Dark Lyrics


1. Perfect Enemy

[music: Nick, Dennis, Costas lyrics: Themis Katsimihas]

The Century`s twilight is so close
I stand on the Icebers` tip and looking out I recollect
The things that passed the ways we close to last among the other
I see them all-yes I see them all behind

We left them there- there in futile wars
When this was the written riddle
"Who Is The Perfect Enemy?"

The first weapon that I held was a bone from a dead beast
So many more have come and gone, so easy to left`em all behind
There were times when I was crimson bathed with their blood
But if it wasn`t for the week I wouldn`t be here now

We left them there in wars of Arrogans
When we wrote the riddle
"Who is the Perfect Enemy?"

As I first traveled the land, then I waded the water
Then I ripped the sky with the stars as my guide
But I flew high I touched the sky
I touched the stars and left my marks behind
I`ve seen life beyond imagination, lifeful beings
And I kill them all

I stepped on them, in the wars of Acquisition
When I spoke the riddle "Who Is The Perfect Enemy?"
There`s no one else left around
No one can see how I rot in Grief

I stand alone now admiring my work but my sense has turned against me
I lived a condemned life of lies
To learn about the truth but never to live in
And I asked myself "Who Is The Perfect Enemy?"
Who else-who else but the:
Who else but the Enemy Within

2. Random's Manifest (Part I)

[music: Nick, Costas lyrics: Nick]

Pressing my hands against my head
Trying to hear my heartbeats
I know that I don`t know
Only tomorrow knows

Life is a raging sea, no scedule, no turning back

I`m thinking what the others do
If they exist at nights
When I`m lying in bed
Life is shifting like the cloud

Mixed colors clear my mind, one year later I`m back

Seeing eyes I haven`t seen before
Space is getting shorter for me and them
Fate is working for what is written

3. Psycho Love

[music: Dennis lyrics: Jake]

Don`t be scared of my view
Once I was like you and everyone
Sense excelled in my mind
And my love for you was endless

The bitterness you gave me was abundant
The pain nestled in my soul because of you
Although I got tired of forgiving your mistakes
I didn`t let you think I hate you

We`ll meet each-other somewhere, that`s for sure
Maybe between fire and steel or clouds and sun
The blood spreading around your body will remember me
The passion and the deliverance from this Psycho Love

Once I made you come closer, feeling some compassion despite my mental illness
Your dead body lying behind me, your lifeless eyes looking me
Prove that you can`t be behind me alive anymore

I took your life joined with me
I`m not begging for sympathy or understanding
Walking together on life`s highway might be useless

If your soul is alive
She will hate me, that`s for sure
I feel bad, but maybe I should have done it earlier
Although you were always the king of my dreams

Soon I`ll go away from your slaughtered body
Even more I wanna be here forever
My acts can`t offer me a normal life like everyone.

But everything is changing in life
Psychical limits are getting closer suffocating
Undiminished passion, so ferocious
Is changing logic to madness:

4. Sense Of Annihilation

[music: Dennis, Jake lyricks: Jake]

Psychical crushes-made for a human
Insistently are searching for cure
A desperate being is trying to escape from destiny
of loneliness and sorrow

Obvious agony on daily steps
Incorrigibly romantic inner picture-furthered in all dimensions
Words are loosing their interest told by well-disposed-aimed on
Happiness restoring

Inexperienced wandering in areas of fantastic, false or true
Annihilation is possible-perceivable
In glossy spaces seem to be true

Obvious agony on daily steps
Incorrigibly romantic inner picture-furthered in all dimensions
Words are loosing their interest told by well-disposed-aimed on
Aimed on fear`s mollifyness-happiness restoring.

The deceive so easy but so false in view
Theories everywhere, deeds, facts-they come and leave

Psychical transactions without any limits simple in the light
Maybe hard in the dark but always murderous
Is it real that lifeless have bigger value
Just because civility is teaching the decay

You, foolish spirit, possessed by matter`s haughtiness
When will you stop searching around?
When will you learn to live and exist limited in small scopes
Far away from hesitations and freedom-so far away
Till the day you`ll learn the way to kill the corruption existing around you?

SENSE OF ANNIHILATION-the touch with all around
Leading to intricate ideas, sweet in deed
Killing is at last out of law
Without hesitations or fear, so simple, so easy

Violence, psycho-violence stated our existence
Bringing the mortals nearer to inexistence`s worship
We have taught at last our murder
Leading ourselves to termination

The Human High-school is now teaching
How to kill naturally everything it`s worth to be in heart
Far away of matter and flesh

5. Curse Of Flesh

Deep in red I see unveiled things gather
The broken masks fall down, the blood withers the rose
The game just started

Carnage severed my limbs
Her lips destroyed my wings
And I see mirrors in black
So I throw the dice again

Lost feeling of beauty or maybe positive act of wish
The matters totally confused but the fate so provocative

Lovelorn eyes emptiness
Desire erased my dreams in paint

The curse is what I feel
The inner fading away of love
Curse of flesh eternal domination facing to spirit
Eternal oh, Eternal cries, merciless mental stress
The passion for flesh strongly captures my thoughts

Dark desire or sacred lust
Almost touching symmetry
Including love and hate balanced
I’d like to betray my heart but symmetry keeps me away from it
Till fading away…

Sleepless I wander in nights but deep within the lies
Drifting into your gray thoughts astray an seducible

I cry…
Passion for flesh again…
Her shadow charms me
And hypnotized I walk
I see her figure in white

Carnage severed my limbs
Her lips destroyed my wings
And I see mirrors in black
So I throw the dice again

It’s our flesh that is the greater trator
The betrayer who corrupts and weaken us
More than any other foe
Passage to post-mortem deliverance
I quench my thirst, you will be mine
Crawling on your skin-I pay
You body with my tears

6. In Sorrow

[music: Dennis, Jake lyrics: Jake]

Oh mist! This pneumatic mist which exterminates
Brutally dreams and exceptions
Resistance can be corrupted so easy no one could hope
Oh no- no one could hope!

Mother says life is Godly present
But it hurts you so much, especially in your loneliness
Or if you try to get consoled- consoled in hard times
Using yourself been aggrieved

Happines`s song isn`t sung anymore
Retrying for it could be funny
Living in sorrow for ever, and always remembering the lost
And everything which won`t exist again

The blood runs fast-fast in veins following the heartbeats
Feel your nerves-feel your nerves strained feel your mind in pain
Some tears flow, maybe elements of love-maybe elements
Of love hate or sorrow

The pain dominates when the fist breaks the pane of glass
The anger becomes bigger, the cries so woeful
Some times of tranquillity are enough
Before next bursting out which maybe deliver forever


7. Random's Manifest (Part II)

[music: Nick, Costas lyrics: Nick, Jake]

Liquid sky on the wing of a butterfly
Numbers are running and seconds are numbing
Daisy chain of an infinite combination
Factors are lying for what can be done

You think you have control
You`re nothing but a role
In a theater of distrust
The sun follows the rain

Questions and answers never related to me
To solve this riddle I need the master-key
Coincidence shatters my reality
Who is the puppet player of all these?

Who cares about the colors you see?
Who cares about this fading star?
You read these letters, but who reads you?
Maybe all your life is a simple RANDOM`S MANIFEST!

Slowly I have the chance to understand
The chaos is changing all before my eyes
I cannot comprehend-pure madness is running after me

Random`s Manifest at every sight-the things are changing

8. Misery Colored Yellow-Black

[music: Dennis]

9. Teach To Kill

[music: Dennis, Costas lyrics: Jake]

"Sanity and insanity come together-don`t forget
Here we found the way to get it"

Welcome to the Model Death`s High-school
You speak with its General Director
It`s our pleasure to have you here in our favorite Killer Family

Justice means death of body and soul
You will surly learn it here
We`ll make you comprehend it for sure
To practice it perfectly

You`ll see a lot-you will hear a lot more
You have to believe them all-so simply
But it will cost your life if you try to convert`em
To convert`em out there

Your actual thoughts? Just hide`em inside you
Sense of love has no place in here
Everything that`s lovely has to die now
And this is your own duty.

Sanity and insanity come together-don`t forget
Here we found the way to get it
You`ll get it too and you`ll love it!

Don`t hesitate to practice even here
Everything you`ve taught
Just try to make some practice on me
But remember I`ll survive!!!

With these few words I welcome you
I discriminate the terror in your eyes-but you`ve already got in

The doors behind you closed hermetically
Opened when you will become our own perfection:

10. Future Deadlock

[music: Dennis lyrics: Nick, Jake]

Eternal vivid dreams of past, now nightmares construct
A new empire of headless puppets, industry of materialized madness

Horror in cyber, panic and viruses, flesh and steel now collided

Man-machine is tomorrow`s generation
Myths of past now stand alive
Mechanical slaves and lords, darkness covers all like alons before

Abominations are dancing in a static rhythm
Their hypnotic eyes tell how life fades
Crawling in the ground they`re dying full of filth and innocence
The numbers are lost, orders are confused, disorder is defused

Frantic scientists enhance the human body
Interstellar communication brings colonists from far beyond
Alienation causes the crossiny of breeds
Mutants are born and rule the world
Capacity is exhausted and explosion is expected

Disintegration of my soul I liquify my flesh and bones
Colors tip my eyes, blood dripping from my ears-formless and faceless
I travel trough cables and cords loosing my share
I ejaculate in a sea of webs filled with eyes and senses
And I feel that time and space has no meaning here:

11. Random's Manifest

[music: Dennis, Costas]

12. W.A.R. (Wrong And Right)

[music: Dennis lyrics: Jake]

Everything around me seems so empty
I think I can still hear other people`s voices in there
Shouting at me in madness "It`s Time For You To Leave:"

Denying to accept the beliefs of another age
I lost my mentality and I ended up in there
Being aware of the spirit`s second dimension
Where sense, insanity and justice is invisible

The gun you hold may give me the creeps
Perhaps I`ll be happy if you use it
So as to prove once again that I`m still sick

Eventually I know
Wrong exists And covers what is Right
But I can`t judge them with daring

Don`t hesitate to point the gun at me, I`m not afraid of the truth
But at least you must hold it tight if you feel strong enough to use it
My ever loneliness might be the reason of loosing the sensible way
But I was never in a real need of communication
In a world where Wrong And Right makes no sense at all:

Are you upset of looking me?
Are you afraid as I come near you?
What are you waiting for? Shoot me!
Be careful cause I`m loosing patience
Don`t let me come closer cause
This will mark the beginning of my WAR:

Released on Black Lotus Recs, spring 2000. Recorded and mixed at Marathon Studios, Athens - Greece.
Produced by Acid Death. Engineered by Nick Iosifides

Thanks to nick_lightning747 for sending track #5 lyrics.

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