Dark Lyrics


1. Channeling The Quintessence Of Satan

Woe is me if I am bound to flesh, the staggering will be consumed by serpents and flames

Dignified man awaken! Acknowledge His revelations!
Praise His manifestations or perish in flames

Channel the quintessence of Satan

2. Equilibrium Pass By

Obtained are now all wisdom's thrones
Once desired, splendidly clear, envisioned through my inner-eye

Extinguished equilibrium as I became immortal
No blood but time flows through my veins
Dimensions and matter, dissolved and confound

I spit forth tongues of fire, no blood to soak this battleground

Ultimate knowledge is a vast plateau, concealed for millenniums
Unknown, unseen, yet spirit longs for nourishment, for eons and still
Thus I must break the cycle of life and death and bring an end to the greatest of all sins

Dying is the sacrilige of man-divine

A new age rises to my outstreched arms, an age of uprising or eternal stagnation
No more blood and no more flesh, all in hibernation, subconscious drama
The wisdom's flame lights the labyrinthian tunnel, all glass and mirror reflecting my osseous face
Bleak are the eyes that had witnessed worlds crashing into the void

Apocalypse passes by... apocalypse passes by... equilibrium pass by

Must I settle down on this throne to close my eyes?
Is this really what I am striving for? An infinite existence without any challenge
What is the purpose of a spirit supreme when four equals one and equilibrium never ends?

The humble disciple never seeks but finds

3. Demon's Vortex

Just one more night is missing, the night that ends the endlessness
Sky's still alit by radiant stars 'til our belief's severe enough

The strings of silence - hushed
The strings of silence - smooth

Within a few hours all signs will read storm... listen!

Spirits roam and gather bodies, many-voiced the speechless arise
Cadavers once of proud existence, now chained to His storm

Chained to His storm!

The air approaches to condense, channelled, electric and charged
Oscillating in the circle's centre, coiling and circling and narrowing

The voices sound higher and higher, the light rises faster and faster
The silence is smothered by hiss, the sonics are piercing the bodies and thunder is shaking the ground
The elements are in uproar, all signs now read storm
Insignia shine dark ablaze from a violent encounter of sulphur and lead
Sparks, fire, thunder and lightning, furious tempests of the apocalypse

The world holds its breath, a moment like an eternity

An infinitely rising coil is merging with the cone
O, magical miraculous horn, stretch out into eternity

Atmosphere's resounding with claps of heavy wings
The storm of hell will never halt, driving angels and demons round its vortex
Perpetual magical battle for the glorious return of Him

4. Flesh Magic Rites

In the ancient tradition of conjuration, I'm evoking my bestial urge

I raise blackened magic to the heavens, words like spears against the light

So, appear and bring forth what I'm yearning for
Flesh is slave to the spirit's reign, creatures enslaved in this spiteful act

Submissive servants to my rite

Summoning the old fire that licks and consumes

Souls victimized and presented to Him

What flame burns brighter than desire in a violent ritual rage
Sublimating the lowest human instincts
Lust, pain and passion as sinful gifts
Wildfire in the heart of man, channelled and overcome

Utilizing the flesh, elevating the spirit to grant me powers beyond nature
So let the earth open up and spew whores, sexual rites to praise His name

Sitri! I command your tongues of fire! Iao Sabao!

Unclean flesh purify my spirit, set me ablaze on the climax of sin

5. Dawn Of Human Dust

A newborn day waits to surrect, but what will cover dawn?
Neither begging nor pleading will find ears when all the angel hordes have gone to war

Processions of flesh creep over the earth
Welcomed to get in line for a final twisted dance
O, what a gruesome sight, the ghastly cortege of death
Repent, bathe in fire, cleanse your souls
Writhe within the moment of emptiness, sinful lot await your eternal fall

Awaiting the lamb to break the seals, so that the seven trumpets resound
Headless hordes herald the beginning of the end

The angel of fear burns infidel men
The angel of regret whips the skin off their bones
Thus hold your breath and harken close
His darkness is final, His will grandiose
Can you feel their presence, this is judgement day

All signs are pointing to kingdom come

No sea of holy water could purify your vessels soiled
Swept from the shores of life to the sharp edges of death
Heathen plague rot away and face your destiny
We rise up from the human dust
To dwell here on earth between heaven and hell
We witness foolishness end in despair

You'll be buried under the falling stars, you'll be drowned in the poisoned sea
Pest crowned herd, sentenced to die, this final day passes with your dying breath

6. Utopia Consumed

I witness all the falling souls consumed

Reward me father for I have sinned
Baptized by fire, servant of Thy will

I'm still wide awake

Worms come devour, feed on entrails and brain
My unclean spirit shatters all earthly bane

Restfully I'm awaiting the moment of descent
Through the soil of human filth I still hear their hearts pounding

Dislodging the burden of physique after a lifetime of seeking His manifestations

Deciphering the writings and signs
No martyr of flesh will ever receive His divine grace

No one can stretch against the heavens while rooting deep in the ground
To pass the gate one must leave contrasts, views, poles and sound
Only the haethen rots within the cage of a horizon
Opening doors of mortality will only build walls

Murder all doubts, break the chains that bind
Blessed are the seeing, damned are the blind

Worlds of the antithesis move towards me
The supreme command defies flesh and blood
Smother all infidel men, hallowed be Thy name
Bow down, confess and acknowledge

And I witness all the falling souls consumed

7. Pandemonic Revelation

The shadow of mortality slays the illusions of infinity
When a heart burns with passion the intellect yields faith

The flaming star of salvation shines upon man
While God's creation gazes at the horizon of death

Views of endless oceans of bones attract the eye
Paralyzed is the soul by such divine revelations

Chants of tranquility obscure the heathen's mind, join in the choir of the damned
We demand a new order of chaos within the universe and raise pandemonium on earth

Our blood for Satan, their tears for God

Our blood for Satan, their tears for God
Our blood for Satan, their tears for God

And the vacuum of souls yawns inbetween

Those who never confessed roam the limbus forever
Feed their pain to the demons and their hope to the angels

From the ashes, from the fiery pits of Hell, Satan's legions rise again

Subtle shifts the day to night, slowly fade doctrines of light
Without the roaring of a final battle, without the colossal act of disgrace
With every sin and every lie, you could watch the monuments of darkness rise

The last moment bears the revelation, the cruel and ruling all-consuming unity

8. Towards Beyond

Through the halls of the enigma, built on giant bloodstained pillars
Resplendent seem these silver walls, silent phantoms I haunt

Towards the emptiness, towards the gorge
Towards the emptiness, towards the gorge

Onwards, onwards to Hell
I am the cloud through which the angels fell
Onwards, onwards to Hell
I am torture, death and fatal spell

Onwards - through a purgatory of colours
To hell - into the devouring darkness
Onwards - opaque visions I pursue
To hell - impervious delusive lights

Quest, creed, humility
Swordstrokes of ignorence block the path to Him
Doubt, regret, disbelief
Ye wavering forms draw near so I smite you again

I am on my way to infinity, I am drowning in sway and I'm nothing
My transition is pure yet unclean, everything I am is in Him

My path is omnidirectional since He unveiled my soul
I ripped off my fleshly shell, roused is the demon, spirit unclean
Thrones and dominions mean nothing to me as long as I seek the truth
Thus I break man, stone and ice on my journey towards beyond

Dignified man awaken! Acknowledge His revelations!
Praise His manifestations or perish in flames!

Channelling the quintessence of Satan

9. Filii Septemtrionum / Diabolic Unity

10. Saeculum Obscurum / Kingdom Of Darkness

11. Animae Tortae

12. Finis Redemptionis / Crawl Back To Your Cross

13. Obliteration

14. Midwintertears

15. Eye To Eye At Armageddon

16. Abyssmal Scorn

17. Other Truth

18. The Prophecy

19. Universe Of Black Divine

20. My Soft Vision In Blood

21. Dance Of The Dead

22. In Sin

23. Shadowlord

T.T. — Guitars, Drums, Bass, Keyboards
P.K. — Guitars
A.R. — Vocals (disc 1)
Rune — Vocals (disc 2)

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