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1. Call To Disorder

To the left the meritorious course was placed, spewed forth through the Dragon's mouth, immaculate and holy saliva worming into the guts, capable of intruding mass respiration like a love call -a call of loss-.
'Yet each vital function is a sign of defeat, preventing Leviathan from His awakening, spilt blood shall reach and drench Malkuth's womb to shape the form of most pure doom'.
Inherent by the time we cleaved the Divine Womb ablaze-aflame- a burning shaft to vibrate the all-gravitating nucleus.
Reaching back to the oceans of continuity, the gaps of the Primum Mobile, to unite all worlds and divide all nations, releasing flames shall cleanse the multitudes.
A burden carried by our figures spineless-devouring, grim, invigorating- similar to a desert vision when all vitals attenuate, for my Cause is sweet...to serve Him who transforms wine unto poison, bliss unto suffering.

Acknowledging the eye of providence as the eye of Satan, paradise-revoked.
For where can you see Elohim' domination when decay and decadence have devoured the foundations of creation?
As the prophecy's fullness draws near all breath is ceased and the Making is tainted.
When asthmatic voices cease to respond to the call of Death, the call of Murder, the call of Rape.
Behold, a perfect symphony of disharmony, when New Jerusalem shall taste Atlantis' ending.
.. When the A and the Ω are redefined and rewritten in letters of fire, on oceans of molten limbs, on fountains of fire...by the hands of Death.

2. Dissolving Spirals

Cold shivers pass through this open being
All reason vanished for the gates in between
bursting in circles to crown my eyes
with holy, emitting radiance that tears the skies

Deatharchons, demonwings and ghoulish crows
transcend my soul beyond all cosmic laws
ignite Azazel's flame and let the Self reign
(while I'm) held from dissolving spirals grant me the sight of Cain.

Raving fire scorch my eyes and cleanse the flesh
as my call resounds unto unearthly shells
neither the thickest veil shall hinder my direction
nor life's abhor touch the pathways to damnation

Seraphim, angelcunts and wingless doves
pillaged art thou and grasped by tainted claws
the Word now echoes from vaults reversed
The Law is One and emanates from Hells...depths
Dissolving Spirals

Fire liberates the I, and embers reveal my transcendence
and from this graceless height snakes cleave man's heart in deathtrance
and their sight is charged beyond the vast Great Sea
where the tree of life once stood in immense gleam
for the branches and its pillars are abruptly cracking from foul winds of oppression!
Nought and salt shall mark the end of the Great Sea
The Dragon rears his head devouring sun's beams.

3. Spirit's Eclipse

I seal Thee -inside of me- in utmost secrecy
so to ruin my fertile inner grounds with oil
approach me Lord, expand all over me and feed my starving mouth with Gehinnom soil

Come sleep Thou King (near the banks)
by the river of my tears
Grant me the transformative nectar of transgression
Allow me God to arise and prostrate my filthy human will
until I'm ashes...it is ashes

Divine Pyosis, harmful force
abominable womb, yet untouched source
where the rays of life do not reach
Egoless triumph, Black Sun's Dawn
the Spirit's Eclipse

I'm sealed by Thee to the utmost degree of humility
for you've blessed my sterile grounds-serpent coiled
Allow me Lord to sing for Thee
And feed my starving mouth with the stars of Nuit.

Crowned Antigenesis, hellish course
moist and putrid womb, key to death's doors
where Thine blaze enwines me in deserts bleak
Rise twelve-winged angel and force all living flee...
Divine Pyosis, harmful force
abominable womb, yet untouched source
where the rays of life do not reach
Egoless triumph, Black Sun Dawns
the Spirit's Eclipse

4. Angel Withdrawn

Where voids open and the fathomless lurk
crawling like the spawn of celestial incest
an angelic death rattle rolls like thunder across earth
so foul is the sight, so pure is its essence
Open your soul, submit and withdraw
For (after all) of what use are those sinful limbs and mind?
And know the mystery of a hidden poison
that shall make man the murderer of god

The floodgate shall be opened by the sign of castrated will
and break those cursed knees for you'll never rise them again
Slither like a serpent forth over cadavers of heavenly hosts
Destroy and rebuild thyself and become but a brick for His Throne.

Where circles close and the faceless yearn
through chasms within to cleave the nucleus
For (after all) of what use are thine name and form
Each breath is a sin, and a mockery each heartbeat
For never again shall that crawling infant
(risen from divine ejaculation) walk the soil
The thunder breaks the ground, the pulse is dead
'The mountains shall sink and the depths ascend'

Now see the clouds open, by the sign of dethroned life
Tear out those cursed eyes, for you shall have no more use for sight
The poison breaks the floogates burying the cadaver of god
turn your face towards the faceless
open your soul, submit and withdraw.

Let us leave these fruitless lands and never to return
Let us murder all our offspring and let all bridges burn
Let us swallow the demon blood and be swallowed by the deeps
where the voids open (for all) and the fathomless feeds

5. At The Portals Of Daat'

A mirage in waters fiery
dimensions of terror, through travel reversal
Conscious death Acausal process
to blind Thyself with the light of Kephra

And hence creation lies shadowed
through the process of aligning the gates and the courses
lifting the veil aglowing in madness
in chaotic, vibrating leech-like darkness

Vital discontinuity, rejection of unity
all suffocating transitional motion
the fist and the Cause of Divine abortion!

'as above so below for between I have seen'

Increasing the chasms to vastness among two hearts
thus reaching the utmost desolation within Lord's Hands
Earthly paralysis, the flow's disturbed
blinding mankind's eyes with the veil of Paraketh

Excessive bursting chaos emanating from the abyssic voids
while demiourgic intervenals weaken like a gradual sunset
Sun-Set forever!

Blind blinding the blind, man against man
worthless living crippled limbs
art thou all but tools of my God
See Molok's flames burn brighter scorching the thread of life
From beyond, from beneath, ruination in colours corpselike

As we stand above the carnal bonds confinement
vanish all as I lay bare
as beneath so everywhere...

6. Purulence

7. A Star Within A Star

"The Sword's descendance shall mark the end of the Seven
O most holy justice pivot around all stars"
A cosmic spasm of dead vibrations, a crown of vultures reflecting the Sparks
that leaked in excess from vessels golden erecting pylons that pierced like daggers sharp
whose vastness overcame the borders, devouring the core of Yah.
Answer ye man, how could the cosmic crown conceal the Sparks?
for rusty and cracked falls apart, refracting the corrosive rays of the sun that turns black.
A Star within a Star emerging to devour all stars, with luminous shells of hunger perverse, it breaks through life's balance enflaming the world.
"Audi homine dum praedicamos terminum tui tamen nostrum"
Et dictum erat hominem nullum intenturum erit quem fugibit ex furia Draconis, nullum graeccum et nullum israelum, nullum ex habitororum trans locorum ubi flore inter, omnem carnem involutum erit sabanae ex flamma et sulfure, ut Nigra Dea saltabit saltationem ultimum, omnia recreaturae erunt et transformaturae erunt en I.
Ex nunc obedi arbitratum sui et fac maniculam mortalem...
Etiam filio meo, frauda vitas decisione et mentis claritam.
Damna actionem de renovationem furcifera et felicitatem securem firmum.

Total playing time 48:03

Lyrics on "Angel Withdrawn" by Carl Tiburtius Nordblom of Matricide.
All artwork by Kriss Hades.
This record is dedicated to Paimon.

Thanks to morkh for sending these lyrics.

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