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1. Intentionally Accussed

Feeling anxiety. Lost reality. Things I can't believe.
Things I've seen. Wrapped in a dream. Are not
relieved. Persecuted all my life for lies I haven't
done. A fugitive on the run. What did I do wrong?
Searching for evidence to clear my name. Piecing
together the truth day by day. Closing in fast. Got to
move. I cannot stop. My frustrations are burning
inside. The expressions I can no longer hide. A
challenging quest for freedom must not waste anymore
time. The past and present is my future. All
accusations are false. Father, I pray for my sake.
Help me before I'm caught. Intentionally accused.
Intentionally accused. Living in total secrecy.
Changing my name constantly. Hiding my images in
disguises. Going from city to city. Within nobody's
reaches. A total stranger in the crowd. It's up to me
to be free. Can't go on living this way. Intentionally
accused. Intentionally accused.

2. Corruption Morality

Believing, holding faith in others hands. Some things
you can't understand. Doing stuff that someone says.
It seems you cannot stop. Can't get enough. Mislead,
false belief. Not understanding your own grief.
Compromise, you've only seen true lies. A controlled
existence within the mind. Corrupting morality of the
heartless torn apart, the will is weak only the strong
survive. All is wrong, can't comprehend. Don't know
what is real. Bodies are numb they cannot feel.
Manipulation of a population is so unreal, so unreal.
Mortal hell. Your feeling anxiety. Confusion. Emotions
of a madman nervous breakdown. Shreds of insanity.
What I've done I was compelled to do. Echoes of cries.
The screaming will soon be dead. Speaker of lies,
bringer of true darkness. The forever people shall
drink of bitter waters. Swarming like locust from
darkened skies Plaguing civilization. Burning whispers
of the four winds. Vivid imagination. Only sees what
is foretold. Forced repression. Humans have altered
their sanity. Subversive ideas they have

3. Calls From Beyond

Cold winds from the north seem strange in this time of
year. Electrical storm out of the skies, an enchanting
force is about to appear. All is wrong. This is
unexplainable. They're drawing me. My destiny is
unknown. They speak to me. Voices of many waters.
Drowning me under a pool of bitter sorrow. Portals.
The many doorways of time. Urging me closer to walk
through. Entranced by visions of light. Try to come
back through. The electro-rays of time. An answered is
revealed to my mind. In this place. I'm destined to
die. On my knees begging and pleading. Please let me
go. Somewhere that I can be free. They speak to me in
a convincing way. Liars to a fool. I must obey them.
Calls from beyond. Chantings of deceitful ones.
Witness to see who will be next. Calls from beyond.
Growing closer to your death. Only the fool will take
his last breath.

4. Lost

Falling deeper into a subconscious state. Of a
distorted. Weak from of mind. Blackened in the
spiritual way. Into glory ride. The other side.
Running along beside. Entities guiding me through the
light. What I see. So real. Memories of a past before
me. Unspeakable horrors of life relentlessly. Always
never ending. Mystical. Pathological tempt.
Uncertainty of what is beyond. Voices of the elders.
Echoes in my head. My hands in their hands. A bond.
Commitment. Lost-senseless. Useless. Holding onto a
life that is no more. Bondage. Enslavement. My ways
are of the ancient ones.

5. The Ecstasy Of Sufferance

After the war I come. The new king of this kingdom. A
new beginning has begun. The time is now for everyone.
I practice an art called pain. Feel my wrath and see
the flame. You live for my lies. A starving multitude
is sure to cry. Watching children walk away. Carrying
the dead of their parents. They'll praise me in my
name. And be stunned for my visual conquest. I am the
darkness you fear inside. If you betray me you'll
surely die. I'll build my fortress upon your crushed
bodies---bound by chains of bitter bondage. Feel my
punishment and taste my sweet pain. Your eyes will
bleed at my sight. Your lips will parch from my touch.
And from your carcass the carrion will feast, and the
ecstasy of your sufferance. Will bring me great
pleasure. The time is now for you to die. And witness
the punishment. After the holocaust I come. A ruler of
this new nation. The tides of time have turned.
Abolished a thing called freedom. In a handful of
dust. You'll see the future is of misery. In the grip
of madness. The death of millions for my fame.

6. Abominant

Odious in the utmost degree. Yours are the eyes of
horror. Hideous creature from the abyss. Body of open
wounds. Maggots infest. What is this? It cannot be.
Monstrosity. Emerging from beyond this reality.
Metamorphosis of a monster that I set free. Of a thing
that cannot be named. Blasphemy. Unspeakable horrors
that come forth. Into this world. I summoned it from
deep within the book. Necronomicon! Gone beyond, which
that is wrong. Normal mortality to damnation. To what
my mind cannot perceive. And now madness takes over.
Instigate to terrify. My unwanted retributes me. To
confront the carrion demon. Horror. It sickens. Fear
its feat. A beast unleashed. Closed in all around.
Haunted by the sound. Sickening demon. Perverse. So
unclear. Tentacles. Arm like. Slap in disarray.
Malevolent mutant. Obscure shadows it portrays.
Spoken. The predictive words. Clearly out loud. Before
madness overwhelms my mind. Cry it screams out in an
ancient voice. Time and space. Enters into a vacuum
hole what is this. It cannot be. Monstrosity. Emerging
from beyond. Heavy metamorphosis of a monster that I
set free. Of a thing that cannot be named. Blasphemy!

7. Child Of The Sky

Rain falls from heaven above. What you see. Nothing
can save you. Mother nature is violently disturbed.
When lightening cracks the sky. Sirens scream in the
night. Could this be a dream? Panic spreads throughout
the night. Compelled by fear as the void draws near.
Winds collide. Listening to the broadcast. Warning to
take cover. Sought out b an unstoppable force. Such a
sound of a thousand chariots. What a loss. It is the
cost. The dead are so many. Miles and miles of
devastation. Fire burns deep with the twilight.
Cataclysmic whirlwinds. Breath of god. You're going to
die. Thunder shakes the ground. It leaves you
trembling in fear. Onward this child of the sky.
Destruction is all that's left behind. Devastated.
Lightning turns the night to day. Structures are blown
away. Unexpected and a disastrous surprise. Devastated
by this child of the sky.

8. Age Of Chaos

Times have changed in this once precious land. Beast
of burden is what's become of fellow man. And women
weep as their children are dying. Vanquished in a time
without prayer. Burn. Death. Kill. And destroy. In any
race. Watch them die. Murder. Rape. Cheating and
stealing. This is the only way to survive. A new line
of judgment is needed. For a new world order. Who will
pay the price to see? The new law goes through.
Chaotic as the world might seem. In one persons point
of view. In others eye's its a way of life. And it was
always meant to be. To bring forth solutions of world.
But times are out of line. As they pray to god for an
answer. Peace. Looters run wild in the streets of the
night. Lawless world of pain. Fear. Dying. Dark places
of filthy swine. Murderers. Reign of lunacy will last

9. Unspeakable Horrors

How far can you go? Living the way you do? Painful as
it seems. We're lost writhing our own world. Costly is
a life. What is the price of a million dead? Worthless
are you are. A pain we must suffer. False are your
words. The truth must be surfaced. The deceitful
piper. As mice we shall follow. Profound lost soul.
Doomed for all eternity. Preacher of tomorrow. You'll
burn for you lies. Cold is the evening. As I lay naked
in the dark. Listening to the sounds of the creatures
of the night. I wonder if they will even know what
I've done. The tragedy of the souls who suffered. And
of life. They all fell victim to the knife.
Disfigured. Mangled beyond recognition. Only I
determine the fate of another life. Running free.
Enjoying my killing spree. Impersonate someone who
they trust. Emerging from the dead. I have lust.
Acquitted. There's no court that can stop me. The pain
that I saw in their face as they died. Moves me.
Floating in a river so cold. The final resting places
where my victims go. Mourning families will not know.
That loved ones feel to a merciless death. My tactics
are insane. My blade cuts deep into the softest flesh.

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