Dark Lyrics


1. Blind Reflection

Blind Blind Blind Blind Reflection
You wake yourself
Binded in Fraud
Always in Mind
I watch the Light Light Light Light
Minded the truth
Always in Mind
I make you Blind

2. Crossing The Line

Passion for life, passion for love
Clear feelings without compromise
No one would ever imagine the outcome
Nor himself or others or his safe place…

Madness is sanity’s sister
Without warnings and so simply
He was damaged inside his spirit
And died inside his environment

“You’re searching for nothing!!” was crowd’s shout
But he was different, so unfamiliar with all
Helpless to some, Demon to others
Now he’s just a memory of shadow left behind him

Crossing the line he flew away
No one would ever learn or care
Even he had no knowledge of the limits
That tried -tried to – surpass in one spell

Naked thoughts…
Broken dreams…
Damaged soul…
Matter…Crossing The Line…

“You are God!” would got shouted if he was God
Truth was the only matter in his life
But this rope is betraying his deed

How easy you can fall down
Really, is there any possibility of return?
Near to all but so far away from them
Being a real Punk to their imaginary wishes

Let me now free your neck
This rope now belongs to me
I wasn’t yours but you touched me
Wishing to meet you again…

3. Towards Hate

Smart God’s creation
A new killing salvation
With mind in total stagnation
Having no destination

Mercy…unknown point
Massive rage – Creator smiles

The rotten core is grown at last
A new Immortal Race dominates on Earth
Suppressing values, sharing greed
The Godsend present of all Ages…

Consensus devastation
A new killing salvation
Sweet, silent expectation
Pathetic destination

Souls that bleed –always- restlessly
Truth and lies – a lovely blend
Hate’s blessing, the perfect mate
Spirit and values are a distant past

Dominion, Creation, Smart God’s spirit
The core, the Deadly Blessing, Godsend presents on Earth…

[Repeat chorus]

Killing salvation…
Massive rage…

4. Convict 655321

In every thought and movement
Shadows stand silent and speechless
They wait to be born in light
Cause this world belongs to what I call fright

I have felt the love rise up with wrath
Behind your sight I saw a sneak attack
You sucked every drop of pride remained
So I can be as hard as Hell
Taste the water of my poisoned well

Who are you? Let me guess
Look me in the eye-I bet you can't
I'll summon all the fool's bliss
I'll give you the green angel's kiss

You're too weak for me
I'm too strong for you
Play my game and be my pawn
This is my night!
This is my day-I'll laugh as loud as I can
Behind the ashes of reprisal
You'll never forget

You wiped of all my emotions
And know in a moment's space
Passion overheads limits
This is what someone is afraid of...
A naked man, armed with a bomb…

Convict 655321...

5. Inside My Walls

A colourful world spins around me
As I close my eyes and dive
Deep into my subconscious
A swirl of colours
Closed eye vision never betrays

What I see within me
Where I am inside me
I am timeless, void and vast
Darkness envelops but I welcome it

My mind opens doors to other dimensions
See places and events unfold
Things unheard of
To the human mind

Inside my walls
There is a place
Between Yin and Yang
(Inside my walls)
A place of solidarity
Where nothing touches me

Inside my walls
The future in unveiled
I sink deep within it
(Inside my walls)
And find all that might could be

My body transcends above
Naked but dressed in blinding light
Hands extend and touch the threads of fate
Fate of millions in the tips of fingers
The power of the mind in motion.

Inside my walls…
My mind opens doors…
To other dimensions…

6. No Sky Above

Lost in-in a maze
So alone and outcast
Hate is just the only friend
In his red and tired eyes
With a knife in his hand
That put his fear away

He wanders alone
Dressed in rags trying to survive
Becoming scorn in the eyes of his world
That stayed away from him like a real foe
And rejecting him with no-with no remorse

Once he used to be someone…
A notable and strong man
Offering everything around him
Acceptable and popular
Now totally deserted
Having no sky above…

Life’s irony personalized
His God betrayed his ambitions and desires
He lived in luxury; you still can see the love in eyes
But now he only tries to hide his tears

[Repeat chorus]

A notable and strong man
Offering everything around him
Always acceptable and popular
Now totally deserted
With No Sky…Above…

7. Eidolon

…Strongest sons…
Of his father strongest sons
Very few like him; his only peer his brothers
Sent out by Him to conquer the stars
With his mighty legion he sets his goals

…Striving for fullness
…Always nothing else
…His army now comes-comes and follows suit

In his mighty ship an army aside of his
Artist from across the universe
All document his feats

With sculpture and quill
Music and paint
They are here to immortalize perfection

Eidolon! Your legion here for you!
A perfect Persona idolized!
Eidolon! Perfection is our guide!
Follow in your footsteps- perfection is achieved!

After all this time
And from within countless battles
Vision of true goal twisted
Corrupted from inside
And from his favorite brother

With blade of malice in his hand
Sets out to destroy

The Father that has so loved him
Of his legion some try to fight the corruption
Most die, few succeed but alas
His sons will follow
Through corruption, misconception, Heresy!

All Follow!

Eidolon! Your legion here for you!
A perfect Persona idolized!
Eidolon! Perfection is our guide!
Follow in your footsteps- perfection is achieved!

8. Odious Maggots

A strong dose of venom running in your veins
That’s my naked truth I offer to you
“Human” was your naming but this was just a lie
Now you’re my cruelest nightmare’s deed.

7 bullets-it’s all over!

Odious Maggots-My truth inside your flesh
Odious Maggots-Always crawling in my remains

Corruption, decay, unfairness
Everything I saw you to create
Maybe sometime I could be more generous with you
But “No” you don’t deserve to die as angels!

Strong pleasure – My hate for you is true!

[Repeat chorus]

Odious Maggots-My truth inside your flesh
Odious Maggots-your breath-a pure mess on my face
“Human”-a big lie – you don’t deserve to hold
Odious Maggots-Always crawling in my remains

9. Dying Alone

We are born into this world
Covered in blood, kicking and screaming
With a lonely path ahead of us
We march on the road of inevitability

All so very different…
Like snowflakes on the mountain tops…

Striving to find someone
We act like just been born
We bleed, we kick, we scream, we fight
We die…

Always cherish the ones around you
Friendship taken in strides these days
Appreciate the ones who understand you
Because in the end this is all that matters

Dying Alone
A perfect life-circle that never ends…
A flight to the unknown
Accepting fate that always leads
To Eternity’s Highway…

Relationships are all but easy
Some claim they are facile
But you know better than to falter
Its not all just bread and butter

No matter how you see it
Social being we all are
Keep your loved ones with you
Cause truth lies at the end…

We bleed…We Kick…
We scream…We fight…
And die alone

Relationships are all but easy- Some claim they are facile
No matter how you see it- Keep your loved ones with you
We die alone…

10. Sole Truth


Savvas Betinis ‒ Bass, Vocals
Kostas Alexakis ‒ Drums
Kostas Karavelas ‒ Guitars
Dennis Kostopoulos ‒ Guitars

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