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1. Hollow


2. Festering With Dishonesty

A spectacle in vain of fictional entertainment
Nothing more than a distraction
With the characters created
By such influential men behind the scenes

Camera, action
Make up, action
Lies, snap
Fucking action!

Lightning, action
Lines at the ready
Lies, snap
Fucking action!

Creatively designing the illusion of choice
Intrinsically sculpting
At the aura of democracy
Oh, this suit makes you look so honest

A certain type of lightning gives a warm glow
Now take your fucking scripts!

Quirks and trivialities
Spring from scriptwriters tongues
So trivially

Building a theatrical mass distraction
That these puppets stand for

Radically different
Political philosophies
Misrepresenting cleverly
Like some cheap reality TV show

Increased surveillance
Tax and more control
We'll try to lower taxes
But we'll take more from the poor

Like a sacrificial ritual
To monetary systems
The stars of the show fake a smile and
Take their seats upon the glutinous wings of arrogance

Follow the script
If you think that it will make the slightest difference
Waste your time on a fictional debate

Pertaining to a legion of lies
Obey this puppet
Show stuck on repeat
The illusion of choice

Eat up
You pigs

Gorging yourself upon their fucking lies

Infatuated with
Opposing parties quarreling for inconsistent reasons
Competing superficially
Festering with dishonesty
Shaking hands behind the scenes

Entertaining the blind
Pay close attention
Charismatic tyranny!
Do you have no memory?

You're dancing with hypocrisy
Part of the system
Everybody's fast asleep

Time to realize
That whoever you'll vote for
It'll make no difference
They are one and the same!

How could you think their one to trust?
Glorifying the pursuit of greed and lust
These streets were never paved in gold
They're littered with the bodies of the ones who said no

Vote for Corruption

3. Totalitarian Dystopia

Follow in line. Don't ask questions! A totalitarian dystopia with all of your wealth just locked away in their machines, just digits on a screen. You say "I'm free," whilst obeying the command of this authoritarian globalist agenda. A totalitarian dystopia with a nail of
propaganda through each eye. "Whilst we whisper that we don't want your excuses, we don't give a fuck about the ills of man. We are selling war and you are buying it, you whores!" Peddlers of destruction: "Why don't you bow down and pay your taxes, slaves? We are selling
war and you are buying it. Just trust us and our death, fear, lies, paper, and fictitious enemies for you to fear! We are selling war and you are buying it, you fictitious cunts! Keep playing your role of the systems bitch. Keep playing your role as the systems bitch,
you little bitch!" Bow down before this disgusting, secretive elite commanding from the shadows with a globalist agenda for enslavement of your life. Conspiring domination through an authoritarian dystopia. There will be no witness to their crimes, war, destruction,
financial suffocation of a species in decline. Instead the sheep will honor this agenda through attractive means of propaganda. They inject distraction. Turn on your poison, compulsively consuming reason. You make me sick, you little piece of shit. Everybody has a price
these days, so wake the fuck up! Your pathetic weak mindedness has gone on for too long. It's clear that ignorance is like a brother to the human race. See through the shit and wake the fuck up. It's clear that ignorance is like a brother to the human race. See through
the shit. You're living in a corporatocracy devastation of the mind to be orchestrated by an unduly influential cabal that is operating sinisterly, insisting upon greed. Whilst the media tells us to: grind, grind, keep funding the bullshit. Dig deep, dig deep. Maim it,
rape it, and leave it to rot. Grind, grind, keep funding this fucking shit! Mindlessly ignorant in bliss. Wake up you system whores, ripping out the nails of propaganda from your eyes. Truth bleeding, seething, gushing from the wound. Blood spray splatters on the masses.
Look! Look at the state of the world! A totalitarian dystopia!

4. Servants Of Hypocrisy

Welcome to the illusion you're suspended in, wasting time with the worshiping of such charismatic puppets, just like sheep led to the shepherd. Why don't you take a look inside your precious hierarchy? Wasting time with worshiping a contradictious web of bludgeoned truths spun by the twisted and sick tongue of ever so desperate men, cattle! You're blinded, herded by a falsely approved prophet. You're blinded, drowning in a disgusting lack of individuality, servants of hypocrisy, brainwashed by religious belief. How the fuck did we let our race become like cattle? You're blinded, drowning in a sea of disillusion. You're blinded! They've got you distracted. Mind well and truly twisted and warped with inconsistencies. Specimens of mass distraction. How did we let our race become like cattle?

Laughing at the crowds outside religious institutions while they're plotting vile intrusions of your mind. In time, their secrets will be unveiled. Knowledge fractured and jaded.
What was always encapsulated in the essence of life itself, but you'll obey while your priests say "amen," as they molest. Your priests say "amen," while they molest.

Awake yet sleeping, grazing on their fields of inhibitions. Stop sleeping! End all of this misguided bliss. Time to play with consciousness and explore your potential as a being of the universe, undistracted by their fairy tales. Stop slaving! Leaders sit on thrones of gold, while watching children starve. Churches are rich, while millions suffer. "Please just give us three pounds a month." What? Are you dumb? Do the math! They're scamming humanity! Wake up, you servile cunts! Cunts!

There is nothing to be taught. Just look inside. The truth will set you free. Just abandon this pack mentality. A pawn of beliefs, useful manipulation techniques, you see? So many wars constructed under your force fed systems of control.

Now the financially warped whisper orders to the puppets of their misguiding regimes. "Make your followers say, amen while we molest. Make them say "Amen," make them say "Amen," while they molest them! ...And rape their minds, making them submissive to the will of those who wish to dominate over them. Amen. Amen.

5. Survival Sequence


6. A Gluttonous Abomination

Wallowing in a dreamless state, Wake up, you brainwashed, mindless slut. We scheme to awaken your mind. We scheme to cut you, bitch! We'll slice at your warped view of existence, and remove the ignorance buried deep behind those dormant eyes, as we surgically sift
through the oppression, the bloodshed, and lies! Financial domination, privatized banking systems. Blueh! Spreading disease like greedy fleas draining the blood of society. We're bathing in tyrannical decay. He wakes up to a dull, gray empty room, empty like his soul.
Empty like some coward cunt afraid of getting fucked. He turns to the TV, drooling over a decomposition of his mind, shoveling an artificial mess of pulp down his throat, almost suffocating whilst he is inhaling the filth of massive corporations. We will not be a victim
to your bleak conformity, gagged with eyes sewn shut whilst buttoning a pristine suit. He breaks the television trance only to straighten his tie for he cannot possible be late for his purpose. Sickening, sickening, sickening, as he earns his wages, spreading starvation,
death and disease to fill his own greedy, gluttonous stomach with the lives of thousands. Pushing buttons in the name of worldwide suffering, suffering, suffering. Just to stuff his face with garbage. Buy new clothing, new devices, cowering in material misguided bliss.
He cannot see past this falseness, dancing on a grave of objects. We must forcibly awake him from this trance. Go! We'll just wait outside on the regular until you show your ugly mug, then we'll cut it out: your blackened view of life. Mug, go! He earns his place
supporting financial decay: A grotesque, disgusting, excuse for a human being. Mind numbed through a mandatory repetition of routine. Propaganda pumps like pulp through a machine. His optic lens is scalded, retina processing incorrectly. We'll rip apart your skull and
decalcify. Dirty establishment serving slut. You coward cunt, it's time to wake up you authoritative kneeling whore! Get on your knees! Nothing more than a maggot simply sustaining. A subject of a torturous awakening. Get on your knees! We'll force feed you truth with a
nice smile! Meditative insight as we delve inside. Blood will be your new adversary, strapped to a chair with your eyes forced open. Forced to watch his own manufactured atrocities now. Third eye forced open with Dimethyl crystals ensure he's chained into a meditative
state. Lost in complexity of geometric design, he's finally forced to face himself now. A torturous awakening. A torturous awakening. Eyes forced open with Dimethyl crystals ensure he's chained into a meditative state. Lost in complexity of geometric design. He's finally
forced to face himself now. Let's see your money save you now! Your silently wallowing in realization, choking on gluttony, you gluttonous abomination. Now do you see, finally, that this life consists of more than just you?

7. Susceptible To Retinal Reprogrammability

So, let me brainwash you.
Inhale the fetid lies I force down your fragile throat.
Dissecting synapses and shedding dreams.
Under the weight of my pixelated seams, the gutter wreak of decomposing intellect and...
As I subtly hypnotize you you're perplexed in awe of this machine.
You pathetic and distracted waste of a creation.

Why not open up your uninspired eyelids to the truth, look at proof of the filth you perpetuate so precisely.
Intellectual decline is an angel to the disconcerting leaders of a disappearing planet as they secretly conspire, to force feed you the...

Lies I force down your fragile throat, you're led like cattle to the slaughter-couch.
Take a seat and prepare for lobotomy.
I'm like a skilled surgeons defective hand, oh fuck it let's all go consume.

Bombarded with unimportant technology, fucking buy it!
Celebrity infatuation.
Beauty, plastic surgery, you're too fucking fat.
Smoke this, don't smoke that, now pay us money for this pointless patch.

Entertainment drooling from your open mouth.
Seeding, feeding.
My empirical static draws you closer, entertainment drooling from your open mouth.
Seeding, feeding.

You better get beautiful.
To the soothing tune of misinformation.
You better keep serving.

Grind, sleep, grind.
Consume and pay the...
War led system as it marches, arms wide open, acceptant of hypocrisy.
Led by corrupted puppeteers, choking murder.
An uninspired hierarchy of liars sitting on thrones made of spare tamed intellect and...

Something save us!
Nothing can save you.
From this corrupt...
Shut the fuck up, watch the latest headlines cattle. Everything will be ok.
What about the poison in our water supply, wars for oil, false flag attacks?
Shut the fuck up now, hush why don't you go back to sleep? Everything will be ok, listen to your TV!
Maybe I should just sit down and watch an episode of bullshit?

Take a seat and watch your life unfold as you do nothing but save up for a house with a car and that lush car from the Ad before you curl up, tune out, DIE!

So, you've fulfilled lies saturated on your lifeless corpse.
A wad of worthless money tightly clutched in one hand.
And in the glow of my pixelated stare, you see this program's drawing to an end.
And I've dissected synapses and shed your dreams, they've been precisely extracted from your head.
And you lapped up your decomposed intellect.

Everything will be OK, I'll just sit down and watch some bullshit.

8. Lobotomise, Dehumanise, Negate [LDN]

[feat. Jamie Of I Declare War]

They're building an army
An army of the masses
Slowly undertones of mutiny leak through
We see through you

We are the system dissembling itself
As each screw loosens faces are newly concealed
There are more of us than you
We stand in front of you
The many against the few

Civil disobedience as the gears grind to a halt
Dishonesty gleams through cracks in the machine you see
If this is all just a grand experiment
We might as well make a fucking difference
So listen, there are more of us than you
You will not see us coming
We are from everywhere
Hoods up & faces fucking covered
We stand in front you
As undertones of mutiny slowly begin to leak through

Shadows shimmer
With treason
As you

You tell us to keep our chins up
So it's easier to slit our throats

We're tired of watching the world around ripped to shreds for an illusion of riches placed on pieces of paper

L, D, N
Lobotomize, dehumanize, negate

We see the bare bones of this thieving system
The strings pulling at this rusted machine
A self-dismantling system
Everything is failing can't you see?

Screams, despair, death, destruction
We're coming for you
You constructed this army
& now there's nowhere left to run
Or hide your fucking face

We don't want your money
Everything is failing
Smoke clouds spew from ashes of what you worshipped
A dying system [2x]
Smoke clouds spew from the ashes of what once worshipped
We don't want your money
Useless shit
Everything is failing
A dying system [2x]

Born as parts of a failing system
You bred us to fight
Now we are your system
The many against the corrupted futile few

9. Messiah Of Manipulation

Maniac scientist
Warped with a lust for miscreation manically at work
Skillfully, sick & so precisely slicing at the living flesh& bone

Experiments pluck at every cell of this complex & self aware organism
Ripping through its free will like a scalpel through a piece of meat
Even if you could speak, there is nothing you can say to change my mind
Your mind will be mine

Messiah of manipulation
Listen here
It's for your own good
You'll become more than a man
More like a machine that's capable of such a superior rate of extermination
There will be no remorse as you massacre at my command

With a & surgical alteration
I will take away your sense of fear

Your veins & arteries will carry my own brand of poison
A chemical cocktail of mind altering & stimulating drugs keeps you acting as my puppet
I'll mutate genetics until you can feel no pain

My tools intelligently feast upon the prefrontal cortex
Dehumanization occurs as my tools intelligently feast on the prefrontal cortex

Now arise transhumance machine of war
Genetically mutated tool of genocide
Laughing at the birthing of his neuroscientific prototype

How far can we push this Godlike science?
As the stench of anesthetic tastes almost pungent in the air

Magnetic stimulation
It's brain rewired
It feels no weakness
Wretched inhuman creation
A spawn of man
Go forth my dehumanized monster
& hail the impending scientific dictatorship
For I am a messiah
Messiah of manipulation [2x]

10. Disillusion In A Discordant System

To neglect & to fuck

Rather than to protect & to serve
Protectors of the public, like fuck
What a joke authorities have become
Servants to the corporations & the government
A grievance to your fellow man

Oh, little piggy
What's that little piggy?
"Oink, oink"
Would you like some bacon to go with your arrogance?
Beating skin & cracking bone as a profit to the rich
I bet you think you're something special
While you're cracking skulls but your instrument of sick agendas
Burn your badge & join your brothers
Your job role is as a professional cunt
So do humanity a favor & join as we protest

Maiming & raping & pillaging & fucking manufactured devastation
Don't be so pompous, causing a raucous for mass enslavement
Oh, little piggy
Did you really think you lent hand, little piggy
Delusional in your authority
The truth: you're nothing but a pawn

Arresting for profit
An expert extortionist, funneling the money from pockets of the public to the palms of the corrupt
Detaining for profit
Did your know you take orders from a banker cartel?
From a bunch of fucking scum

You don't have to say anything
Anything you do, say will be given in evidence
"Oink, oink"
Fuck your authority

Using powers to enslave, intimidate, extort & falsely accuse
Threaten, assault & murder
Inherently evil acts by evil people
Relinquish respect for these fuckers

Looking down on the public
From a pedestal build of exploitation
Do you even remember the last time they protected & served you?
No, the police neglect & then fuck you over
Our point is made [2x]

Send them to the slaughterhouse

Jake Hadley: drums
Jack Simmons: guitars
Luke Griffin: vocals
Harjit Saimbhi: bass

Thanks to sickbreakdownsknot for sending these lyrics.
Thanks to a7x.b4mv.rox for sending tracks ## 8-10 lyrics.
Thanks to luke for correcting track #4 lyrics.

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