Dark Lyrics


1. Prelude: Obliteration


2. Correct Me If I'm Wrong

Polluting the earth with
What no one believes.
Correct me if I'm wrong,
But this life is ending.
After you ignore me
And tell all of your friends,
You put yourself
In this hole
For suffocation.
Correct me if I'm wrong.
Soon enough your fate will come.
As God leaves the room,
My voice falls silent as you meet your doom.
I will watch you suffer...
Correct me if I'm wrong. [x2]

3. Pick Your Poison

It's time to end it all. [x2]
So many forms of death to choose from,
Which one will create impact?
My demise will cause riots.
As you fall to your knees.
As I die chaos surrounds you.
Prepare for a full on stampede,
On your face.
Get the fuck up!
No one said that you could quit this easily. [x4]
Pick your poison. [x4]

4. Flesh Art

I am God.
Apocalyptic markings engraved on your skin,
Is this a sign we have all been looking for?
Now I know the future. [x2]
He was chosen, [x2]
We don't know why. [x2]
For us all? [x2]
Save us...
Wings project from his back, [x2]
As he touches the earth. [x2]
Gravity releases me as I am sent to Heaven. [x2]
As I reach up to the light I am sent to Hell. [x2]
Sent to Hell...

5. Three Ways To End The Earth

666, [x2]
Three ways to end the earth. [x2]
Leadership comes to an end,
As we fight for ourselves.
Our race will conquer all! [x2]
Pick your destiny and side with us, [x2]
A better realm awaits you. [x2]
Parricide. [x2]
No one left. [x2]
Who can I trust in the end?
Kill everything in site,
For him.
Prove your worthiness and,
Complete your task.
Make our mark and leave them blind, [x2]
For we are the true kind. [x2]

6. Infernal Imprisonment

I sit back waiting for my plan to unfold.
This so called world will be defenseless.
Be afraid of your own existence.
Disposing of the hated race ,
My plan is almost composed.
Blindness lifted in time,
Ensue chaos now...
You mother fucking bitch,
I told you that I would
Extinguish every life on this earth.
My new race is the definition of life.
You play by our rules now..
Now you see.. [x2]
Why I fucking hate this world. [x2]
Prophecy. [x2]
Feeding you lies. [x2]
For the end of time...

7. Secondhand Plague


8. 2012

The aftermath.
Around the world we all go,
To see the earth's seven wonders.
We all told you this would happen..
After the ball dropped,
We all stood in awe.
And as I stand alone,
I see a new future.
Fires, Chaos, Panic, Traitor, Disarray,
My house, your house, who cares,
We're all screwed in the fucking end.
The aftermath of it all.
Around the world we all go..
We were all put here for a reason.
Doomed was our fate from the very beginning,
Nothing more nothing less.

9. Desistance

Ceasing to exist,
The world reverts to chaos.
Eternally dark from this point on.
This is a morbid era.
Promising your demise.
Say your prayers, [x2]
No one cares. [x2]
A glimpse of light appears,
Releasing sub conscious fears.
Devastation though out the nation,
No one will survive this apocalypse.
One nation under God has now become true,
For tomorrow we all reside in Hell.
A glimpse of light appears only to fade away.
Culmination of this race cast down to a higher place.
Say your prayers,
Cause no one cares...

10. Avoiding The Pendulum

Run for your life as fast as you can,
It's a fucking pandemic.
There's no place to hide everyone,
Is Infected...
This is God's own image of Hell.
Give me your hand and I will show you my plan. [x2]
The day that you witnessed demons walk the earth.
You have seen nothing yet rest assure you won't forget.
There's no place to hide everyone,
Is infected.
This is God's own image of Hell.
Christian blood shall cleanse my hands, [x2]
Granting me the right of passage. [x2]
Now that I'm free of this form,
I kill all,
I unleash Hell...
Now that I'm free of this form..
I kill...
Everything and anything that breathes or moves.
The fucking future is so clear to me.

11. Panacea

This fucking idea is full of corruption..
Do you truly think that this could ever work?
Unfold your fucking mind,
The answer lies inside you.
You will never find a cure for everything!
The answer is to kill humanity.
You think that science will solve it all?
You are mistaken..
We will fucking fall.
We will fall...
Pass on the word to God, [x2]
This is the day the world ends. [x2]
Now the veil has been lifted, [x2]
Do you believe us now? [x2]
You thought that you knew,
But there is no
This is a man-made apocalypse...

Nevin ‒ Bass
Joe Kunze ‒ Drums
Brian ‒ Guitars
Ricky ‒ Guitars
Brandon ‒ Vocals

Thanks to hefbe666 for sending these lyrics.

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