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1. Reaction

Today will not leave me in ruins from here on out,
I'll stand my ground for what it's worth I'm all that I have and I know that I've let this go way too far this time so bury it all so deep inside and make sure it won't stop my heart I will fight this war on my own terms so when you're down what will be your reaction?
For the life of me,
I will prove to myself that I'm so much more than you say I can't see the light at the end of the line that's why I keep going I won't go falling apart so when it all comes down what will be your reaction the daybreak of tomorrow gives me another chance I know the hour glass is running empty the daybreak of tomorrow gives me another chance cause I will take control and I will make it out alive right now,
I will take the first step and start changing my life

2. Deceiver Within

I am nothing more than a ghost in your eyes and when I spoke of potential those were the last words I wish I could stop from choking an for once let the truth show I have counted the days while you counted all my faults I want to let me honesty set me free from these shackles Ive watched my leaders go from allies to enemies from the point of loyalty to the point of breaking I'll never understand why I'll never understand how keep up your front but all the while you shake me to splinters hours stolen from me I now see the deceiver within so now I keep my head through a heavy heart as of right now this place is a graveyard I'll pass through the misery I'll keep on despite the stares from vultures I will rip out the claws from my own back if this is what I have to do,
So be it in the end,
it's all about standing up for myself seperate me in the form of flying setting myself aside making promises that will remain my foundation for hereafter what lies in front of me will tell me of my fate the hour is nearing I cant deny my heart I wont fail today the endless moments of what will become of me I've known it would all come down In this moment right here but will it take a lifetime to find out if my choice is right I will not turn back,
There will be no regret

3. What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse

As we hang here by a thread and as the morning light pours in I can only hope for a chance to repay everything through the hardest times to date it's so rare to find one thing that will see me through from the darkest hell to the brightest heavens say what you will my hope has been restored say what you will I have redemption in my grasp say what you will I know that I can still move on say what you will but this stays with me for a lifetime When I've come down to the end of my rope and I cant see the end it's good to know that I can count on you for all the times that I have almost faded away you could have easily turned and left mark my words I will be standing by your side why would you follow me to the point of no return I guess that's what I get for putting my faith in you I get friendships that last as long as time allows for now there is a reason to hold on

4. Miles Apart

You can't see the distance you created has torn us up it's so hard to take and you can't see as the days go on time will be your arsonist time will be your eulogy so what went wrong through everything words went unheard did we fall apart?
Or was it out of sight,
Out of mind I wish I knew how we fell away so fast I know the reasons are few an far between as far as you an me goes it has lost all meaning and value I must move on I cannot give you all of me now because you decided to walk away I must move on and I can't let this happen to me again and for the sake of myself letting go while I watched you fade into thin air I disapprove because of all the heart I invested I seem to play a smaller role now and that's what happens when the days pass so I keep looking forward and keep my eyes on the horizon consider this my farewell note a reminder of yesterday I'm cutting myself loose I'm letting go and this has to stop so reflect back on the past I know this has to be the last time that I resurrect this part of my life for now I'll close this chapter for now,
I'll set myself free and prepare for your reasons the reasons why you turned your back on me I'm cutting myself loose I'm letting go

5. Inperspective


6. In Designing A Requiem

When everything came crashing down the emptiness tore me up from the inside out the silence broke me down to nothing through the ashes of this year I saw you buried and laid to rest It was so hard to hold back all my tears I never thought I'd see the day that I would have to mourn a fallen friend so I stand in disbelief,
Unwilling to accept I try to understand how a world consumed by darkness it's a tragedy that it lost one of it's brightest lights in a time when things fall apart so quick I still hold on to the pieces and keep you alive This requiem is all I haveto show that you are in my heart to show that you are still with me in a time when things fall apart so quick and mourning became a constant it's up to me to make sure that you arent' forgotten from this day forward I will not relive the days of grieving release your ghost and let it finally rest your imprint still stays with me I held on to your words they were a guide when the storm was right on top of me the days behind me are broken your spirit still lives on inside through it all I will remember I will remember you I will carry on for you

7. When Screams Go Silent

Sunlight stops the nightmare so it starts again I breakdown by myself your footsteps fade away you'll never know what it's like to see the world through these eyes I look up and wish you'd just fade away I reach out you watch me fall with needles that can't break the skin with words that won't hit their mark this whole time I believed in myself while you were full of doubt you'll never see the world through these eyes I reach out you watch me fall now that it's all clear the very presence of you make me nauseous you decay everything you touch when I leave this place I'll be the stronger one you'll never see the world through these eyes I'm the stronger one

8. City Of Locust

Your empty threats fell on my deaf ears long distance lies from the tongue of someone else I showed you that I can shed these scars I'll keep my head above the rising water and I'll stand tall through days and the nights I won't let these demons lead me down the path of deception it's only words from the mouths of the weak I'll set the example,
I'll set myself apart (from you) so how does it feel?
To know that I have overcome how does it feel?
To know that I picked myself back up how far?
How far has this gone?
I'm in the shadow of something that's trying to bury me alive it seems to be all so crystal clear to everyone around me while I remain here in the dark the truth shall light my way I know at this point,
I know it's up to me to either let the undertow pull me down or cut myself free,
And fight my way out this will stop,
This will end today and it will all come back on you it's up to me

9. My Kiss Of Death

Wrap your wings around me angel I'm at a loss for words but your voice could stop my blood flow and I'm sorry for everything will your eyes pierce my skin will you see what's inside of me or the hell I've put myself through when I've bled myself dry of everything from my past let me take one last deep breath let the sunset end today please stay with me until I pass out it's my kiss of death fall into your open arms just whisper make this your first embrace to make me forget

10. Burn The Daylights Outs

I breathe again the fire within me will prove you wrong you buried me alive and left me with nothingthe venom from your tongue will not infect me and I breathe again so when the ink dries when the sun sets with all I have I'll carry on resurrection taking place shadows fading fast with absence of tears and the faith that I have in myself I will drown everything you said to me overcome the very lies that spit from your mouth I have withstood the storm that you created so while you stay heartless I burn the day lights out let the rain fall let the bridges burn after you gave up on me and everything I put my all into fell apart and slipped through my hands like sand this is the last time that I'm writing you burning the day lights out and I can see through that this won't last forever so while you stay heartless I burn the day lights out

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