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1. History Of A New Hell

2. Freedom Less

Recovering the land overseas,
submitted with guns and big ships.
A continent over-ruled by assassination
A sin God's rules forbid

An inferior race is changed
Nevermore being free
Ships overflowing with slaves
Dutch crusaders rule the sea

A journey to a new world
Maltreatment and hard work is waiting
Punishment, by torture with lashes,
is what executioner is stating

There is war on the seas,
to dominate and raise the flag.
Pre-dominating other people,
who for their life must beg


Freedom less, bow for them on your knees
Sickness, domination overseas
Inferior, so worthless and abused
Freedom less, condemned to new diseases

3. Blood Collector

A statue of fear
to impress the captivated.
No sign of compassion
Now hope is slowly fading

In white-collars vogue
and with weapons to hurt.
They deliver punishment,
because the blood must squirt

Cruel techniques
used to cut off hands.
Liberty only comes,
when their life will end

Immense suffering,
is what they are waiting for.
A beating with hooks,
a nice recipe for... the blood collector

There is only one goal
That is creating a mash
By causing awful pain,
they create remainders of flesh


Bones for breakfast
Slave skins for dinner
With juicy blood for last
Burned on coal for the dinner

The flesh collector
The blood collector

4. Ships Of Enslavement

Packed up in dark sheds, with blood on their wrists
Attrition takes control

The beating of the drum, goes faster and faster
The slave traders are on patrol

At a sign of fatigue, when weakness shows itself,
they must act very hard

Beaten to the bone
The have no choice, then to obey the guard

The ships of enslavement conquer the world
and leave trails of blood behind

Without any daylight
They must row their entire lives
Until their eyes go blind

Through their feet are nails and chains around their necks
They are less than vermin

Twenty hours a day
Continuous exploitation of bodies that bear no longer skin


Ships of enslavement
Ships of enslavement
Conquer the world
Only flesh will be spend

5. A Stone For Your Skull

Polished and prepared
This stone with its sharp hooks
Especially made for your skull
Soon we will see how it looks

Beaten from above
Until the bone will crack
Explosion of the brains
Putrid remnants are left

Your skull will be bashed
Resulting in a mount of trash
Slave-brains lie on the ground
and more maltreated flesh

Your skull will be chiseled
with this special stone
A particular sound
Skull-burst is the right tone

An army of executioners,
is awaiting your death
This special piece of rock
is meant for your head


A stone for your skull
Because life is rough
A stone for your skull
A stone... made with love

6. Red Water

In a time when the oceans were ours,
the water turned into red
To create new standards,
we killed everything on ours paths

Extremely violent and armed with ships
Death gave them salvation
Preparing a deadly crusade,
to start new world domination

A deadly future
People must work till death
On their beloved ground,
they will never be fed

Corporal punishment
Blood floods everywhere
Broken bones, stab wounds and pain
Do you think they care?


Red water, the punishment you deserve
Red water, blood floods on the earth
Red water, for the dominator you have to serve
Red water, the day of your rebirth

7. Boiled By Dead Water

Boiled by dead water
Scurvy, rotten mass
Water infected by sickness
and slave body flesh

The bodies are sick,
beheaded and maimed
Purified sick bones,
now their lives are tamed

Eruption of organs
A pool of iniquity
These may be the lessons of malignancy

Malignancy, eruption of organs
Malignancy, boiled and dead
Malignancy, created by schism
Boiled by dead-water and without a head

8. Under Command

Tea, herbs and death
The worst masters, they have just met
For them they must work faster,
or their veins will be bled

Under command
They have to overload bags with content
While having a rope on their throat,
and a brand on their hand

Men with white wigs,
maim them and totally beat them with sticks
They tell the slaves to serve
and prepare a stoning with bricks


Under command, they predict a certain death
Under command, with lashes their skins will be peeled
Under command, to perdition they are led
Under command, immense pains will be revealed

9. New World Domination / The Endless Quest

Evil creatures armed with death and plagues
In a place of hate and absurd delusion
A time of evolution that makes kill-bots,
raised in chemical hazard pollution

A deadly crusade, to obey his deadly appearance
Extremely violent, armed with chemicals and radiation
Without compassion, they fight a war to win
Death gives them salvation and New World Domination

New World Domination
Forgotten... desecration
New World Domination

In a world, where darkness will be forever,
a place of frozen seas, acid-lakes and rivers of oil
Cyborg killing machines are ready to serve death
Bodies are left-over for mechanic vultures to spoil

Full of hate and afraid of what the lord demands,
they kill everything on their paths with their internal hate
Their beloved place became a dark desolated landscape
That's what the future squad has made

New World Domination
Forgotten... desecration
New World Domination

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