Dark Lyrics


1. I'm Sick

You watch in agony
Spikes through your hands
Nailed to the wall
You can't believe your eyes
As I mutilate the corpus before you,the intense gaze in my eyes
I love your screams
I can't help but kuckle
I slice the skin off it's face
And taste its bounty
Licking down it's torso
And tasting it's cunt,now you know fear
I get so excited
I masterbate over the corpus
Disgusted you cry in fear
With knife in hand
I cut the flesh
Hacking and tearing
Through the neck
The head is free
Don't worry it is your turn now
Your death will be something new
With the corpus's hair
Clench in my grip
I beat the side of your head in
The sound of collating skulls is so exquisite
Blood pours from your mouth
I caress the caved in side of your face
And kiss your bloody lips.

2. A Slow Funeral For A Lifetime Of Suffering

Waking in pain everyday
Nothing of your former self
Brittle and weak
You pray for an end
To the year and years of suffering
Finally the pain is at an end
Its time to die
Lay down in the dirt forever
You've dreamed of this your whole life
It is what you've always wanted
To be a corpus in a hole
Your own dark hole
You wanted silence
Now you have it
The earth is warm and welcoming
It spreads it's legsfor you
Insert yourself into the grave
Its wet underground
You don't need to scream anymore
Everyone is glad that you are dead
You where a fucking loser
And now you are dead
Rot my friend forever
Rot forever.

3. Normal

You say you want me to feel your inside
I want to but not the way you think
Enjoying wet kinky things
My psyche begins to sink. wanting more and more exquisite tastes
Depravity for depravity sake. mind alive with thoughts of red
Tired of hiding and being fake
Urges become more intense
I need to get my release
Just one time will safice
Troolint for my next feast
Young fresh nebile sights
Filling my veins with pressure my
My mind fills with raging violence
My disease has no cure
Younger the better
Not stricken with filth
Supple creamy thighs
Not much longer on earth
Leave you won't fucking leave
I'll smash your fucking face in
You piece of shit
Your mommy can't help you now
Fuck I did it again
What the fuck is wrong with me. why can't I be normal.

4. Skinning The Face For Relief

I can't stop this obsession
My skin will be set free
Skin the face for relief
Skin the face anxiety calms
I don't need to see my shrink
An iron is not just for clothes anymore
Cartarize the blood vessels
All the glorious pain pain pain
Skin the face
For relief
Skin the face
For relief
Skin the face
For relief skin the face
For relief
The pain is so horendous
Nerve endings
Fully exposed
Look at my beauty
A skinless Adonis
Skull and cartiage
Sticky and moist,the pain subsides and so does the enjoyment
Skin the face
For relief
Skin the face
For relief
Skin the face
For relief
Skin the face
For relief

5. Wallowing In Filth

Cunting around
Disgusting fucking vile
Rank dirty whore
Toothless ficking smile,crack addicted
Do anything for a fucking fix,lack of dignity
One day fifty fucking dicks
You are filth
Unwed mother
Dead beat father
Welfare case
Your mouth is a fucking toilet
Accept accept me
I'm a filthy fucking cunt
Filthy fucking cunt
Filth fucking cunt
Body of disease
Drain on society
Abortion after abortion
Waste of fucking space
Fucking die
Accept accept me
I am a filthy fucking cunt
Fucking cunt
I am filth
Filthy fucking cunt
Your unfortunatiness is your unfortunatiness
Your sight rapes my eyes
You should be quantined
Stand up on your own
Take are of you self
I am not here to support you
Fuck you and your failings
Your weakness makes me sick
Accept me.

6. Tolerance

You bet you are a fucking whore
Riving in throbbing false emotion
Teasing and envoking blood flow
Pushing the pressure higher and higher
Verticle smile tells some
Telling of passed filth encounters
Puckering for hydration
Puckering for hydration
The eagle is sedentry
Lying like a recently coming corpus
I imagine taking part
Senses a fever hair on end
Delusions of happy times
Changing past indisgrations
Forseeing empathy
Seeing compassion
I tell you what you want
I tell you what you need
Fucking whore
I tell you fuck you bitch
Fuck you bitch.

7. Punish The Retarded

I see that smile
Special with special needs
No worries
Taken care of
Will follow I will lead
Tied down
My pilers
Tighten on enamel
Breaking teeth
Chubby fingers
Snapping bones
Retarded screams
Rusty blade
Cutting flesh
Through the knees
Lower missing limbs
Blow torch,punish the retarded for living simple lives
Rage of working
Take it out on innocence
Torturing for screams fun gory greed
Special no more
Just slabs of meat
Taking it out on innocence.

8. Bounty Of Shit

Fetish I am ashamed of
Complusion to do sick
Involved in grotesque things
That make others quake
A stench so wonderful
So unique
Solid but soft
Repulsive degrading
Shit on me
Baby make me hard
Make me want to cream
Your load of waste
Is something I want to taste
Spread those heavenly cheeks
And let it release
Flowing down on me
A heavy stream
Nice and brown
My bounty of shit
Delicious esscents,sends me into fits
Face full of shit
Clean up is a breeze
Consumption is necessary
I get on my knees
Lick up the teasure
Off the floor
Intrenched in me
Down to the pore.

9. Kill Everyone

I feel the sunshine
I feel the sun
I feel the sunshine
Kill everyone
No more
No more
Now you know
My insanity
I feel the sunshine
I feel the sun
I feel the sunshine
Kill everyone
No more feeling
No more
Can you feel me
Your fear is so delightful
Getting hard

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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