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1. When Time Stands Still

Break through depression from inside
Lost hope seems to be a state of mind
Can't stand it, hate the way I feel
Forced to dream of things that are surreal

Living hell
Can't subside
Fear existence
Count the reasons why

Put to death, my mortal soul
Heaven help me, my blood flows thin and cold
Race insanity, walk the line
Bad impression seen through selfish eyes

Abstain repression when it's useless to resist
The main objective is to sever thought being sane

Frustration, anger think about the cause
Fight a fight within yourself can't let the feeling go
An answer must be figured out to keep the system strong
An uncontrolled desire to dominate the soul

Little by little memories go bleak
The price you pay, the words you say a steady flow you seek
When time stands still give a little shove
When all seems lost that's time to rise above

2. Dependency

Wasting days with the games that he plays
Something is just not right
Signs of weakness from an unknown sickness
Showing symptoms overnight

Hide from friends then try to make amends
By offering peace from your sacrificial pipe
Try to change from a life that's so deranged
But don't give up without a fight

NO PLEASURE without pain
Not a single thing will you own
Not a single thing will you gain
One man's ecstasy
Synthetic dreams
Brought forth by hands made of gold
Left to die with tarnished memories

3. Silent Insanity

Can't hold back, must let go
Adrenalin search, arteries burst and head feels blown
Can't explain, gone insane
Twisted being burning everymore inside a...

...world of dreams isn't what it seems
The pain I feel just seems so unreal
It's been taken much too far
And now society...
...society leaves its scars

Pronounced unfit, a human waste
Trapped inside a dingy gate
Never did know wrong from right

Won't deny, don't ask why
Life is hell trapped inside a madman's spell
Mystic hate
Trapped inside has brought me endless...

...time to think, oh God what have I done ?
Now I hide because I cannot run
Fear surrounds me and it has found me

Feel the pain that burns inside your head
My nightmare becomes your reality
Bodies that are lying beholds your deaths defying
The anger never before seen
Echoes by sounds of voices underground
Deeper in silent insanity

4. Legend Has It

Voices in the darkness sound like our own
Under the skies of God I've watched the people grow
For seven days and nights I've traveled far and wide
I still can't find an answer but God knows how hard I've tried

What happened to the life I led so long ago
What has become of me
Some say I've trapped myself in this world
Somehow legend has it

How long must we live in sin
You've taken away our rights
If you think the battle is over
You'll never win the fight
You'll never win

I think of all the times I could have changed my life
But I was so unsure, unsure of my mind
I think I figured it out, for too long I've been blind

What makes me feel this way

Legend has it

5. Dead All Day

Turn your head and look away, people dying everyday
Your decision breeding life, the seed of endless poverty

Nothing done nothing said, struggle for the future trends
Take from our working race, locked up in our golden shell

Money spent blizzards blown, behind your false convictions
Blaming us with your weeping tears, fooling some with gripping fears

Reason for living is other people giving
To force you in your dying directions

Fight for self-respect existing off of other people's fortunes
The helpless, the ones who need walked upon by man's misguided aid

Broken the respect for life expecting to get some for none
Sympathy, the waste of so much time

Deserving people deserve what is right
But who decides what's wrong from right
Not you nor me, is that the way you think it ought to be
Don't be a fool !

6. The American Zone 1990

Did he have any discipline
And did he get to school on time
No different from anyone else
But they say he's a psycho !
But we raised you so well
Why did you play with the fire ?
This is hell, your new home
The American Zone... 1990...

Opinions do not exist, your mind is owned
And as for your life, you've got your future on hold

Heaven and hell, what do they all mean
It's not what you make it to be

"20/20" you're going in circles
Do you know real from make-believe ?

Talking and listening, which do you choose ?
It's not a game of win or lose !

Take the time to figure it out
Take a good look and realize
This shit is real, yeah it's real !

Somebody take me away from here
What did I do to deserve this ?
What makes me so unacceptable
And makes you so perfect

Your future's on hold forever

7. Independence At Its Finest

A person thought to be one's own -- it's a lie
My presence is an annoyance to one thought to be so kind
Brought up to respect what's right not what's new
Silent gestures accuse my being selfish and untrue

Lost in a Christian's ways, can't turn back
Religion is so damned perfect, dragged straight to your grave

Try to prove that I'm not bad, it's no use
My efforts to defend myself won't bring hatred to a truce
Take the long way to avoid confrontation in my own home
You have religion and I have friends - who's alone ?

Land that shakes and seas that boil
Bad blood has poisoned me, a bitter venom spreads through my veins
Just what he wants to see
Unjustified notions of what he feels is right
All stereotyped views can't break the spell of an old man's world

His ways are his, they'll be that way 'til his last living day
Break free won't compromise his cause
A hardened shell cracked by time
Old ways lost, new ones born

8. Return To Me Life

From nowhere at all what can it be
Unstoppable power grabs hold set me free
Darkened my eyesight fades show me the light
Confusion, delusions, insanity return to me life

Hot flash -- bone chilling cold rips through my veins
No laughs -- Acrophetamins deaden the pain
A movie's hell brought to life
Set me free

Feeling my energy drain unwreckable wall
Adrenalin melting my brain my saviour I call
Ready to meet my maker feeling his might
Last chance to give return to me life

Wake from madness
The smoke has cleared
A single moment
The end was near

9. Innocent Blood

Cries of joy, a helpless cause
Memories lost, insanity
Guilty mind, innocent blood
Spread for one, so helplessly
Death for one, no escape
Freedom be just steps away
Bargains bought, roaming free
Victims pray

Try to save
Forget the memories of today
Reach for the final breath
Born to be
Silent curse, mindless pain
Plagued by the surgeon's keys

Thoughts of pain, running wild
Bearing down upon one's mind
Unrightful justice in control
Changing time to time
Offering lessons to learn
Destruction carefree concern
Sinister lay awaiting
Observer closes the keys

10. Forever The Fall

Darkness, trapped, building up control
Becoming a victim of your own sanity
Simple thoughts becomes and comes again
The rain falls dripping dry

Common wonder strange upon deranged
Freedom that locks you in a cage
Tunnels, falling, surrounding your soul
Blackness blinding, forever the soul

Justified, the problem is to know
Life that's dead before a helping seed is sprung
Breaths that are poisoning
Streams absorbing feelings of my sorrow
Sleepless, filling in your eyes
Something that you thought could never be unsolved
Calmness, the paranoia
Laughing with the game that brings you to die

Trapped around the game, darkness fills your open eyes
Forcing your pain, ignorance messing with your mind
Warning, the piece of flesh
Reach, reach out to the world
Lies, nightmares
Freedom that you found by falling deep astray
Awaken to the darkness that traps your life away
Life that's living to a wasted prophecy
Dying by a death that's happened helplessly

Scorching, blaze forces a still
Rhyme scheme beholds common fear
Creative, killing, enjoying cruelty
Independence stabs you in the back

Pounding down the sharpened quest
Leaving scars throughout your mind
Screaming, silence, whispered in around
Echoing voices filling up the sounds

11. Haunting Once Again

As lifeless as the midnight air
Into the eyes of the unknown
A void separation of mind
There's no way out for your soul
Do you remember the ashes of war ?
That opened up your door...
... to new worlds of darkness
Where the system of terror had begun

Sins exploit the key to your past
And for time ... it is the end
This endless horror has destroyed my life
And it's haunting once again
Oh, Mother Earth send me the powers of the night
So my soul will remain haunting
Haunting once again!

I'm just a victim of this never-ending nightmare
Where concrete souls collide
I've seen the magic that embeds the earth
And the memories that have died

You were so brave and you were so free
But now you suffer so painfully
Your mind is gone and you've lost your way
The dreams are real and now you pay for your ...

Visions of a memory that drove me so insane
A time for me to take control and help me break the chain
Secrets of my hidden wisdom helps my soul grow strong
Taking on my deepest fears that trapped me here for so long

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