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1. Nexus Aosoth


2. Lykania Hekate

At the end of this path I have reached to the crossroads
where no light ever shines save from that of the moon
that glows red from the blood of the Succubus' opfers
and extends to this earth in malicious gloom

Two Silver torches illuminate the face of my Lady
pale and solemn, Tartarus moves in Her wake
I have come to the end of this world but to serve Thee
and to offer Thee wine, in Your feasts to partake

Mother, Saviour, Three-faced Goddess in your darkest phase
grant us the infernal powers as we meet your gaze
Serpent-haired force of night who turns to stone all men
that dare to glance Thy countenance without the eyes of Cain
For my heart is made of stone and yields upon my Sight
the hardness of the diamond the frost of Ophis might
Queen Hecate, Seal of Nox, Womb of Eosforos
Liminal the states you bring defying the Zone of Choros.

Hum! Crimson robes and a halo of holiness dress Thee
Jai! Seated upon throne of rock, where snakes ever crawl
Zodacare I chant stimulating the gateways of Anubis
to pierce through the green halls where mysteries Call.

Sandalwood anoints me into this feast of Ur
Etheric calls whisper to draw down the moon
The leap of the frog is the leap of the Worlds
Timespace is bending, Yetzirah tolls.

My prana is feeding the sigils of Her
and opens the gateways of chtonic black earth
The path of the Wolf is the path of the Owl
and blessed is he who has risen to fall…

To fall in the tombs that Her vulva unveils
thoughtless and boundless the light that man kills
and slains all that hinders the rise in denial
the most perfect image of Adam-Belial

Rejoicing we die in our Mother's Abyss
And we know that the only light lies through Iblis
But even Iblis shall now fall down to pray
For the rays of Enodia banish the Way
of solar identity,...
into the waters of Nidhogg, vanish it may.


3. Adharma

Scorching rain of wrathful bane fertilise the earth
Emissaries of Golachab, wing forth upon Black Khem
Moistened stones are carved with seals of Lucifer Vasileus
Volcanic outbursts burn new paths into the Realms of the Intellect

Invoking Worms that prey upon the Sephirothic light
The furies cut the silver cords of Assiah’s destined flight
Karmas nilled, samsara weeps, red triangles of fire
Pregnant void, unspoiled Seed, the Hermit’s Will- a desire killed

Through Daleth absorbed by the Wings of Ayin
The Seed of Set is planted in
By the Roots of Caduceus I distill the juice
Mukti of an Inverted Zeus

Through Gimel murdered and left in the Waste
The Hollowers leave the Soul pure and chaste
For I was Cain and now I'm Not
I pass the Circle and the Dot

4. Glory Crowned Son Of The Thousand Petalled Lotus


A Contractional prison housed the torch of expansion
In the vast extensions of Sheol. A movement that detaches the mind from the Mind and the self from the Self. A shadow cast by the original Form, and filtered through the undifferentiated beams of Sunyata, stretches out to devour the undevoured. Lucitherionic pandaemonium encompassing the Shells in merciless judgement, uncontrolled fire and ever pillaging fury, cutting to pieces the 14 Osirian limbs of stasis with the Swords of Division.
The veins of the earth are pumping with the blood of redemption and the halos of the pleroma are burning with the rays of Shabbatai. 131 white spiralling snake bodied virgins are chanting the mantras of the Night of Time and the Womb of Lilith opens for Sorath’s triumph. Glorious Thine Fall O Father, the desert is watered with the blood of the Black Brothers.

Hail Thaumiel’s Star, Hail Redeeming Wrath!
Hail, Solar King of Crimson Flame, the son behind the Sun- Untamed.
Hail Lucifer! I ascend to your blazing Heights unburned
An Icarus with Wings of Gold, grant me entrance to your Star –Twofold.

5. The Hollow Wedjat

I am the Word without the force of lungs
Without Lips and Breath and Cords and Tongue
Echo me unto Moriah's Mount
A Blade without hinders, a Dawn without a Sun

The edge of the West is as sharp as the East's
Yet I'm the Voice that know neither Heights or Deeps
Carry me unto Sinai's peaks
Knowledge beyond letter or divine speech

Who shall defy me, when Defiance am I?
And who to mute me, when the Silence is mine?
Seek me and seize me thou who speak without sound
The Judgement that no Law has found

Bare me unto Kurun Hattîn
A Topheth to pity, a Gehenna to sin
Blow me unto Golgotha's top

Where the fallen angel has risen up!
Removing the Aeons on his death-silent route
Ascending on the wings of Malak al-Maut
And reaching the summit of Meru the High
To unite the Void with both Earth and Sky

I am the Word without the force of Lungs
Without Lips and Breath and Cords and Tongue
The eye of the Hawk stares Hollow and Blind
And so Moves the Voice that no Thought can Bind!

6. The Sloughted Scales Of Seperation

How did it come to pass
That Thine call met my ear?
A roar shot forth before the dawn of Time
Piercing the veils once spun
in the war between hope and fear
When stars where fixed and Nothingness defined

But within the grisly cavern, that horrid blackened tomb
Buried was the word unuttered, Sophia's fallen stone
Encircled by the Viper, who's secret is but its dread
For its venom is the elixir and the diamond is its egg

O terrible glamour! O alluring devilish fruit!
That has grown from the tree, which crown is its root
And sprung from Thine holy body, and watered by Thine holy blood
That we all might become as foolish as the gods

How did it come to pass
That the moon rose from the Sea?
And Death dressed itself as a beauteous bride
Who is paradox perfected
Curled in the greatest of mystery
As She's born into that which She defies

So I set to search upon the wildest of all trails
The old serpent's back, that leads to the Abysmal grail
Yet the riddle was cast between the without and the within
For where does the tail end and the hungering fangs begin?

Thine twisted shape bewilders, in constant flux and swirls
And the endlessness of the ocean conceal an unseen pearl
That shall engulf the seeker, like the moth within the flame
For the caller and the called was all but the same

7. Vitalising The Red-Purple In Asher-Zemurium

Into the night of golden death
Rock and spirit swiftly blend
They scream below the stars of woe
Absorbing kalas of the moon.

that shine forth from Gamaliel
unleashing spirits of the dead
that speak in unison Her Name
of She that no god ever tamed.

O Lilith, Thou primordial One
Vampyric Mistress- Crimson Star
the black wolves cry, thine venom stirs
the sleeping dragon in my streams… of
werewolf blood and chthonic fire
that lights the path to your empire
where Naamah's daughters indulge in sins
and those that don't, dance Widdershins.

Spiders of purple, webs of entrapment
Caves of black topaz, spells of enchantment
Oh Astral transformation
I ride the winds of night, transformed in

I call Thou forth Vrykolakas
Gorgo, Mormo appear in trance
Veni, veni Empusa
Μαύρο Χάος Φέρουσα
I call Thou forth Great Queen of Night
Come dance on graves of Crimson Light
The inverted cup is filled with
The elixir of Characith

The twofold crescent Seal now glows
the vision of the Queen unfolds
Ajna's burning glory quench'd
embrace me now for I am blessed

Into the mouths of those She chose
Amrita from Her Yoni flows
to bless their Holy Khu with marks
of Shekinah, that's trapped in husks.

8. Black Kundalini

I praise my Self to rise from the highest Vessels
to the path of No Return...
and to the heavens of Anshargal
My kingdom of Flames at the quarters of Dominion...
And I prevail to speak my Hexes of No Return...
for I dwell in the oblivion of Serpent's Divinity
Behold, this is my Seventh Seal!

My tongues are fire to the souls of the living
and Apocalypsis of the Rivers of Immortality!

My cold lakes of metamorphosis, the parallel planes of Ninagal
Ninazu the voice of creation!

Black earth visions rise before my eyes,
All nightmares enfleshed!
as Ophis twin, the form of beauty itself!
For I cast my Seed in the fields of the Night
Genu ante nomine Vivarium,
quia ego Deus tuus.

Behold, this is the Land of No Return!

my void of bestial devastation
The Echoes of Dreams, of Art, and Draconian might!
From the Seven Places of creation
Drink thou from my webs...
exalt me in life
And from my fleshly tomb, my shadow
In thine Abyss shall rise!

Akhkhar – Bass
C. Docre – Drums
Semjaza 218 – Guitars
Cain Letifer – Guitars, Vocals
ar-Ra'd al-Iblis – Lyrics, Vocals (live)

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