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1. Intro: The Mesh

The world is not a family
of species joining hands

It's a dark mysterious mesh
withdrawn from ourselves

A stream we all enter
and we all leave
A stream we never enter
and we never leave

Embrace the new dark age

Welcome to the Anthropocene

2. Anthem for the Anthropocene

The age of humanity
In catastrophe, the ecstasy
We rise above all division
In the glory of extinction

Iä! Iä!

We paint the earth black
To make an altar for you
There is no turning back
No world that was pure

Iä! Iä!

What was blue, has turned green
What was green, has turned black
What was black, always comes back
And it haunts us from within

The stars will be right
When the black stains all light

Iä! Iä!

3. The Four Billion Year Dream

Dead, he dreams

This planet is haunted, by it's own dream
It is waking up, to its dying scream
The soul of the earth, waits under the sea
Dead from its birth, life is his dream

The ocean dreams of the ground
The earth dreams of the sea
The stars have all drowned
The Four Billion Year Dream

Our lives rounded with sleep
We are swirls in a stream
He is the source, he is the deep
The Four Billion Year Dream

Above us and below us, black seas of infinity
He dreams all of us, he calls for you and me
Fierce the pale star burns, deep beneath the waves
Slow the planet turns, light shines from the graves

Sleeper, awakes

4. Hyperobject Beneath the Waves

I stare at the sea
The waves are all I see
A mask for what's beneath
Something waits in the deep
A shadow of a mountain
Something moves beneath the waves

My eyes cannot see
The enormity of the deep
I feel the vertigo
The abyss before me
The deep moves in the black
It cannot be, it shouldn't be
Too vast to understand
Something moves beneath the waves

I drown...

I am inside, the deep
I cannot see, it surrounds me
The thing, the horror
All around me, and inside me
It is in me, it cannot be
I cannot see, the waves
Everything, only waves
I am, only waves
And the thing, that awaits
Beneath, the waves

I cannot see, the sea
But the sea, sees me
The sea, it lives
The deep, it breathes
Too much, no more
I drown, no words

Space dislocating
Time overflowing
Dimension phasing

5. The End Has Already Happened

The world has ended and we have been blind
We did not see the dream, that was always more than real

The world was never true, only a cycle, only time
There was never no one there, just mirrors in the dark
Now we hunt for ourselves in the ashes of our world
Ghosts of the extinct, howling at mirrors

We are nothing and we know it, and there is nothing as beautiful
All these tears are washed away, by memories of carbon ghosts

Only mirrors within mirrors, pale ghosts of infinity
The scream of a mind, as it sees its eternity

I can taste it, I can feel it, invisible, on my skin
And we are skin to skin, with every single thing
We begin only to end, we end only to begin
We merge and intertwine, we are base, we are divine

There is only a spectre of what we thought was real
We are haunted, we are homeless, we are fearless, we are free
Come and warm your hands by the burning fossil fire
Then we take the last ride to the poison light on the other side

There is no beyond
No beyond

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