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1. The Age Of Ruin


2. Pixilated Ignorance

I am the new flesh
A distorted human being
Projections altered states within my mind
Is this a dream or another state of consciousness?
Reality of a fiction in my eyes

Violence engulfs the living dream
Reprograms me for control
Torture viewed upon the screen
Influence over us all

I am the new flesh
A distorted human being
A soldier in the battle for control
I see my new self in pixilated ignorance
An image condemned to leave me cold

Perpetuation of fraud
Indoctrination of your God

Victimize masochistic masses
Dehumanize to gain control
Fortify your stranglehold

Pacify the living torment
Genocide of the soul
Mortified you come to an end
Humankind you're bought and sold

[Repeat 1st verse]

I live confined by all that I perceive
Kill me projections of life made to deceive



3. In Service Of Time

Time moves in this vicious endless circle
Fulfilling the so called will of the divine
To enter this world alive is that same as when we die
Crawling on our knees in service of time

Chasing a dream you cannot seem to forget
Mistakes that you've made remembered in your dying breath
Time has a way of collecting its debts
Bringing us closer to death

Time adds to the weight upon heavy shoulders
With the knowledge that you will surely die


Feel the decay of your life

Cruelty is false eternity
For the ones immortal in their own minds
We're born and raised to die
There's no meaning to this life
Indebted to a God enslaved by time

Man is a servant enslaved by time
God is a servant enslaved by…

Time moves in this vicious endless circle
Fulfilling the so called will of the divine
There is no time for regret only regret with time
The fountains of your youth have run dry


4. Rapture Renowned

My lust for power is my life
I align myself with those in darkness
I do refuse to see yet no I am not blind
Now I must endure this on my own

Ambitions and cold
Now die alone

I leave the ones I loved behind
Following my wanton heart of darkness
My selfish needs the change constantly with time
And now my dreams have turned to stone

Ambitions and cold
Now die alone

My disease – mortality
Long to live in memories
Selfish needs will bring no peace
Admit fault to admit defeat

My sins are atoned
In rapture renowned
My sins are atoned
I see the world through narrow eyes
You all were fashioned in my likeness
Am I not God and has my kingdom come?
No, I must endure this on my own

Exalt me and praise my likeness
Sickening being your time will come
Cut from me this rib of darkness
Set me free to carry on


5. Our Primitive Nature


6. Perpetual Dormancy

Spiraling down into a world without a conscious
Selflessness a vision rarely seen
Crawling out of the sickness that surrounds us
Drifting from a womb of selfish greed

The righteous are long for death
Martyrs now cognizant

Filled with doubt my hatred becomes boundless
Cannot rest in dens of enemies
Let them pray for a change that they'll call progress
Renew their faith so that they may proceed

The righteous are longing for death
Martyrs now cognizant

I see the herds of passive flesh
Plunging to their untimely deaths
Our world is falling to pieces

The essence of this world is rotten
Decaying in a violent sea
Lost souls forgotten
In perpetual dormancy

I see the herds of passive flesh
Wandering from the hope they've left
Cannot forget their faces


[Repeat 1st verse]

7. Leveling The Plane Of Existence

Endless seas of spontaneous generation
Extinction in the wake of the new dawn
Erosion of our species comes now in due time
Evolution at the cost of our own blood
Writhing in misery rapture comes now to us all
Hideous violent beings your decadence has come and gone

Worthless forms of life
Caught in the path of resistance
Your old order dies
We're leveling the plane of existence

Cleansing act of insidious evolution
Malignancy expunged now from this world
A new form of life – a new era has begun
Degradation the commencement of rebirth


The waters will rise and your cities will crumble
Washed away with the tide drift off into nothing
The winter arrives and then turns to fire
No one will survive you're compost for creation


Your old order dies!

8. Manufactured Humanity

They come to steal my soul
For this shell in their control
I look into darkness that stress back at me
Trapped in this cell I long to be free

My mind tortured day and night as I choke back a cry
Condemned to observation with this cloned form of life
Baring my resemblance I want him to die

Artificially grown
Manufactured humanity
We're genetically cloned

It's eyes now seem to look with a gaze made of stone
A morbid fascination to reap what they have sown
I murder this reflection this reflection so that I stand alone

The secrets of the soul
Unlocked as my sanity unfolds
Watch as this false form of life seems to fade
The essence of which I've learned to hate

In secrecy carried out experimentation
Horrific dream from which I cannot awaken
Heartless being soulless incarnation
Insanity – mentally deconstructed


9. My Own Savior

Oh god is this the only path for me
Or is there some choice left?
While reaching for the stars we fall into regret
In deepest times of woe our destinies are met

The pain in me has finally left
I died to pay my last respects
To the thing I was and now I must endure
I know now I was weak and suffering's the cure

I'm my own savior
God lies in me
Reborn I'm my own creator
I control my destiny…
Control my destiny…
I control my destiny

We fall then rise with this everlasting ebb and flow


10. The Sleeper Awakens

Empty as I lay here in waiting
Looking for a sign of life within this gloomy soul
Our time has expired but I will not let go
Inside of me I fight this battle alone

And the full moon will rise
On this world we've forsaken
Now that we've finally arrived
Let the sleeper awaken

Dystopia your children lay broken
Now sleep and dream through this future uncertain
Let the sun warm my face as my eyes burn with sulfur
Let me drink from your fountain just to die then of hunger


Pain leaves their eyes
Now is there hope or only a fantasy?

Feel the change now with the dawn
Wondering what's to become
Expediency of death and birth
Descending into this blackened earth
Shadows cast to obstruct our view
Concealing us from a shameful truth
Cling the rotten breast and thirst for life
Hear the weeping brood of all mankind

Pain leaves their eyes
Now is there hope or only a fantasy?

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