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1. Intro

Step this way, lovers of the loathsome, as I lead you into my cave of lurking shadows and demonic deadlies.
Gather around the cauldron while I boil up a beastly brew I call Witchtanic Hellucinations!

2. Into The Cave

A foreshadowing opening like a hungry maw.
Shadows swallow you like a funeral shroud.
A dank miasma of moldering death.
The morbid stench churns your bowels...

Bats' fangs drip with black sickened BLOOD.
& vermin gnaw upon babes' tender bones.
Foetid carrion breath upon your neck
As she whispers curses in your year...

Into the cave, the horrid witch calling...
Behold your DOOM as the darkness is falling...

3. Swamp Spells

Under the fullmoon, into the swamp you lurk...
In search of the horrid secrets of HELL
To the house made of Virgin's bones & hides
The abode of the witch, of whence home return...

Moss hangs from the roof like a corpse's hair,
Cypress roots stick through the scum like fingers.
Even reptile horrors do shrink in FEAR from it.
But all too curious, you knock upon Her door...

Into your foolish mind my nightmare spells shall sleep
& deep under the black swamp-waters, you shall SLEEP...

4. Witchblood Cult

Pitch Dark Night
Awash With Fright
The Witchblood Cult
Is Out Tonight

Roam The Streets
For Lonesome Souls
Bashed Over the Head
Drained of Blood
And Left For Dead

Witchblood Cult Is
Out Tonight
Villagers Lock
Their Houses Tight
Witchblood Cult Is
On The Prowl
With Lust and Rage
They Kill and Howl

Their BloodQueen Master
Awaits Their Return
From Her Dark Bastion
The Cults Inner Sanctum

Well My Children
What Do You Bring
Nourish Your Goddess
Let The Ceremony Begin

5. The Black Witch

Salem 1692
Where 20 witches hanged
Sleepy village gripped by Satan
The devil's holding sway

Tituba, the black witch
Slave of the night
Possessing the minds of the puritan white
Casting her spells of African
Learned in the rites
Voodoo of the ancient macumba
The reverend's daughters howled and spit

They clearly are bewitched
Witch hunt blood lust for the general
Nubian priestess kept inquisit in bondage
The cross of the reverend torments her
For freedom and vengeance her plot has been laid to madness!

White flesh for the devil
Black demons dance in the minds of the children
Townspeople panic and charge their own kin

Crones dragged
Cut to be hung on the gallows
Into cursed ruin Salem was swallowed!

6. Witchtanic Hellucinations

A man possessed
I walk alone
To find the coven
'Neath the sanguine moon
Follow the wisps
And strange gloomy lights
For the cult of Lyseric is meeting tonight
From the drums on skulls comes their chant of Doom
I follow entranced to the ominous tune
I see the smoke rings ascending high
Lost in the woods
I'm fucking high!
Hallucinate through the forest's threat
And come upon this black witchcraft
Pentagram unbroken
The circle now complete
They beckon me to join their ritual Hasheesh

Enchanted with spells
By the crone's drone song
I inhale the evil of the witchcraft bong

Weed witch
Weed witch

Witchtanic Hellucinations
Witchtanic Hellucinations

12 are here you'll be the 13th
I sit at the fire
Smell the cauldron's dank reek
Into the boil a boney finger is dipped
And unto my tongue the acid is dripped

Witchtanic Hellucinations
Witchtanic Hellucinations

7. Beastly Brew


8. Cauldron Cave

Buried deep in the woods
Nearing the swamp
There is a cave of hallucinogenic doom cauldrons of bubbling acid
You will start to trip
Just from the fumes

Cauldron cave [repeat]

9. Rabid Werewitch

She was never content
With the rest of the coven
She mated with wolves
For their blood and some lovin'

Cast a spell on herself
Against the laws of her cult
She transformed at the full moon
By the power of the occult!

She's a rabid werewitch!
Blood-crazed, she casts her spell
She's a rabid werewitch!
She feasts then sends you to hell

10. Realm Of The Wicked


11. Witches Tits

Saggy and green
Dried out flaps of rotting flesh
Under these skin curtains
Spiders breed
A horrid sight to see indeed!

Suck those titties

Covered in boils and sores
Crusted over in popped pimples
Discharging pus
With warts for nipples

12. Broomstick Bitch

Morbid black-hearted bitch lurking by the midnight moon
The witch hunts for your mortal soul and your manhood too

Shuddersome hell-spawned hag, horrid and sex hungry
At midnight, into your room on a broomstick she flies

She wants your seed to beget goblins and night-gaunts
Between her legs you will find a cunt brimming with teeth

Morbid black-hearted bitch lurking by the midnight moon
The witch hunts for your mortal soul and your manhood too

13. October 31st

The dead are out tonight
Spreading sickness to the weak
The dead are damaging the crops
Dirty pranks on farmers

October 31st scare the dead away
October 31st the harvest ends today

The slaughter has begun
To fill the winter stores
Live stock bones fuel the fires
Burning bright on this rotting night

October 31st scare the dead away
October 31st the harvest ends today

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