Dark Lyrics


1. Ego

Filled with humbleness and tempted by pride I kneel before you
I did not command but accept the fires you send
For not my hands receive and give, but through yours I deliver
Incomplete yet not unjust, and with you I shall burn

Veni sancte spiritos
Come and fill my vessel!

Grant me the right to speak
Clothe me with the fabric of perception
Here I am, bare and bleeding, facing your vast magnificence

Veni sancte spiritos
Come and fill my vessel!

Am I worthy, is my dignity enow
Cathechise your 7th disciple
Your Spears shall pierce my nescience

Who is higher than me, who else has your authority
Is my arrogance the sole ordeal in front of you?

Do these rites legitimate me to evangelise
Will you guide me through the entrails of the Earth
And accept my sacrifice

In the dirt, in orans posture
Presenting the litany
What more is there to offer than myself
My deeds and thoughts, my anguish and joice

Indulging in the shadow of your splendour
Building Cathedrals not of stones but words and tones
Bind not these hands of yours, but anoint them with strength
Fill this ardent vessel with your fiery revelation

2. Stasis

Through one single man sin came upon earth
One single man is enough to open up eternity

So take this yoke of him and bear

Take the order and sacrifice this new covenant
Holy oil, Candles and blood

Drink from this chalice
Taste from the most forbidden fruit
Flesh opens the membership
In the mystic body of him

Become the tempter!

May the painful burden of these sacred words
Become holy privilege
And meaningful purpose of existence
May the sole gesture of you once scorned vessels
Become fiery reality

Feast on the body and become the impure!

Per aditum, per adoratum
All renewal in him
Per gustum et locotionem
All renewal in him
Per tactum, per gressum
All renewal in him

3. Akrasia

Ye the almighty, unto whom all hearts are open
All desires known, and from whom no secrets are hid
Cleanse the thoughts of our hearts
By the inspiration of thy flames
We worthily magnify thy thousand names all unified in thou
Abyssic lord, we call, plead and crave!

Send your legions
Come forth, angels of sin

One of the seven will come
And with the golden censer step up to the altar
Carrying incense and embers to be burnt before the throne
To bring our words to him

And from the hands of the winged sovereignty
Overcome with humbleeness facing such grandeur
I am blazing with awe and shine with the fires of him

I kneel down, brace posture and offer my gifts
I lay outstretched in five pointed symmetry
I purge the ground and close the gate

Call back your legions
Descend, angels of sin
Grant me command
Let me burn with strength
Sharpen my sense and my will

4. Indulgence

Lucifer! Rebellious son, infernal one!
Tempt me! Lead and ignite me!

No longer shall we be called servants
We testify and cast off these chains
Hesitation, sloth, incertitude
No longer shall we fall prey to these soothing whores

So let me rise

Thorns pierce and nails purge

Confiteor deo omnipotentis
Quia peccavi non satis
Flagellamus ad majorem diaboli gloriam

Struck with awe we shall ascend these high ranks
And shall be vigilant to the blasphemies of the divine
The devil's wisdom is commended to the untiring
Who persistently perform exercises clandestine

Prudent are we as we celebrate the mysteries
Transform all abominations, free the body of all desires
Our lession shall be sacred medicine
Sermonizing we rejoice in the house of temptations

Freedom is no longer an illusionary whore
Celebrate his name, ye souls, waken
From your determined slumber of eons
We chain ourselves and serve with pride
We wallow in this earthly dirt
Our free will is perception
Our prayer is our fate

5. Neglect


The first duty of the earthborn is worship
As it directs the soul towards him
Because it is him man is bound to as mystic source and purpose
Protean king of thousand faces and forms
Only when man accepts his highest reign and truth by revelation
Then man is above all welk and rotten
So I proclaim the glory of our lord

To the devil, the father of all
We praise thee
To Satan, his mysteries hidden within all scripts and cults
We praise thee
To Lucifer, who touched man and brought knowledge on earth
We praise thee
To him, who is above us, in us, as well as below
We praise thee

We praise thee by our existence!

O, rebellious son
Blackwinged angel, fallen one

To the devil, the father of all

When man's entire conduct is catered to him
When man's worship is exercised with surrender
Then man's soul is directed towards him
Then man is above all welk and rotten

6. Compos Mentis

Not in humility we look down
But resolute we stare into the abyss
For the righteous falls 7 times a day
And depravity paves the way into damnation

Rejoice! Powers of hell
Shadow legions, darkness descendants
Exult and gather all around Satan's throne
Lucifer, our lord is risen
Enthroned upon deniers bones
Thus sound the trumpets of doom

Rejoice, o earth in sunken splendour
Vanished in the brightness of your king
Satan has conquered, once and for all
For he has redeemed us with his infinite fall
Inverted Eden and bled for Adam's sin

Mad laughter and disharmony
Resound, ye songs, in ecstasy
Chant well his gospel, cry aloud, inflame the fires of hell
Scorched be feathers, flesh and skin
All Choirs and armies nw join in
Exult and rejoice to the honour of him
And so we sin

And so we sin, fall and rise herein this dirt

Born out of dust, but fire we became
To the great dragon we have served all the hearts impaled
On crimson pillars pointing to Megiddo
Assuaging his hunger, quenching his thirst
With the endless stygian stream
Made of all blood and all tears of all angels and saints
We cut the flesh open and proclaim the rise of us through him

Martyrs of the earth
We praise your strength of transformation
Martyrs of the heavens
We bath in your feces and blood
And summon the
Martyrs of hell

Sing to the honour of him

7. Excessus

Pyrophorous titan, fiery ghost
Caller out of the netherworld onto earth's armies of Lazari
Winged spirit baptist, unveil the layers of haze
Speak the word only
And awaken your zealous advocaltes of the inferno
Those sunken into dreams
Where seconds become a thousand years

We are torn between orgies and wars
As long as poles do not unite
As long as angels fall and devil's bleed man will weep

Tempt me not! Sordid soul deceivers
Tempt me not! Or watch your World be consumed by fire

I receive this flaming vesture from his hands
A Purple rode, green his signs, gold the sigils
And fufill my ceremonial duty
He is powerful to heighten my grace
He lives and rules as king from eternity to eternity

Et iterum venturus est cum gloria lucida
Visibilium omnium et invisibilium contribuuntur
Adoramus cum
Cuius regni non erit finis
Propter magnum gloriam suam
Diabolium de diabolo, Lucifer

Where did all struggle lead the slaves
Whom helped all knowledge, who escaped
The grip of God, the scythe of Death
Doubt is the gyve of the weak, belief the sword of the free
So we worship thee!

Winged revolutionary
Fiery emissary
Wrathful luminary

All earthborn plod perpetually to rise and praise aloud
We're martyrs blessed with infancy, neglect is our shroud
Continuallly lasts this act to build your Majesty
All earth does worship thee!

Te Deum laudamus
Diabolum adoramus

P.K. — Guitars, Bass
T.T. — Guitars, Drums, Bass

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