Dark Lyrics


1. Satanic Faith

2. Witchfynder Finder

She was left raped and bleeding, freezing in the snow
A soldier I, returned from war, to find my bride like so
Her family dead, her father hanged at the gallows in the square
He was accused of witchcraft, a devil priest
By blood, revenge, is the oath that I now swear

Witchfynder finder
Witchhunter slayer
I shall be a grim reminder
of the lives he undid here

Destitute and surely deranged
I now drift from town to town
Maddened with my lust for revenge
In the bottle my sorrows drowned
I search the name of Hopkins
When our paths cross cross, I'll take away his life
I'll bash his fucking skull in and scalp him with my knife

Vengeance! Vengeance! On the Inquisitor, slay!
Vengeance! Vengeance! The hunter becomes the prey!

3. Trick Or Treat

Mine is the house, we're all warned about when trick or treating as a child
Inside my head, perverted thoughts are hid, but the neighbors say my manners mild
Ive been rumored to creep, when all others sleep, you've seen me in my white van
Thick-rimmed glasses and a well-groomed mustache hide the face of a hideous man

Die cut witches, ghouls and skulls
A graveyard on my lawn
My house is dressed up for Halloween
The most elaborate on my street...

Trick or Treat

Most kids with sense, their muscles tense, and dash past my house Halloween night
But those with greed in there hearts, whose breath reek of sweet tarts
Drag heaving bags, in devilish rags, to the door of the spider that waits
And behind my thick glasses, I dream of their asses, butchered and ready to eat

A tape of horror sounds of fright
To lure them to my lair
Masked effigies and eerie lights
and a large bowl filled with sweets...

Trick or Treat

You've all heard this tale, in every village and vale, every neighborhood has someone like me
Some say its folklore, to keep kids from straying too far, but I'm a wolf in sheep's clothing
For I am that man, in the white cargo van, and I'm prowling and ready to strike
I feign normalcy, so they wont think of me, when a kid goes missing Halloween night

4. Thundering Hooves

5. Live Forever

Do you want to live forever? Join us for eternity
We are Satans children
and when he rises we shall be free

Whore nun
Cunt of Christ
Give us your soul
Invert the cross you hold
In your holy hands
Inhale the smoke of this burning herb
Initiation complete
Join us, The Black Church
and live forever!

Dedicate your life to our master
Help give him life
Turn your back on god
He's gave you nothing but lies

6. Whispers In The Dark

Lock the doors
I'm coming


7. If Hell Exists

I want to see the world burn
I am filled with hate and Disgust
Sick of it all, my sanity is metal
and its starting to rust...

I have no soul
No conscience
Its getting old

Happiness, a thing of the past
Death, is approaching fast
Afterlife, i don't believe
If hell exists, i'm already there, yeah!

8. Stoned To The Grave

Shunned out in the street, like a horrid wretched dog
Townsfolk castigate you, say your hair is far too long
Denim and black leather shroud you, shining with such filth
To deflect the stones they fling at you, their glances set to kill

Metal, punk, comic books, and horror vhs
Nothing else to live for so you might as well obsess
Discovering books of power on the arcane and occult
Eating psilocybin leaves you feeling quite possessed

Those bastards quote the bible, to tell you how to live
You read the Book of Eibon and the Necronomicon
Tired of being treated like a leper and pariah
and in those books of power you find a new messiah

You read a sordid tale about the wicked blood queen master
The words on yellowed paper make your heart pump a little faster
She was said to haunt the hills of the land which you were born
A bent and haggard crone, defiled and thus deformed
She'd lure away the towns children, through the woods, into the cave
Preserve them in the swamps in their shallow water graves
Adepts and fools who sought her, she'd drug and make her slaves
and curse the pregnant woman with foul rodent babes

Her woeful tale stirs your heart, and strikes a chord of doom
Her sigils and her spells make perfect sense to you
Reading on you learn about her sad and lonely fate
Hunted by the townsfolk- to this you can relate
They tied her to the stake and they stoned her with large rocks
Watched her in her misery, they all did point and mock
And so she met her end, the psychedelic bitch
The foul foetid beldame, the horrific Acid Witch

She was stoned... to the grave!

So now alone within your room, a shadow stirs and looms
Your turntable's spinning backwards, the needles grinding through the grooves
A malignant cackle echoes, from the speakers vomit spews
Load the bong, spark the flame, inhaling of the fumes
The ceiling starts to bend and warp, it smells of unearthed tomb
Violet light envelops everything, the trip begins for you

You are stoned....to the grave!

9. Metal Movie Marijuana Massacre Meltdown

Dont fuck with fire lest you feel like getting burned
Torture is to kind for a jock asshole like you
Im rocks chosen warrior, Ive evoked the demon Sammi Curr
and hes given me the power to nail all of you

Metal Movie Marijuana Massacre Meltdown

It's me against the world, thats what it feels like in Mill Basin
Until Black Roses come to town and rocks my fucking face in
They're here for one night only, thats all they'll ever need
To steal away our souls and make our eardrums bleed

Seen these movies so many times
Turn off the volume cause I know all the lines
So fucking high, just let the stereo play
but only if its Lizzy Borden or Fastway

10. Sabbath Of The Undead

The metaphysical fog
That seperates our uworlds
Is thinning to allow passage
To the dead from the formless void

On the eve of Samhain
On All Hallows' Eve
Disguise yourself as a corpse
To ward off the harmful dead

Evil Begets Evil on the Sabbath of the Undead

Dead leaves will not warn you
of a ghostly specter looming near
Their cold fire stare will burn through you
Unless your filled with morbid curiosity

On the eve of Samhain
On All Hallows' Eve
Horror is the only means
To keep the wraiths at bay

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