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1. Hope The Great Betrayal

Infinite darkness engulfs a shadow over time.
They line up one by one delivering their salted woes.
The fading memory of light drowns beneath the tide.
though the earth turn cold and the oceans lay frozen
the betrayer of hope sleeps soundly in vast cathedrals of the sky
mine is the kingdom where sun doth not shine.

For today marks the day of a new age. The age of the unlight.

Let the stars of the twilight mirror the eyes of the beast.
Let them look for light but have none but the great black flame therein.
May forever the day be shrouded in death and sadness.

Remember the day
Dreaming of dreams
You know it to be true
and nothing is done between us
Not til the end of time

2. Final Destiny Of The Gods

Oh bring me the night divine
Among the coldness dwell I
Under the blood red moon sky
Bury my flesh blood and bone
Now to the blind world below descending
Bear now my unearthly cries
Into the stars wandering beyond
Shadowing my existence
The sickly smells of human souls
One by one did the blood drops
O darkness triple form
Eternally dedicated to the darkest light
Let me the offering
Behold the sorrow
Mesmerizing misery
Silent death
Piercing your heart with dread
Feel my stormy vengeance
The unholy power of the cold black flame
Burning down the churches of Christianity
There is no escape
Born to the darkness
Void of human weakness
The gates of hell have opened
Our empire everlasting
Sworn to the dark forces
The white mountains of madness
The bitter valley of sadness
Bring forth the flood
Answer the call

3. The Mysteries That Bind The Flesh

Pity my woe when the hours breathe faint and low and hell has risen its
infernal flow
The windy sky weeps above the sleeping sea
No rays from the heavens shine down
All is black beyond belief
In the heart of wintry cold
Wearing robes of sorrow/ the most ever known
The mysteries that bind the flesh that I hold
The veil is now drawn
I still remember though ages ago it seemed
Twin serpents speak not to me
Eyes staring through the darkness of the abyss below trapped in immortal hell
In this terrible hour
The darkness beckons that which looms before me
Oh thunderous night
Cowering against the winds
No tears will you shed
Just kiss the pale lips of death and feel the fire burn within the icy shores

4. Infernal Divide

As the daylight withers
and night falls over the earth
Weltering in sadness
Over a bitter loss
You are the tragedy
You are the land of no return
I will watch the sky for a sign
Will you wet the earth
when you weep from above

Rain pours down like wisdom
Awaekening the sleeping
We have waited an eternity for the return
When they shall rule again

My existence
Infernal divide
A monumentum of the past

5. In Death Comes The Great Silence

Another day passes by and
I am running out of excuses
Running out of words to describe...
And as my heart becomes dust
a final exit becomes clear
I stand beyond the sun with the comfort
of emptiness inside

Because I could never swallow your false ideals
And I will never follow your god at the heels

Dark waters running deep as my hatred
Only the moon will witness my revenge
And the blood stained snow
reeks of your invention
But in the loneliness of winter
I am abomination
Oh these words flow
like the blood of mankind
Cold dreamless sleep is beckoning and in
death comes the great silence

6. What Hells Await Me

What hells await me
Riding the violent winds of time
Chasing visions along the way
Am I forgotten
Well my death won't be in vain
My existence is shattered and the lights go dim
The end of days
One thousand worlds I would cast away to escape
When the curtains fall down
upon the darkened plains
What hells await me
This moment stands eternally
Staring down my own demise
Fear and awe consume me as I discover my own mortality
I am taken to the place where the angels do not dwell
To the kingdom of dis
We will meet again at the gates of eternal slumber
And with you in my dreams I am dying to sleep eternal
My body lies cold but my soul forever burns

7. An Echo In Our Legends

Enslaved to the dim light
Betrayed by a god less exonerating
Infernal inquisition
Behold the might
The path we tread

Towards the shores of ice so cold and unforgiving

Oh angel of death
Covered inn sin

Bound to the dim skies from which it all began
From the heavens descend
And like an echo in our legends do illuminate us to pour craft divine

I call upon the gods immortal
Mold us one with your darkness
In the shelter of the night here exists endless beauty abound

8. Malediction

With iron and ice running through my veins
I curse upon the day you became
You run from your fate but your guilt enslaves you
Weaving destiny and fate
No longer will we wait
It will be done
If naught within this night of splendor
Be this my destiny
They came to plant the seed of hate within me
Each day grows stronger
Blacking out the rays of the sun
Blind you with hatred
In emptiness I am free
Look towards the sky
You will suffer my will
A pitiful shattered wretch are you that envies those of the dead
Your rest eternal
Taken to the place where birds they do not sing
The wind blows the truth and with the rain
Comes the sent of change

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