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1. Dawn Of Despair

Sent by the gods to show power.
Scorched is the land, creation we will devour.
Fallen dominion shows blood of tears Look into their
eyes, they show fear.
Plunge my sword deep within their hearts.
Grace my steel with their blood.
Hatred and anger runs deep in my heart.
Wanting to be at peace, I miss the feelings.
Of happiness I once knew.
As far as I can see, a dream that's beyond my reality.

Watching the ever changing portals of life .
As we rage on and conquer Ungodly is our crusade,
death shall rise.
A feeling like no other, drifting through time.
Being free from all.
Triumph over those who have fled.
Left to die in the land of the dead.
Impale our swords within their hearts.
To tear and rip their soul apart.
The wind carry's the sent of the dead.
Can you see the blood of those who have fallen. The
one forgotten is left and forever rotten.
Only I remain.
The power I hold is thy hate.
And to banish the ones who deny.

2. Treasures Of Darkness

One step beyond Running straightforward into nocturnal
silence The quest for eternal nightmare Full embrace,
the darkness lifts you Fire that burns the light Eager
to touch the flickering flame What you seek it's
within you The tasteless sin of the unforgiven To
taste the pleasures of the night Leave us with our
sins With our sins we hold them with grace On a
pedestal of power We have learned to embrace Coming
forth roaring from the darkest places A day with out
light, familiar masses mutilated with out faces The
weak a great feast, an ungodly prophecy Destroying and
devastating the pathetic majority The weak abandon and
crushed utterly Nothing more they hold, nothing more
they can embrace For all is gone Nothing to salvage,
only life I have slayed A price they pay Confrontation
and mass desecration Prophetic obliteration, key of
devastation The treasure of lies, a gift of evil And
such a prize I am awarded In thy arms I embrace the
heartless A cause for celebration The old are left to
die The cancellation, the end of life In the eyes of
lifeless wanders, I see eternity For this is the
treasures of darkness The gift within us all.

3. On Death's Wings

Sorrow is depression and despair A time of life that
no one cares Inducing chemicals of pain driven fate To
suffer at a moderate rate And to go beyond To face
your shame of personal disbelief And a life in hell is
in rage And the anguish of hate remains To self
indulge in pain, a weakness I'll remain Feelings
becoming numb In the face of the lost the doors are
closed shut For no one remains, only to suffer in
haste A life of loneliness and dismay Time of anger
and hate A place that no one should witness A void of
eternal fate The darker, the stronger will fall A cry
for help, no one hears, my words are silent Slipping
into the unreal Fading away into the dark deep abyss
Fallen angels guide my way to oblivion The dark has
become my soul A reaper of pain for my weakness The
shadows of life left behind Drifting away, falling
deeper as I run Altered feelings of blindness To walk
the road, the twisted trail of madness On the left
hand path of despair To turn aside pages of past life
What has been written, is set, destiny To live is to
die, the end of former life At destinies end, to say
the last goodbye

4. Pinnacle Of Hate

In life we give not To the ones who are in denial The
right to go their own way And to do what they please
The struggle of our true emotions Passive is the one
who will fall down and cower And for the pain is so
tasteless It amuses me to see the sweet agony As the
power engulfs the one who falls As I turn away leaving
death behind me I walk this road alone, a path of
destruction A path that all shall fall My hate grows
stronger with every step that I take There's no end
for taking life It's the way I feel enraged Shadow
cast that turns to black Hardens a heart to stone
Merciless your prayers are useless As I cut you to the
bone The crying, watch your children walk down the
tail to dying Dreams are lost and all life is left
shattered The dying are the one's who are left and
forgotten No one stands, no answers left to the riddle
of death I am the eternal anger that is feared I am
the well spring from which it flows The one who has
brought eternal nightmare The one who has opened
death's door My soul is the pinnacle of hate and
desire Feeding from pain and power

5. The Fallen

I'll take all that you have Take what, what I need My
soul is parched with all grief Bitterness and sadness
is what I feed Those that don't know my shadow My
shadow, what it cast Darkness and beseech I plead in
silence, cry to the world Like a fallen angel I look
back to heaven Where's my salvation gone Wipe these
tears from my soul Gaze into the pool and looks back
at me with Crimson tears Eyes look into a world of
dead emotion Shattered my wings, no more tales to tell
Forget my lies, after all my world is hell Temptation
to fall is the unbeliever Painting a picture is a soul
of black Life fallen to ruin and shame Fallen forever
in this dark depth of empathy Wade in cold still water
of silence Ripple of water away is my past Quiet in
the world and beyond My hands hold the tears of sorrow
I lift my head and cry out into the silence I have
fallen, fallen into the halls of eternity The lost one
of serenity Slipping away, leave this world behind The
rapture of life, death collides Fading farther into
the other world Open my eyes, awake in the afterlife
Shadows reap sweet sorrow To reach my last fantasy May
I find what I seek in death May I find the answer in
death to forget my past Or have I lost my way for
eternity The fallen

6. The Dark Mystery

In the night the light burns away Dissipating into
shadows In the black hearts that bleeds pure death An
empty shell remains For the last rites of sorrow Eyes
reap of tears A conquest full of questions The answer
lies in wake A figure of black stands before me Eyes
of others watching me For which I face is the unknown
A darker side of my own And the screams of horrific
voices Fills o soul full of fear Is this a dream or
just reality For no one can explain A dark mystery
Forces beyond the unknown Is it just imagination A
silhouette of night that speaks no words Face to face
I see the nothing A stone edged face that sheds a tear
For they enter my body and possessed my soul I turn my
face and look away I close my eyes, I dwell in fear As
I look again the nothing is no more Was it a dream or
true reality Till another night they return again The
endless shadows of evil There's no god that can help
me For I am doomed within my own cell The dark mystery

7. Beyond Spectral Plains

For a while I been hearing, the screams of agony Like
so many people dying For my eyes have seen the worst
in this life, and beyond... The visions of horror from
beyond spectral plains Like a noble warrior I must go
to the outer realms The center of hell There I must
face the unknown master of benevolence In battle... At
the gates I face a path of darkness A trail I must
walk alone A shield I carry, and sword in hand Faith
is my courage, is all I carry in this waste land A
task of bravery, I will prevail I wipe the sweat from
my eyes, the visions of horror A silhouette of demons
Swift as the wind they attack, the battle of destiny
begins The blood and valor is beyond spectral plains I
swing my sword up high, the sounds of steel collide
Hand to hand we fight on, until the very last they
will fall The sounds of the dying, screaming in their
blood Onward I keep marching, for victory is in my
wake Surrounded by darkness and dismay For what lies
before me is the land of death I carry on alone into

8. Re-Animation

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