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1. Creating The Misshapen Icon

What have I become?
I'm nailed now to this worthless kind
It was hard,but it's getting harder
And now I won't break out

Still have to get used to this
But I will do my best
And they have told me
After this you can lay to rest

Do you want more?

2. Life Sustainment To Continue Mutilation

I'm filled with your hope
Which used to die last
A soul so pure
Unknown area

Be ready for what you'll become
In the body of mine

Life sustainment to continue mutilation
I go with the extreme
Like they told me to

They are the most precious in my opinion
But the rest is lovely too
Like the brain,the main part
It gives you heart

On and on and on and on
Repetitive is part of my love

And I know your worst,orphans too
Hold your breath,hold your words till
The end is what they call for,pretender
Embrace the life and my dawn,born and gone

Life sustain

3. Defaced By Hollow Tips


A part of my life
We were once out in the streets
And hang out
That is what the kids do
With them guns,that's what the kids do

The collapse of their lifeless hope
Pray with guns in their hands
God bless

They just want to raise their kids to
Misshapen icons
Sons make their daddy proud
Defaced by hollow tips

Five years have now passed my kid
You know what your father's up to
I introduce to you my hottest cat
Take it as it were your own child

That's what they call him with awe
Be proud
My father's genes will make you proud
22 LR

4. Always Battlesome

5. Majesty

These aren't my words
Rather words of fate
Announcing to destroy you
Or what's left

As I go on,bereft of my soul
Grappling for the achievements
Of your so called past

In upper class they call me
Your majesty

Loyal,they won't be despised

I gather around all my owns and belongings
I gather around all my owns and belongings

I don't caress your
Lives is what I pile
Need them for every
Crime I have done

Majesty and proud of it

6. When Mutation Becomes Homicidal

It has to breathe
Work,don't insult

Passion made me murder

It loves on its own
The work is now done

A glare in eyes unveils many stories
And so are yours

I'm wrecked down
Striked on the ground
I nearly faint
But I don't deserve to get spared

I feel it bleed
I feel it bleed

Now the floor gets covered in my guts
I can't hold them back with my hands

Nature takes back what it belongs
With hate it strikes

It stands proud in front of me
Presenting his love for what we have done

7. Ghetto Brawl

Distract from the reality
Extinguish every rest
They left in me

(Gang shout) Baltic sea brutality!

8. Shanty Towns Hooker

The world has lost its orders
Plague is raging like never before
Unable to stop her
It's all hopeless

Life has become so worthless
She is abominating

And infants fall,one by one
Mothers rest in broken Sights
Fathers left just holding
Their lifeless remains

She is abominating

She taught us everything
Now we are drugdes of her great
Is we live
With my duty we fall,one by one

For her sanctuary
She is abominating

She is the shanty towns hooker

9. Supremacy Through Rejection

Banned for names they gave you
And every gesture comes
Like the best duet

Be honest,it's all your fault
Is is the subhuman soul within you
I will take care of you

Let's start with all the dirt
I left in my basement
You better clean the whole spot
Or it will be your tomb too

Since a long time
I create a home
For all the unloved
Who got put off
This is my vocation
I have to protect the
Citizens who got

Hold your breath and accept it

10. Low Budget Autopsy

There's no escape from creatures like I am
Suffered the pain of long time studies
But now the time has come
To execute my work

I do it all the best
In every way

I love to do it with my hands
Don't give a shit about
A pair pf surgical gloves

My style is outstanding
Specified it with the doctors
Who educated on my university
They were proud of my doing
But had no chance to confirm

Ok,I'm honest
I'm not as good as Doctor Brundle
But for a small change
I can offer you
A complete new humanity

11. The Echo Of Her Cracking Chest

It cracks

I'm audiophile,but just to one sound
A cracking chest of virgins makes me cum
It's a fetish the most aren't used to
I don't blame anyone who dislikes it,though

Most times,when I got a load left
Hang out in clubs,check what's there
Don't care for tits,neither her ass
Need the chest,that I want to blast
It's all planned,I hate to get interrupted
Drug that bitch till she passes out

Her friends don't mind
I look educated and nice
Seem to be gentle
While I put her into my trunk

The back alley is a safe place
To prepare my equipment
Right before the bitch wakes up
Her ribcage breaks through my love

It makes me cum,the sound raises
Through the streets in bangs
The echo of her cracking chest

12. Pulmonary Perforation

I do remember every second
Of our last relationship
The end of abrupt
Not as usual as the classic standards

And no one
With any exception
Is allowed
To touch my cats

But what were you thinking?
It's my love since father's death
He showed me her nicest sides

You love it
Straight into your fucking head

She wants a load like lovers do
Deserves a treat like lovers do

The sound of its blast
Is what will make me cum

This is a story
I keep to myself
I'm honest to myself,not to others
They shall stay on distance

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