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1. All Hail Darkness And Evil

Lucifer, enlighten not
this world's not worth to shed your image on
but blind them all (who are) gazing into your light
tarnish the servants and seekers alike
neither Eden nor Inferno is their house
extinguish your flame they're all unworthy of
bring forth the night, spit poison, spread blight
kill friend and foe, disbeliever, proselyte

all hail darkness and evil
eternally trapped in the purgatory aether
damned to rot between heaven and hell

all hail damnation and terror
ungranted redemption, cursed by the serpent's spell

cast out, entrance forbidden
the moonchild is strangled, a new cycle yields
nothing but suffering while gallows dance
on the endless cemetery fields

2. Sword Of Silence

and the harlot has taken up the sword of silence
to spill the blood of the saints
their semen mingled in her sinful cup of worms
the seed unholy and unclean

and Salome points the sword of silence
to dance the seven muting veils towards John
sacred betrayal, spell doom to all men
and the seed spread forth unholy and unclean

knowledge is not wisdom - be silent!
darkness reigns and murders all light - be still!
choked and strangled by the serpent you seek
I laugh as you bleed
knowledge is not wisdom - be still!
smash and wreck your sanctuary
pissing on your holiest mystery
I cut the knot of Gordia
and lead the sword of queen Discordia
bending Kether to Matkuth
while separating all and not
letting you survive under the ruins of your temple

contemplation and retreat is regress
once the abyss is crossed
the severity of the devil's verities
ends all eternally
where Samael lurks in rebellious defiance
to cut the branches off with the sword of silence

3. Black Death Sathanas (Our Lord's Arrival)

in this glorious age
of darkness and death
of witchcraft andfire
foul stench rises up from the depths

he hears our chanting - we obey his call
Lord Satan's arrival - the abyss takes its toll

the plague of rats is welcomed
the pestilence is spread

Lord Satan's arrival
silent beast, ghoul of worms, king of the dead

woeful is the sight on those who walk
in rotten trance
bodies twist like branches deformed
he commands and executes, grotesque the dance
and mute, not one sound breaks the eternal night

all bones, rotten flesh, scythe in hand
he appears as the winged reaper, horned dancer
lifting his instrument, darting his pestilent tongue
and the golden angel of salvation is burning

4. The Cold Breath Of Satan

"by the moon's haze and autumnal light"
yet seasons freeze and crack under the burden of time
"upon the earth to roam
to unveil that which never was and never
to become"

eerie and cold
winds that blow foul and old
fights unknown to a sun
morbid, spectral, unreal

from the deep maw of infinity
his breath spawns terror for all eternity
for every new aeon arising he exhales
the poisonous pant of damnation

the cold breath of Satan

all graves are flung wide open
legions follow the bleak tyrant
he calls his army with merciless shrieks
oaths once sworn, now to be renewed
unforgiving is the vortex of hell
faustian pacts turn to fatal spells

he breathes out the
eternal winter of blood, tears and pain
repeating shapes, sigils morph into biting blades
formless icons each contains
nucleus of Satan's ghastly breath

intro lines and riff inspired by Thorns' eternal hymn
"Ærie Descent" (Trondertun)

5. None Before Him

not from the heavens high he fell
but from the deepest abyss he rose
within us and without us
he, older than all other gods
whose names no stone ever mentions
who left the faintest trace in the memory of man

so is he, the lord of evil, mighty and ever here

what you call hidden is only hidden to you
I know hence I am, a secret unlocked, holy his law
iron will, firm belief, all is spread out before me
none before him
the truth like a savage beast set free

Denn er ist das Gift,
das die Schöpfung verderbt,
eure Gnosis mit Schrecken und Blut erstickt.
Er ist die alte Schlange,
die ihre Windungen mehrt
und die Welt umschlingt.
In apokatyptischen Träumen sehen wir
seine Morgenröte dämmern.
Unter dem schweigenden Sternenhimmel,
in der kältesten aller Lüfte,
führt er seine Heerschar an.

victorious is his army, burnt earth we walk upon
vicious is his iron arm
underneath he crushes the unbeliever
wytches and daemons obey him
all dance under his command
none before him - titans, temples and time
all left for the sand

the grim and stygian shape of the opposer

6. Olden Days

he rises in the sombre sadness
in the silence of monastic madness
behind monolithic pillars
of churches, shrines and chapels

in the dust of age-old cathedrals
where the horrors of death shake the ground
his shadow grows in arcane castles
where secret sins gnaw the souls of gauntly lords

in the crypts where alchemysts transform
the nature of things
in the woods where magicians practice
their nocturnal arts

Sathanas is everywhere
many can see him, to many he speaks
hermits call him and we serve him

when fiery omens set the night ablaze
when stars take strange shapes
and planets bathe in blood
when we spread the seed of malediction

7. Hymn To The Flaming Void

carried through the absolute all-abyss
unforgiving is the infinity of darkness
his breath of flames surrounds and occupies all

all motion freezes to moving stasis of lava matter
fire without end
end of time, time for the end

slit throats cut veins rape souls eat hearts
plunge humanity into the pits of eternity
blood lakes black holes deep chasms
all dimensions crumble

when mirrors crack
sinister energy permeates
reality melts into lentous states
pouring over from the astral world
the flaming void consumes

death spawns changes, senses overstrain
the omniverse dissolves, evil reigns supreme
Satan wields his axe
all imploding chaos arises

8. Christ's Descent Into Hell

[Lucifer speaks:]
"I have tempted him, fed doubt to his heart
stirred up the old people with anger and zeal
sharpened the spear for his suffering
mixed gall and vinegar for him to drink
prepared the cross to crucify him
and the nails to pierce hands and feet
open the brass gates of cruelty
prepare his descent into hell"

thousand breathing crosses
consumed is Jerusalem
open graves, empty tombs
sore scars become incurable wounds

mysteries of sin
weave the burial shroud of Golgotha
sacred flesh, bones and skin
rotten reeks Utopia

sinking into unholy ground, below
in tears and blood they're drowned
prophet's horns of doom resound
born is the Antichrist
the earth-corpse will be sacrificed
now let the dreadful drama of the Apocalypse
the dead arise, the underworld echoes with thunder
damned souls, demonic army, rise, sons of darkness
behold the signs of un-salvation
monuments of the saviour's absence

[Dedicated to MonumentuM and their masterpiece "In Absentia Christi"]

9. Ancient Fog Of Evil

An old cloud like a notion of times gone by

the scent of death and decay - preserved
in the past's perpetual haze
all trees sing rotten hymns

the soil is lifeless where evil dwells
let the eternal night encompass any light

when shadows mingle with the vapours of the earth
when thoughts become manifest and deeds dissolve

Azazel roars the tragedies of man
the devil raises chaos against the holy plan
Satan whispers primordial lies
Pandora spawns the Lord of flies
Belial thrusts to the sun's demise
from the depths a fog will rise
misty spirits, cursed ghosts, all that never dies
forms the ancient fog of evil

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