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1. Redefine

I'm feeling these self destructive thoughts,
My sense of value and all my faults,
Self doubt grows inside,
I refuse to become a statistic,
A slave chained down by a mindset instilled in me,
Living through others that couldn't be,
It's been coming on for so long, feel it break,
It's always gonna be a matter of time till these thoughts can be mine,

2. For The Worst

I'm fighting and finding a way to survive the life I live,
The time have changed for the worst,
Resist against the world,
I'm at war with myself tonight,
Controlled by evil thoughts inside,
In this world of hate there's no peace,
The struggled that we face will never cease,
I'm coming to terms with the facts,
Looking for another way,
The lights that guide the way are all but out,
These are the darkest times,
I'm beginning to see that we'll continue,
To strip the world bare until there's nothing left,
The only peace we find is eternal rest,
Living every day in the face of death.

3. Still Lost

Moments pass me by, I wonder why,
Do the things i've done define my life,
Still on the outside looking in on a world that was never for me,
Still lost in a search for answers,
Still lost in translation,
Still lost in myself,
Still questioning my mental health,
Walking to break an endless cycle,
Or catching up in a losing race,
Losing on both sides of the coin is not the choice,
I'm willing to make,
What does it take to break the mould,
All I know i'd be going nowhere if I knew the way,
Our mistakes pave the road into these uncertain days,
I'm walking on a razor's edge barely above the roaches,
And i'm clinging to a dead weight,
Falling through the cracks again,
Time for me to let go before i'm through.

4. Life Expires

This life expires before me and I can't tell what we've become,
Watching and waiting for this,
Caught again by reality,
I wish the hands on the clock would freeze,
Every turn draining the life from me,
But you don't see, how burden crashes down like the weight of the world,
And the stories of a wasted life remain unheard,
The time is for living, this place is so unforgiving,
Striving for inner peace dragged down by false believe,
Don't wait for me,
I'm not done yet,
You put your life on shelf in a world of regrets,
They say sleep in the cousin of death,
Should I sleep with one eye open before my last breath,
This time is for living, this place is so unforgiving,
Striving for inner peace, dragged down by overwhelming grief.

5. Winding Roads

So many nights, as many shows,
Overnight drives, winding roads,
Living for the moment before it passes by,
What some what call a misspent youth,
Others call the time of a life,
But you could known by now,
How time can leave us all behind,
Growing up was never giving in,
You could never comprehend what you were missing,
Endless days spent on these unknown roads,
The closest calls that we'd call out own,
I'll apologise for my uncertain future,
But I refuse to say my best days are gone,
This world will always be mine long after your dead and gone,
The ups and downs, high and lows,
The good with the bad, true colours always show,
We stand through the tests of time,
The changing trends a constant tide,
We gain our strength from every show,
The energy, the world it's all I know.

6. Fear

Stopped, I find myself at the crossroads once again,
Waiting for uncertainty's return, my oldest friend,
Are you willing to come face to face,
With your greatest fears, your own worst enemy,
Push as the darkness consumes everything around me,
Failure, something that I could never let myself be,
I could never be, I will never let myself,
I've been searching my whole life for something, not content with what i've found,
There's a certain safety in knowing it could never get any worse.

7. A Message

Moments pass me by, I wonder why,
For all the cynics, the critics,
The noose around our neck,
You're fucking next,
The devil's at your doorstep,
You should known by now just what to expect.

8. Wrong Choices

All of your failures and regrets,
Fuel the rhythm of the beat from a hollow chest,
Looking back on wrong choices made,
From selfish thoughts led astray,
When the blood runs cold and the promises,
We made are no longer kept,
Live and learn but never forget the suns we commit with only ill intent,
So many things I wish I could change,
Constant reminders of the paths we made,
So I write to you tonight with the utmost regrets,
The innocence we had has been slowly choked to it's death,
When you give more than you take and the cycle repeats,
Setting up for defeat, everything you once called your life breaks down.

9. Locrian

I am the bearer of bad news,
It's not alright and it's not gonna be okay,
We are the final generation,
This is the end of days,
Is it just me or are we losing our minds?
Problems overwhelm we start falling behind,
Society's illness diagnosis is fucked,
There's no one to believe in,
There's no one to trust,
No foundation, no direction,
Fate far worse than death,
hunting, searching, killing time,
Single parent child, an endless line,
We are the unwanted voice of the paranoid,
The medically sedated, emotionally devoid,
Sick of a world that refuses to know,
Waiting for the chance so long over due,
I am a witness to the crimes of the world all the bridges we burned,
Te fuse is lit, there's no turning back,
We have passes the point of no return.

10. Means To An End

This city pulses with a sickness beyond us all,
Complacent, compliant mindless fools,
I see no will, I see no strength behind dead eyes,
Living a lie,
When you lose it all and survive is what it means to be alive,
My defense is my disguise,
My world I sacrifice,
Out of step, out of line,
Counting down the rest of your life,
If it's a choice, what I want or what I need,
Or a chance to be free, just forget me,
Impulse clouds the thoughts and mind,
We are defined, the choices we make,
The way we live our lives,
Before we all fucking die,
I'm living my life my own way, day by day,
Out of step, out of line I make my own way,
I still lack the purpose, means to an end.

11. No Escape

This world won't remember me,
Tried so hard to run, tried so hard to hind,
No escaping, our hands are tied,
Tried too hard to fight, tried so hard to find,
The answers to the questions at the back of my mind,
How can I trust you when I can't trust myself?
Can you believe in something you don't believe in yourself?
Still haunting me, still calling me,
Conscience finds me and it dies in me,
I can't tell myself what I need to hear to justify the worst things i've done,
This vicious cycle I know no escape,
Only time will tell, if I have what I have what it takes,
This vicious cycle sealed our fate,
Can we change our ways before it's too late?
There's no escape,
Rest assured I know we live to learn from our mistakes,
I'm coming to terms there's no escape.

Thanks to zacmcc97 for sending these lyrics.

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