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1. Die All

You're searching the darkness with opened eyes
It's cold and silence
Trapped in a narrow hole
With no escape
You realise
You were buried alive
Fear's tearing your soul apart
Death will reach you
You know terrible torment is waiting for you
The oxygen is lessen
You're searching the walls of your coffin
The end rathes up with you screaming, crying, cowardly
This is what you must feel
All of you must die
You're hanging tied up on the top of a faggot
You're sweating
The hell of the end is ringing
Growing smoke surrounds you
Hot blazes are licking your disparting flesh
Higher and higher
Until your whole body is consumed
This is what you must feel
All of you must die
You're laying thonged on the table
Hear the sound of a blade scratching stone
Suddenly the cold metal cuts its may on your back
Leaving pain and destruction behind
Cut after cut which converge
A break for a moment...
You are begging for a fast death
Then you feel your skin is peeling off your flesh
This feeling is unbreakable

2. Revenge Of The Dead Souls

The smell of blood magnetizes dark spirits.
A valley where dead ones are howling.
Mutilated, rotting bodies around me
Are so beautiful in their death.
The divine light died out from their eyes.
Death won this war.
Those few ones still alive
Are looking up the sky with their eyes crushed by pain.
But in vain. God is shitting on humanity.
Night is slowly descending.
It is coming to take them.
Damned beings.
Assemble here.
Reviling their souls.
Consuming their flesh.
What we can see is only a little bit of the end.
But darkness wins the final battle.
Our sword is made of hatred.
Darkness wins the final battle.

3. The Day Before Final Death

I've brought the time.
When hell breaks forth to the earth.
The destruction has started.
My hatred is taking its victims like an epidemic.
I tear off the serpents head.
Which drops its tail from its mouth.
There is no disgusting life anymore.
Only the long awaited death.
I bath my body in human blood.
So the damned goat shall help my way.
Bodies wriggling from torment
Are trying to get away from my revenge.
While my glowing sword's burning signs on their body.
Women vomiting blood are screaming.
Begging for god.
No mercy.
It is the end of humanity.
From the ashes of churches,
Corpses are crawling out.
Their sharp hunger gives them power.
Death covers everything.
Takes my soul away.
The sun has finally extinguished.
And the existence is fading.

4. When I Spit On Cross

Amikor leköpöm a keresztet
Az ostobák arcába nevetek.
bibliával törlöm a seggemet
A homokos papokra vizelek

Anyákból kivágom a gyereket
Elpusztítok minden életet.
A zsidók istene hulljon a porba.
Sorvadjon el a vallás maga!

Lábcédula hullaházban
Oda jutsz majd:
Erre vártam...!

Őseimmel, amit ők végeztek
Kapják vissza e végzetet.
Valóság legyen a Pokol síkja
Gyötörje őket leprások kínja

Minden vallás egyre megy:
Gyengévé teszi a híveket
S amikor leköpöm a keresztet
A szellemi ragályon ítélek!

5. A Night In The Forest

In the deep of lonely forests
Where the life ends
Far away from living beings
Where the darkness touches me
The song of evil souls is heard
I feel the other world is close
Where I belong
During my damned wandering
The end has already gleamed in front of me
A voice bursts forth from the deep silence inside
The Satan is calling me to follow him
I do this with a cold heart
As I arrived to the end of my road
I step over the gate
Which leads to the infinite
Where my eyes may open
And my hatred may fulfill itself

6. My Eternal Wrath

I can't die
But that is my only wish
I don't need another dimension
or another life.
I screaming for the total death
deeply in the dark forest
I can't find the end
because of you damned livings.

You can take my body
In between torment
But your god creates my soul
to immortal
My wrath will get you
If my damnation has come
to its end

I will there forever
Every shadow
Every hateful night
I'll be the evil of your nightmares
Until my being gets over

On the funeral of your loved

7. The Horns Of Inferno

Húshamvasztó idő
Gyötrelmes mámora
Oszló testű holtak
Másvilági hamva

Időtlen körforgás
Feledett nyugalma
Szarkofágok emléke
A sírmezők árnya

Az elhantolt ősök
Örök vánszorgása
Jeges völgyekben
Csontkürtök búgása

Hívnak a halottak
Látom őket, látom
Démonok és lidércek
ősi útját járom

Halhatatlan átok:
Az élet álszent lángja
Ám a lélek harcol:
S kulcsát megtalálja!

Lehull majd a béklyó
Teljesül az álom.
A világ sírmező lesz
A kürtjeleket várom.

8. My Journey

I'm walking on a path
Which leads into the Darkness
To the land of eternal night?
Where my soul finds its home
I arrive to a cemetery
I draw evil signs on the ground
I feel this is what I have to do
Dark forces swirl around me
At last they'll take me away from the world I knew
And hated so deeply
They'll take me there where are neither memories
Nor needless feelings
To the land through the Eternal.

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