Dark Lyrics


1. The Terrorists Sleep Atop Capitol Hill

We've reached a time where rhetoric
Holds greater value than evidence
From the Bible to Government
Instilling fear in the idiots

The feeding hand is a killing hand
Empowered by blind demand
A corporate sponsored holocaust
The popular vote at a loss

The rulers swindle riches
While real workers slave

We give our lives to serve their fucked-up interest
Consented by the blinded moral right
Offenses abroad perpetuate the global hate

Surrender of rights for protection
Gives the President an erection
Trusted leaders are the oppressors
Selling-out our democracy

[Solo 1: Patrick]
[Solo 2: Brandon]

Reject consumerism
Burn the motherfuckers
Shroud in a blazing flag

Reciprocate altruism
Pax-American globalization

2. The Coathanger Method

A bright moon shimmering brilliance
Inspiring lunacy
Casting a shadowy eclipse
Staring at the beauty that burns out these lusting eyes

I'd rather still be blindly curious
Than in this state of disillusion
Inducted with a feast
Then perpetually starved and teased

Warm smiles returned with dull daggers
Impaled by the silence of a failed situation

I am alive but barely breathing
Awaiting this life to begin
Repeatedly killing me before this life can be endeavored

[Solo: Aaron Hellam]

Nine lives abort me but I can't inveigle one
This silence kills me sweetly and softly

The valuable ones are always the underdogs
Award the prize to the shallow ones; the mundane, the heartless

A swim in pressurized chemicals unreleased from indicted isolation
Sensory pleasure replaced by neurological distraught
Virulence of cryptographic perfection; immiscible disconnection
Save self by creating an inhibition of transference

Sandbox murderer
Create a super-villain
From the underdog
A broken shell of a super-hero

3. When Tubes Cease To Glow

In a time of technological abundance
Mankind refuses to civilly evolve
With power comes great responsibility
And the elements of the Earth are not ours to destroy

I am as guilty as any
Enslaved to my addictions
Like an injection to perpetuate murder

Human beings are just a strain
Of a malignant infectious plague
Mutilating that which cannot falter from innocence

Sad, angry and fucking sickened
I have lost sympathy for my wretched species

No grown person is devoid of vile sins

Imagine a small child
Skinned alive and writhing in anguish
Suffering with pain and fear
A fate worse than death; denied of dignity
In a stage so tender and mild
Equal to animals incapable of committing cruelty

The craving for riches is the worst fucking excuse
For the lack of compassion for all life

Exterminate this fucking human race

To murder a grown man is justifiable
Unlike our drunkenly relentless carnage

4. Serial Murders In A Fibonacci Sequence

I can't stand the fucking sound of your name
Triggering indignation
Marauding eyes defile innocence portrayed

Drop like a shot
At a loss for words
I cannot enjoy this atmosphere

Superficial minds cannot comprehend
The beauty of the insane
(Fuck you)
I'll never change for you
And I shall keep this shred dignity
(Usurper of my heart)

Put this gun to my head
And paint this beautiful
Fucking portrait
With my abstract mind

I'll kill these worthless emotions
And you fucking masqueraders
I'll pull the fires from the skies and burn the goddess

Vendetta ammunition
Fervent hatred
End neurotic animus

I will kill this worthless emotion called love
I want to fucking kill

[Solo: Brandon]

5. Brimstone Of Nationalist Collusion

You fucking whore!

6. Whiskey & Firearms

All hail to a fascist police state
Assent the doctrines of a despotic leader

An ordered violation of our human rights

Blood-stained soil no longer stands for freedom

Economic warfare has burned the constitution
Acceptance will void our foundation

To support the unjust is not patronage

It's our obligation to reject and disobey

Our hearts and minds
Will not submit
Our hearts and minds
Won't be controlled!

7. Lone Star Bivouac

One passion traded for another
The greenest eyes left behind
Energy spread to the masses
Her glass figure permeates my mind

Counting mile markers
And sets of eighteen wheels
The phrase I love you
Carved in crimson bone

A tear falls from a stern eye
Like blood from a crystal sky
Absence manifests physical pain
Like hearts exploding for the first time

The North Star neglects to lead me
Home from this Texas hell
Your pictures are my only skin
And I die with each goodnight

The sad sound of your voice
The sweetest thing I ever heard
These epic treks define my life
Singing voices as guiding light

[Solo: Brandon]

8. Precious Hate 666

Our free nation
Is violently raped
By the convergence
Of church and state

War for oil
Gleaning corporate interest
Born again
Intellectual sin

Burn the flag
Kill them all

The plot to kill evolution
W stands for white fucking trash

Freedom of religion also means
Freedom from religion

9. Inborn Awakening

Two points opposing in negative space
(Who casts the light?)
And who's sucked into the black whole?
Is it possible light is cast by evil?
What's accepted is the-down-fall!

In darkness we are breeding the revolution
(In defiance)
Of superficial expectations
Values displayed for denigration
Inside ourselves we're all beau-tif-ul!

Fuck the image
Of indifference
Fuck perfection
Of senseless fashion

This is my anamnesis
I am recalling my existence
If our values can be so easily discarded
For the uniformity we are not
Why the fuck should we live up to impress?
We shan't be made to feel worthless!

10. Support Your Local Back-alley Abortion Clinic

Once kissed in this rain
But now tears stream down her face
Controlled, broken, and lost

Without resource to sustain
A choice stripped away
Morals lacking thought

Graze of skin
Touch of death
Or create life
Unto affliction

Raped by blind ignorance
Of Man and Holy Spirit
Condemned to burn forever
And suffer in silence

Anyone with a cock
Has no right to decide

Devoid of sentient viability

[Solo: Brandon]

Keep your hands of their fucking bodies

Forced to revert to endless malpractice
Spoken for by the blood on her coat hanger

11. My Nuts... Your Chin... Connection!

When you look in the mirror,
Does the image you see reflect the latest fashion?
May the victors' validity be measured?
By who has the longest 'hawks?
You're the fearless shit-talker on message boards
But afraid of the pit
Just try to earn scene points
Not to support the bands

I look around with contempt in my blood for what I see
A weak scene; tainted and watered down
Its time to rectify and to solidify our scene
Play only with bleeding heart passion

Punk as fuck!

When you're too punk for punk
Buy an emo sweater and claim post-suck-my-cock
It's a vanity circus
Toting around a fashion side-show
False-metal fucking sucks and
And you should be hanged by your seventh string
Just 'cause you've fucked all the bands
Only makes you a whore

MTV generation hand-fed and force-fucked
No integrity! (NO) No sincerity! (NO)
It's hazardous to chew bubble gum
While jumping on a fucking pogo-stick!!!

[Solo: Brandon]

12. Dead Flowers For A Beauty School Dropout

Needles and pins pierce my heart with their rusty spears
Like my heart being scooped out and placed on a platter
Set as this disgusting sight beating before your ever flaming eyes

Looks can kill

Every glimpse from you tears my heart a little more
Leaving a hole in my chest, for me to cave in to
The blood staining your teeth white
Posing as your sweet tasting lipstick

Stapled emotions to this mattress
My mouth is dry and duct taped shut
But the words are stamped on my forehead
Crawl into my pores and make yourself comfortable
Feel what I'm like on the inside
An insect crawls in the desert

Slept fourteen hours
Eyes are burning
Like holes in me draining life fluid

Lighthouse lights easily attract you
That kind of intensity shall only burn you
This dim candle light would be more soothing
But the dark glow only hurts your pretty eyes
Just close your eyes and just feel my warmth

My heart is empty
Torn open and bled dry
Safety pins
Hold me together

Staring at the stars
All alone
Lying here dreaming and set on fire

Outside of everything untouched by your,
Your little world
Sick, I'm sick
My heart is empty

Ben Christensen - Drums
Marisa Kurk - Bass
Patrick Diola - Guitar / Backups (Right Speaker)
Brandon Fitzgerald - Guitar / Vocals (Left Speaker)

Recorded @ Castle Ultimate in Oakland, CA, April 2005
Engineered, Mixed, and Produced by Aaron "Heckam" Hellam except drums by Zack "The Wizard" Ohren

Mastered by Brandon Fitzgerald at ThrashMasters in Santa Cruz, CA

Guest Appearances:
Troy Lewis - Vocals on Tracks 4 & 10
Ian Bowers - Vocals on Track 2
Aaron Hellam - Smooth Lead on Track 2

Tracks 3 & 11 written by Patrick
Tracks 5, 7, 9, & 10 by Brandon & Patrick
All Lyrics & Other Tracks by Brandon

Layout by: Brandon Fitzgerald
Photos by: Jill Lamb & Laura Firenzi
Girl in photos: Erin Davidson


Thanks to bfitzgerald@ridegear.com for sending these lyrics.

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