Dark Lyrics


1. Blunt Force

I'm past the point of compromise
I've listened to all your excuses and lies
Pound your bones into fucking dust
Nothing left but a jellied mush
No human policy when the basis is hate
Diplomacy breakdown patience is short
Tempers get hot, blunt force peace talks
You ridicule, you criticize
You push me past the point of compromise
Pound your bones into fucking dust
Nothing left but a jellied mush
No patience by reference, blunt force peace talk

2. Rather Unfortunate

There is a misfortune that plagues the scene
A fatal character flaw in the 303
Cooler than thou pseudo elitist trash
You put your noses in the air
To the people that were there
Now I don't give a shit
You can keep your fucking scene
Get the fuck away from me
Scheming fucking scenester guru
Bold faced lie apologies
If you're the scenes shining star
No wonder we didn't get too far
Don't think I'd remember you tried to fuck the machine
It's gone but not forgot, unfortunate

3. Jesus Is the Reason

Fuck the answer, let's hear the reason
Sick of all this, bullshit deceiving
If Jesus is the answer, what was the reason
I bet the answer won't be too pleasing
You think your faith, makes you better than me
Religious hypocrite die on your knees
This religion shit makes me sick
Media scam that benefits the rich
Plague the masses of humanity
This thing called Christianity
Innocent little kids don't die for no reason
Jesus is the reason
Blood isn't spilled in war for no reason
Jesus is the reason

4. Fuck Waste

The sheer numbers begin to grow
All for a paycheck, my eyes begin to roll
Procreation should be regulated
For your fuck waste
Perpetual gold mine
Insignificant fuck waste
You work your knees
I can taste your fucking shit from here

5. Kill the Pope

His holy majesty, high and mighty
Surveyor of his kingdom, ruler of all that he sees
Controller of all fates, to exercise his will
Banishment of the unwanted sons
To secure the seat of power
Hypocritical tyrannical fucking fool
This is the uprising to dethrone you
Gonna kill the pope, scalp off all his dreads
Siege of power, mutiny, leave that motherfuck for dead

6. Sliver Spoons

To all of you, over privileged fucks
You can fucking eat from where I shit
Money is a direct controller
Of the opportunities you have in life
You play like you worked so fucking hard
When daddy's dollars got your foot in the door
Trust me, I've struggled my whole life
Been told that there's no help in sight

7. Black Metal Holocaust

This machine was forged in fire
Given the gifts of the ancient blood
No time left, your life has expired
Feeding the hunger within souls
The past has held many
That have fallen before you
To answer to call, to service the throne
Unwilling victim, the quench of my thirst
When I take your life, it will not be the first
The rise of the machine, on your blood we will feed
Give me strength, for the evil to breed
The past has held many
That have fallen before you
To answer the call, to service the throne

8. Afterworld Obliteration

[originally by Terrorizer]

Nations Falling
To defeat
Warheads crushing
Thee Earth below
Cries of hell
Burning flesh
No way out
Dee in our minds
After world obliteration

Super powers
Threat of war
Politicians nothing gain society
Price to pay
World wide peace
Dream is gone

Suffering deep in our minds
After world obliteration

9. Nothing Left

Nothing left for man to consume
Just like a cancerous growth
This world is a tomb
A virus infecting, we dig our own graves
Over-indulgence, mass-consumption
You pick the meat from your teeth
With the skeletons of society
You fuck the rest of the world like rats in a fucking cage
Packed in head to head with nothing but stale bread
No room to consume
Just like a cancerous growth
This world is a tomb

10. Caught in Shane Embury's Dream

Multi-national corporation, has pounded me to scum
Your instinct of survival, has lead you to the kill
Life a prison without walls
I'm to the point of no return
Uncertainty blurs the visions
Negative approach to success
Born on your knees, as the machine rolls on
Siege of power, by pseudo-youth parasites

11. Just Like David Hasselhoff

You may think we suck, that's fine
When we blow up in Europe you'll change your mind
This scene is all just drama to you
A popularity contest, just like in school
Division doesn't breed a healthy scene
Think of all the damage you bring
I can bide my time, vengeance is mine
I can see the envy it makes me laugh
Don't give me none of your BS peace talk crap
Soon this will be too big to stop
Just like David in Europe, a fucking bomb will drop
We're just like David fucking Hasselhoff

12. Pyromaniac

Burning bridges, as far as I can see from here
You've been trying to run all this shit for years
I don't know, let me see
You can call this mutiny
Like a bunch of fucking pirates
Sailing of the high seas
No one fucks with captain and lives to breath
You never think before you act
Your a pyromaniac
I hope you fucking burn

13. Lust for an End

Soon your blood it will cleanse my palate
A needful thing, victim of my malice
Surgical removal, of your vital organs
Your body, my chalice
We drink, tonight
I lust for the end
Misanthropic whirlwind

14. Like Cords of Wood

Patience is a virtue and only time will tell
Don't talk shit, I'll mess up your pretty face
One hand washes the other and cover up your sins
I'll stack all you bitches up, like cords of wood
Revenge is a dish best served cold
You will die, tiny pieces of you will rot
You will be long and forgot
There's gonna be nothing left to ID you
Just a missing photo on the evening news
One hand washes the other, covers up your sins
The rain falls down hard and washes the rest away
Die! I'll stack all you up like cords of fucking wood
No love left for none of you, this disease has no cure

15. Success

[originally by Napalm Death]

Climb the ladder, your security
Upward social mobility

Consume the lies "It's what you need"
Vicious circle of mindless greed

Where is your success gained from?
What of the lives you're shat upon?
Caught in the web you'll play the game
An artificial life but who's to blame?

16. Old Fashioned Love Song

This one goes out to all of you fence-sitting little bitches
Who didn't think that I'd notice
What am I? Fucking oblivious
You either punk out or don't call back at all
Now who the fuck do you think took the time to find the rental hall
When What Happens Next was gonna drive right past to the fest
But that fine just remember that I am not blind
And despite the dope I smoke, I don't forget a fucking thing
And in the end don't try to pretend that you were there
That you were my friend, friend
Don't come to me and apologize four or five fucking times
When you cancel at the last minute, I'm just not with it
Don't think I forgot about you, you hypocritical fucking tool
Can't count the backs you've climbed upon
To stand on the mountain that your on

17. Seaching for Pain

Darkness fills the night
Wander through my mind
Looking for times once lost
Searching struggle continuous fear
Intrigued what lies beyond this fog
Endlessly continue my search
I've been searching, searching for so long
The fog slowly begins to lift

18. Dreams Forgot

Circling through, in my brain
Trapped in my mind
The dreams I seek no longer exist
Suffering aspiration now only dead

19. Undefined

Unholy face enters your dreams
Come to reap the suffering
To create all pain drawn toward
The demon inside your heart
Shadows suffocate the light inside
Blood stains my hand
With your body bound in thorns
Betrayed soul, anguished life
Sorrow surrounds you takes shape
Only by what your fears create

20. The Path

Endless suffering bring fear to your mind
For time will never die, follows all your life
Hidden by your fears that you hide inside
Which path will you choose, when your life is through
For you will watch your skin bleed
For inside you know what's right
Your soul struggles to win the fight
For this is my souls path
A call to the dark side, burn my soul
Eternal raging war inside, awaken all the dead

21. Lost War

Every time we think we're right
We get fucked right where it hurts
Fuck the UN they need to butt out
Leave them alone and worry about home
It's all about religion, there's no way to win
Fuck all the gods and listen to yourself
Sit around and bitch some more
But another flag and shut the fuck up
Authority and power is a fucking lie
Authority and power is a fucking lie
Authority and power is a fucking lie
Authority and power is a fucking lie
Authority and power is a fucking lie
Authority and power is a fucking lie
Authority and power is a fucking lie
We gonna fight until you fucking die!

22. Bonus Track

He will never rest until you all are dead
He will never rest until you all are dead
All hallows eve, evil wakes from rest
Druid curse, reign of death
Until numbers, countless dead
First victim claimed, at the age of six
Bludgeoning knife wounds, crushed fucking heads
He will never rest until you all are dead
Loomis wasn't a fucking machine
It's gonna take more than one to stop the disease
How many bodies has it been?
25 years and the evil still lives

23. Uncompromised

This plague that diseases my mind
Tells me to set your soul free
Cleanse the evil form that you hold
Truth, lies left to be untold
Onslaught of random butchery
The war that rages inside me
Visions of impending glory
Vengeance left unto the hands of me
No confliction, just conviction
Sentence passed by me, one man judge and jury

24. Desensitized

[originally by Ottawa]

25. Anthem

You fucking suck, this shit you play
It's pretty fucking weak
We're the original, authentic dungeon grind machine
Your feeble attempt, fucking mainstream crap
Don't deny or try to ignore, the 303 pummels you whores
Can't fuck with the dungeon grind machine
Swift crippling blows that will bring you to your knees
All hail the mother fucking 303
This destruction proudly brought to you
By the dungeon grind machine
This shit's really pleasing to me
Fuel for the dungeon grind machine
Radio metal fucking blows
Bullshit gimmicks to sell the shows
Don't press your luck you stupid fools
Get out of the way of the dungeon grind machine

26. Lifeless

Who gives a fuck what people have to say
90% are full of shit any fucking way
Some people tell lies everyday
Manipulate just to get their way
The story of the corporate fucking whore
Would kill his mother just to get more
You don't have to listen to me
Wait it won't be long you'll see
White collar bitch fat and rich
Would take his chance to fuck you and me
Greed God almighty fucking dollar bill
Corporate whore human piece of swill

27. Recipe for Death

I live to eat your flesh
The pain that radiates, from deep inside my mind
Causes anger and frustration that I cannot keep inside
The need for the touch, the feel of your flesh
I just cannot resist my recipe for death
Homosexual, strong urge to violate you
Alcoholic sedation, asphyxiation; 18-volt lobotomy

28. Size 42

You better jump down
Step the fuck back and take a look
At who your about to attack
What I'm gonna let you see is flawless, airtight
Top-quality government grade
Perfection in every right
You've only got one leg you can't stand up
You've still got cartoon characters on your underwear shut the fuck up
I've told you once, don't make us tell you again
I don't know why you have to get so damn mad
Fuck you, you ain't that bad you still wear size 42 underroos

29. Reprise to 42

Reprise... size fucking 42

30. Nurturing Psychosis

What a beautifully melodic thing
The fluent motions of this machine
Deviation to an extreme
Your needless suffering, brings pleasure to me
It's kinda fucked how these things work
Urge inside to make you hurt
Desperate need to make this work
Control is lost, all hope is gone
I can't help this urge to hurt living things
It really doesn't seem malicious to me
The constant taunting, must have damaged me
To hunt and kill you like you are a disease
You can plead for mercy, maybe up and run from me
But remember your just a virus to me
Precision fluent killing machine

31. D-9

There are two words to describe my joy
"Fuck yeah" if I got my chance I'd do it too
"Can you hear me now?"
Fuck yeah bro you went and let a fucking battle cry go!
A year and a half with the D-9 cat
Your blinded eyes were my disguise
Fortified steel with closed circuit screens
Marvin the D-9 grappler brought Granby down to it's fucking knees
I don't give a fuck what you have to say Marvin just went and made my day
I'd roll that shit right downtown and lay all those buildings to the fucking ground
In memory of Marvin!!

32. Obloquy

Getting your ass kicked by Black Sabbath is undoubtedly a fucking fact
But they're the godfathers of metal and you really shouldn't feel that bad
Your mostly just a bunch of mother fucking goddamn pussies and
We came here to show you how this shit is really fucking done

33. Premeditated

There are several varying reasons for the sins that I'm about to act out
Take a straight razor to your tongue and bleed all of your lies out
No sympathy I zip-tie your legs and watch you thrash around
Tools of the trade, insight, forethought needed for vengeance carried out
I'm going to watch you bleed your ass inside out
You chose to sow the wind, now reap the whirlwind

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