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1. Lava Empire

Holy empire of lava
New wings touch the sun
New wings fly away
New wings kiss the sky
New wings seek to learn
Fickle empire of lava

2. Hollow Days (My Probation)

Night sky's lit in shades of black and blue
The tones never change
Nothing is ever new
As dawn drips in, dusk pours out
Absence of force
Plants the seeds of doubt
Countless failed attempts at grasping
The crux of human creation
Leave me broken and frustrated
Laying bereft of vision
Choruses of mocking murmurs
Lethargy within my mind
Craving the holy elixir
That leaves apathy behind
I rate
I swing my chain
Seeking a light to disperse the darkness
Yet fail to detect the spark inside
Tasting defeat with no chance for a single cry
Hollow days
A spark never found
A slave to my whims
I make no sound
I beg of thee, sweetest sounds to ring
Allow this dormant voice within my soul to sing"
A proud emperor,
I am he!
Master of my own fate, always free!"
Hollow days
A light never found
Locked in this cell–
I make no sound

3. Pendulum Heart

Swing of the pendulum, my red hot passion
Conveys the need to scream
On a canvas unready for the heat of my voice
Doomed to melt through walls of steam
A strike of the feather and a jolt from the sting
Sound the echo of my failures
Which I bear no more to sing
A word from the father and a swing of the string
Sound the voices in my head
Which crown me a delusional king
The concealed alternator
My pendulum heart
Swing of the pendulum, ice cold depression
Thermal shock hits the bone
Around me a circle of monoliths of rime
Surrounded, I stand alone
A desolate landscape and the silence within
Paint a picture of defeat
Which fills the canvas once again
A necropolis brimming filled with corpses in decay
Each a cruel monument
Incoherence lost again

4. Pyramid at Sunset

The crimson sun shining, red upon yellow
On a pyramid at sunset
The peak in glorious posture, beholding a dying day
There the pyramid at sunset
The transition from body to mind
Manifested in a most poetic way
The separation between earth and sky
Three birds, three jackals, three gods rule the world
The silver moon gleaming, blue upon yellow
On a pyramid at the midnight hour
The peak in watchful posture, resting in between days
There, the pyramid at the midnight hour
The transition from conscious to spiritual
Depicted in a most prophetic way
The separation between fire and water
Three snakes, three fishes, three gods rule the world
The crimson sun shining, red upon yellow
On a pyramid at sunrise
The peak in glorious posture, strengthening for a new day
There, the pyramid at sunrise

5. Babylonian Complex

An entity separated from the conscious self
Silenced like a misbehaved slave
Occupying hidden space within unconscious shell
Never ceasing to plot its eventual escape
Meant to be confined within amaze of dusty ciphers
Separated, violated, denied all control
Aeons of struggle, wars, monstrosities and demons
Just allowed to surface when crisis meets the soul
A dynamic comparable to Babylon and Zion
One preaches peace while the other’s sabers gleam
A tribe kept in chains, starved and praying for salvation
Startled by the cruel voice that echoes through the mind and screams:
Oh greatest of empires, helpless in demise
Behold thyself in foray for purity
For evermore enraptured
In everlasting anarchy
Watch as I–parasite–conquer supremacy
A scavenger crawling freely under the foundations
Venomous fangs carry malice in their tips
A twisted leach, slithering into the host’s sensations
Nauseating ichor dripping from each of its hits
Fearful of infection through contact with the poison
The mangled host rushes through the maze in pure dismay
Yet corruption penetrates through the breaches on the walls
Seizing full control at last, the new king loudly proclaims:
Thy lament for salvation
Panacea for the soul
May you perish at the gates, oh great city of gold
All hope be forsaken, for thine end is nigh
Through smothered screams, nothing remains to be feared
Thou art lord no more
Know thy crown shall depart
Now choke on most dire gasps for air
Then lay silent as I–parasite–stand tall

6. Atlantis

Lost land
Lost land
Kingdom old
Amidst waves so cold
The quest unfolds

7. Draconian Trials

On a path of no return
In the wake of stone gods, under red skies
Enter, pale ghost of the sun
Bringing forth my doom as daylight dies
Through the fogs of memory
By deep rivers where no soul should ever wander
Pain unveils the prophecy
A new victim to the rust of October
Flowers turn to dust
I dream in monochrome
Virgil, be my guide
Lead me to my home
Awareness of
Years –
Millennia –
Snakes bestow their tempting kiss
Empty pledges overcast by malice
Endless tunes their voices hiss
Sick hymns in the minor key of cowardice
Heightened sense of
Seconds –
Hours –
Years –
Millennia –
Behold the defiant glow within the flames of hope
Caressed by the winds of change that blow through them
A new dawn rises, the traveler is home
To rebuild the castle stone by stone
A spoke on the wheel of fortune
A grand ode to life eternal
On the road to redemption

8. Blood Moon

A chronicle of unforgiven failures
Etched upon a battered wall
The maddening stigma of regret within
Fill my frame with rusty pins

9. Pinnnboard

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who's the nastiest of all?
Search for balance, hard to find
Crave respect but never kind
Want to speak but cannot hear
'Tis the nature of my fear
Want to hear but cannot talk
Chain myself unto a rock
Shameful, shameful, in regret
Tears of spite fall on the lap
Grievances from failures born
Seek to mend what has been torn
Need to fail to understand
Break the nails that crown the hand
One more time the touch is lost
Flame of love consumed by frost
The inglorious one
A perfect madrigal, shunned
The inglorious one!
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who's the god to whom
I call?
Please punish me for my sins
Fill my frame with rusty pins

10. Glory to the Sun

Glory to the sun
The one
The imperfect prodigal son
Glory to the sun!

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