Dark Lyrics


1. Presentiment


2. Beneath Your Dignity

Suffring slowly
silent fiend of death
murdering in rates
deep cut in your life

Fearful living
your door must be closed
uncontrolled madness
drugs infinitely

Lost roots to kill lost roots
beneath your dignity

Society and joy
that is what you need
all what you get
is compassion without use

Morbid condition
boredom makes you sick
the only one desire
is death with dignity

Fade away your misery
no drugs and no insanity
death is no release for you
back to life because you're here

Fade away your misery
no boring games senselessly
only give what lost roots need
helping hands for liberty

3. Torn To Pieces

Every second I hate the sorrow
here today and gone tomorrow
burning horizon lights up the sky
thousand of impacts interrupt the cry

Bomb release
hail of death
we are beneath
torn to pieces

Martial rage is going on
armament predominates
history never makes a turn
the endless fuze is still burn

There is something in the air
the silence before the storm
its so peaceful who am I
in the center of the blast

Threat threat of war
hail hail of death blow to pieces
clockwork clockwork bomb

4. Desolate Shape

Spend my time alone
far away from insults
no changes in sight
detractor shut your mouth

No one knows me inside
I'm feeling buried alive
appearance unsuccessful
detractor shut your mouth

Desolate shape incomprehension
desolate shape created by exclusion

Ideal of beauty
no room for mistakes
displayed perfection
time will show revenge

Beautiful at heart
oepn minded sanity
reasoners converge
time will tell the truth

Detractor shout your mouth time will show revenge
Detractor shout your mouth time will tell the truth

Botox for bucks
callomanua sucks
timeless beauty dies
everyday reality

Detractors getting older
the whole life in one folder
no lasting memories
no eternal youth

5. Escape From The Oath

Trapped from ego controlled by inner voice
oney the command incredible as it sounds
lost of reality delusions and decay
wait for recovery but the time slips away

Down below
drown into daze
the light shines blurred by the surface
escape from the oath

Buroed and forgotten retraction from contact
follow the conspiracy of the inner self
fellow of disorder isolated in oblivion
forsaken from the outside imprisoned in the inside

Cut the chrysalis and fly
narcosis curse have to die
swim against the undertow
break the silent flow

comes out of coma memorys coming back
hit and run causer of the crash
swear of death to do that never again
the oath and the curse will watch your live till the end

6. Dependent Domination

Independent way
never felt betray
everyone believed
to be free from all commitments

Welcome to the real might
blind man can not see the light
no black without brightly white
dependent domination

Nothing gives eternal thrill
never endless overkill
but the time is standing still
dependent domination

Everyone needs air
success doesn't care
you are a part of the whole
a piece with dependent soul

Price is too high to redeems
you have to live in your cage of compromise
spider in your net
hunter and victim
demon in chains

7. Mastering Punishment

Bonded by home
scared and alone
mind is confused
betrayed and abused

Fellow believer parish deceiver
respect destroyed torture enjoyed

Mastering punishment
sacrifice through the lies
mastering punishment
sacrifice till the end

Hypocrite of pain
jealous and insane
get what you deserve
die with shame

Lies and pain
slave to train
last farewell
rot in hell

Punish your master
state of master is a fault
we are all the same
but not in tyrants game

8. Death To The Traitor

Killing distrust false accusation
betrayal of secrets breaking the silence
storys mutates whisper down the lane
facts not clear but the black sheep will be found

Endless distrust
spiral of injust
rumors in circulation
the crowd decides condemnation die traitor die

Judas system see everywhere a fiend
walls and frontiers poison mind protection
acute observers with corroded senses
blinded by orders set up defences

Bad conscience through unexact statements
save your own ass and cheat the gallows
live with lies but the day will come
that others put the blame on you

9. As You Bleed

Trust is broken
statement lie
no self accusation
clean your conscience

As you bleed
fronts were clear
tragic fate
you lay there

Turn the facts
in direction do you need
true punishment
no one will believe you

Confess your guilt
correct your fault
progress your truth
in trust till death

10. The Cause Of All Evil

The curse the stream of now
is more and more and more
no regret inhibition or doubt
cash for corpse allowed

Weapons no bread
forests to wood
nuclear disaster

News full of shit
produced by ourselves
suicide in rates
welcome to hell

The cause of all evil
drown or die
the cause of all evil
suffocate or cry

Poverty and wealth
obesity and hunger
modesty and greed
martially and sacrificed

Imprisoned contrasts
frozen fronts
thank you nature for
the created sexual aggression

11. Behold & Beware

Corrosive love poisoned clarity
impact of lost power deprivation of hate
sirens in silence waiting for their entry
no fear no victim no fertile soil of evil

Show your pride you decide
no damage no fight never again

Behold beware
resist control

Major of death wants to start again
persistant warfare concept of enemy
return of history blood and tears again
warriors passion destructive insane terror

Never fight again

by hail of bombs
senseless action
cemetary crows

by defeat
decision play
is not what we need

Frank Kimpel ‒ Bass
Olli Fechner ‒ Drums
Frank Thoms ‒ Vocals (lead), Guitars (rhythm)
Uwe Schmidt ‒ Guitars (lead)

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