Dark Lyrics


1. Speed Freak

I've got worms living in my skin
Squeeze them out watch them crawl back in
I hear fleas jumping in my bed
The teeth are falling out of my head
All I own I took apart
I never finish what I start

Speed freak, addicted

Junkie whore fuck tommorrow
Ten bucks more she will swallow
Manic menstrual crankslut bitch
Zits are bigger than her tits
Breathe stinks of her rotting stomach
Triple X star on her anal fist fuck

Speed freak, addicted

I look out the window I see faces looking in
Can I believe I am seeing things can not be
Time melts whats real who's inside my mind
Without sleep dream awake open eyes are blind

Fetus formed just half a brain
Little bitty baby born insane
Pneumonia in its tiny lungs
The pain of life has just begun
Dreams of what life could of been
But mom was hooked on methamphetamine

Speed freak

2. For Those I Hate

Fuck you!!!
Fuck off two face
Fuck off snitch
Fuck off kiss ass
Fuck off bitch
Fuck off asshole
Fuck off twat
Fuck off dumbass
Fuck off and rot
Hate you
You know I really fuckin'
Hate you
You know I really fuckin'
Hate you yes I do
Fuck off
All self righteous pricks
Fuck off
Shitheads talking shit
Fuck off
Smiles with knives in hand
Fuck off
If you hate our band

3. Fuckface

My cock your mouth
Open wide stretch it out
Jaws unlock like a snake
Get over here fuckface
Take it in start to gag
Chin is slapped with my ballbag
Eyes bulge spittle flows
Pubic hairs up your nose
Gurgling for a wet surprise
Jizm lust in greedy eyes
Grab my cock with your fist
As I shower you with not cum but piss

4. Throbbing Black Werebeast

Pulsing with raw energy
Mind or fire and flesh mutating
Call me what you want
But I'll give you my disease
Vomit breathed bastard
Tainted train of bundled busted nerves
Survive your stabbings
And howl at your blood
Shredded head speaks not
Bristled quills drip with clot
Lunar mind spits dead souls
Spirit filled with black holes

5. Leave The Skin

Blistered popping zit-like volcanos
Erupt from poreafaces
Tearing from reality
Fleashy chain and stake explosion
Blood flies free
Gunky substance saturates
Mindmelt countdown brainblister
Pus seeps
Outwar blast of blue
Thoughts creep
Eyes bulge on implosion
Skeletal trash left behind
Leave the skin, leave the mind

6. Wriggling Torsos

Thrown into a vat of freaks
Bundles of flesh with no arms or legs
Sweating aroused and ready to cum
They writhe on you and bust their eggs
Licking your body gyrating nubs
Pit of torsos with heads in lust
Wriggling writhing orgy of flesh
Against your face their groins they thrust

7. Fucking Hell

It's fucking hell everyday
I don't know why but I must pay
Everybody's feeling great
This fucking hell I just can't take
Fucking hell I can't be free - they're after me
Fucking hell my best friend died
My girlfriend lied
Fucking hell
Everyday still the same
Always trying to twist my brain
Makes me wanna kill
And kill and kill and kill and kill and kill - you
And your little dog too
It's fucking hell

I just wake up that's all I do
And all I hear is "Hey, fuck you!"
Feebleminded worthless fucks
Wonder why my whole life sucks
Fucking hell working late
Live in debt a rotting fate
Fucking hell

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