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1. Soundtrack For A Dead End

Through fields of light
Endless alleys and planets in sight
With no directions no sounds
Replicas of whatever we've seen

No skies no dawns only neon nights
The burning sun of a brand new day
It's cold like ice it's electric blue
Shines in a sterile place

Choice's of glass
Supernatural forces I bless
I can forget my own name
It is just like a trace in the sand

The highest form of intelligence
Covers the distance of Light years
Hidden from all eyes sets the lines
And plays the soundtrack for a dead end

Is this the landscape for a place to hide?

Traces and memories from a distant sleepless night
Only remains the black ink and a glimpse of clarity
When daylight fades and all seems so real
It's like it's never belonged to me this ancient remote symphony

2. Link Of The Chain

The sound of flowing waters
Will wash away my impure thoughts
Paintings of saints are burning
A thousand times I join my hands

Evil forces outside
The holy prophecy
But I've broken all my promises
I've found the inner me
Process of annihilation
Another human being
Reborn in the regression
For a newer purity

Burning will of skin
Crawling ecstasy
Libido possession
Sane morbidity
Flesh to satisfy my hunger
Eager for sin

So I deny the rules
I forget all your prayers
I've worshipped all the things that today I reject
Following my own path
Raising my soul and feeding my anger

No more!
Grain of sand
No more!
Link of the chain

3. Nel Nome Del Padre

La visione:un trionfo di corpi
Tormentati da livide fantasie
Tutto li, senza un senso preciso
Solo in nome del nero piu nero

Tra strumenti di tortura
Rituali di millenni
Solo segni, convenzioni inviolabili
Di misure, di disegni
Di costanti universali
Una porta, solo un varco
Una chiave

Messa in scena terminale di nuovi atti di dolore
Nuovi idoli le icone
Grida laceranti
Invocano il Signore
Implorano pieta per l'immondo sacrificio

Era solo un ammasso di corpi
Freddi, gelidi, lordi di sangue
Luce fu, la parola ora e verbo
L'ecatombe nel nome del padre

4. What I'll Never See

The circle is complete
The serpent bites its tail
Fluid images of infinity
Unknown words without a sound
My eyes,they seem to see
Their chests bleeding, their screams
Fragments of eternity
Once the lie, twice the alibi

Magnetization, neverending vortex
Back to the source of our disease
Whirlpool of colours, blood stained blankets
I'm just the painter of their agonies
Inside the chaos harmony
I'll learn the hidden secrets
Mine is the task to initiate
'cause I'm the chosen one
The only one

Like a photogram
A sharp image
I'm gonna show you
The step beyond this world
The no return
They all get rid of me
But I'm I the insane?
I'm the one who knows
The Everlasting one

Guilty for a crime undone
I've been left alone
Begging for the truth
Buried deep inside in all of us
Oh, please,remember my name
And don't forget my words
Oh no, please no!
I shall dance with knowledge, my bride
We'll die in our embrace
Our last embrace

Now I can close my eyes
Now I can close my eyes to die
And see what I've never seen
And see what I'll never see, never!

5. Suffer The Children

6. Multinational Corporations

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