreckage
Of a life of atrocity

Faced with the choice of fighting
For lost sense of worth
Or conceding to failure
Accepting the fate of the world created

Must hardships prevail
Over strength of will
Can virtue be found
When all seems lost

There is hope begging to flourish
Should the right words be spoken

Embrace the ones who love
Don't turn and walk away
Salvation lies within
If the heart is open

Only shadows await for those who
Forfeit the right to break free

All have lost their way
Lost sight of reality
It's hope you cope
That speaks to ones true self

3. Seasons

What is this place
Seems all to familiar
So foreign, yet so recognizable
A road long since traveled
That state of reckless abandon
Unguarded, unassured

Been down this road before
Can't take this feeling anymore

Searching for the one
To prove I deserve to be had
It's not my time
The trend leaves me broken
(Until that time
These words will be spoken)

So what's to be done?
A crossroads have been met
Is there a lesser of two evils?

One road leads to empty
The other confusion
Both leave me without
Asking questions in circles
Someone make sense
Of all this mess

Only certainty
Is a stronger man
Would have rid himself
Of such travesty
Trading tyrant and torment
For the knowledge
The right choice was made

It's a rarity
Removing passion from logic
Gain some piece of mind
Knowing integrity was not left behind

4. Descent & Discovery

There are moments when the vile remains
Created by selfishness inhabiting us all
Begin to consume my foundation
Slowly muting pieces of me
Until there is nothing left

An overwhelming sense of empty
Leaving behind only fractions of a man
Whose life-force flourished
Within the fire beneath his chest
Now stricken with stasis

I'm reaching out to change
The face of the norm
Must find the strength
To weather the storm
Evolving human interaction
There is no room to conform

Slipping into this oubliette
The desire to suspend time
All movement takes over
A wish for silence to fall upon the earth

Contort depths of reality
Erase myself from existence
Until the sun shines
On my reformation

Lucid dreams the catalyst
To live as other people
Delve into the human psyche
Gain intimate knowledge
Awaken the masses

5. Ghosts Of Grandeur

The time has come again like clockwork
As swiftly the manifest arises
So too does it flee
Preying upon constitution
Free will to recognize the tyrant
Blinding my need for self preservation

Unknown to the wretched perpetrator
A darkness plagues this once joyous heart
Calloused by scores of constant anguish
At the hand of the most revered

No longer will confusion hold me
Reaching for the strength to stand tall
Knowing I'm better off without
Pretending you're even there

Forging ahead with new found freedom
Relinquishing burdens taking hold
Seeing clear for the first time
Breathing in new atmosphere
Proving my need for self preservation
Has conquered that which seeks
To void the spirit within

Now known to the wretched perpetrator
The darkness plaguing this joyous heart
Has given up every ghost of grandeur
And will no longer live in fear

You will not fail me anymore
These walls I've built will never fall
Your sickness seeping through my pores
Will turn to dust and be no more

6. Before The Night Takes Us

Lets run away
Leave it all behind
The Smokes too thick to breathe
Resist the urge of giving in
Bury the past beneath our dreams

Disconnect the lifeline
Suffocate pretentious waste
Resurrect the will to live
Free of regret, never look back

This is the end
No longer will corruption
Take its toll
We'll never bend
Fighting for self respect
Against the odds

Confronting demons, facing fears
Demolishing expectations
Respect human fragility
With strength and wisdom
Beyond our years

Reconnect the bloodline
Ignite the soul with burning passion
To live as though today will be
The final chapter of existence

Pray it's not too late
To see a better day
Darkness lingers on
Cannot take over if were strong

Before the night takes us
Away from what we are
Before the night takes us
Banish blackness from the heart

7. A Moment Of Clarity


8. Blessing In Disguise

Each morning as I look into the mirror
Your face, adored, appears to me
Reflections of my childhood
Holding strong still
Replays inside me endlessly

Left without saying farewell
Must have been the angels time to save you
Though I never will forget
Days of mourning must now be through

Since before the moment
Memory took hold
The source of strength and wisdom
A sanctuary, A home
With no regard to reason nor circumstance
All worry ceased and all was right
With the world

No words can express
My love and gratitude
I'll hold it in my heart
And keep you for all time

At least no suffering remains
Never saw it for what it was
A blessing in disguise
At least now confidence remains
Saved your body from its torture
A better place in store

Now moving on
And letting go of regret
Centering on all the lessons
I had been taught
Applying them to life
To future endeavors
Along with every step
That is taken

You'll live forever
Through your grace
Through your memory
There you will always remain

9. In The Face Of Adversity

The wait is over now
Safe to say
The real work has begun
Gave everything
To make it happen

What lies ahead is anybodies guess
Come way too far
To not see this through
Not make our dreams come true

So much uncertainty
Lies beneath the surface
Clouding foresight
Into the future

What if the signs are false
Not meant for greatness
Would it be all for nothing

Trading one life for the other
Conquering the fear within
Worry must subside forever

Only few can boast
Of truly sacrificing
All that is held dear

To seize the the rare chance
Of reaching ones ultimate potential
Realizing capability
To become more than imagined

So here's to making the best
Of what opportunity offers
With no regard to every naysayer
May our triumph say it all

Faith is all we need to carry on
Strength in unity will be the key
To take this journey on

10. Belay My Judgement

It seems a lifetime since
Feeling alive, like once before
Determining I will forever suffer

Condemned to walk the earth
Devoid of that which matters most
Undeserving of the warmth of another

Release me now
Cannot relive this nightmare
Free me of this hell
Believe me now
Will not conform to evil
Belay my torment

Past indiscretions have unleashed
Affliction bearing down
Greatly deafened any sense of comfort

As time progresses
The terms of struggle have been accepted
Reversed the remnants of my invocations

Let Them go. Be no more.

Moving onward
Leaving the past to memory
With open arms
I hold on to the moment
Building something to live for
May it not be in vain

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