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1. Abyssos Antithesis

[Music: Archaon, lyrics: Destroyer]

Eternal division
Chiseled out of ruin
In utter otherness
First among equals

Wolf Manifest
Ultimate dark design
The direct opposite
Upon cursed soil

Chaos wielder
I am becoming thee
Leviathan depths
Locked in reverie

By means of iron tongue
Abyssos winds blow through my bones
Foot on path - Uncontested
I will endure - Encased in Flesh so cold

By ways of schism hammer-blow
Black horns of antithesis - Grow
Hooves on thorns - Unparalleled
I am the bearer - Of a thousand unholy names

Abyssos - Antithesis
Over the seven rays of the lion's crown
Bathos Relentless & Victorious
Abyssos - Antithesis - I bow to none

Antithesis in my Flesh
Heartless - Born of shadows
Created by stone hands
Through ungodly divination

I am the Instrument of the apocalypse
Feel the shape of the venom I fell
Lead your children to my feet
Let them lick deaths-salt from my throne

2. Through Eyes of Stone

[Music: Archaon, lyrics: Destroyer]

Deathless - The undivided
Lifeless - Void absolute
Nameless - Walk now eternal
Sightless - On path-divine
Fleshless - Thorn unbridled
Ageless - Ways within ways

Mine is this glorious instant
Merging fire, spirit, blood and void
Floating over shadow play
Through worlds within worlds

Seeing through eyes of stone
Alignment Rubicon
Through eyes of stone
Surrender this mortal flesh

Mine is this exalted vision
Merging chasm, mind, will and soul
Dead eyes staring sightlessly
Blinded by shafts of golden rays

Deathless, Lifeless, Nameless
Sightless, Fleshless, Ageless

Seeing through eyes of stone
All-seeing Rubicon
Through eyes of stone
To the horns of purification

Through eyes of stone
Alignment Rubicon
Seeing through eyes of stone
Surrender this mortal flesh

Mine is this triumphant schism
Merging cycles, mind, time and hand
Stretching off into infinity
Lifelines erased in golden sand
Seeing through eyes of stone
I am Rubicon

3. Tunnel of Set VIII

4. Enter Cold Void Dreaming

[Music: Archaon, lyrics: Destroyer]

Beyond the bones of burning horizons
Each step away carves eons closer
Drowning material realms in quicksilver introspection
Cutting gilded chasms through labyrinthine haze

Carving out the ancient idols
In the grip of chaos
Cosmic storms in warm-eaten heart
Unlock, Unravel, Unveil

Un-material realm striving closer
The principle of moments of death
Dimensions draped in dust of prayers
Unlock, Unravel, Unveil

Enter cromlech passage
Enter portal veiled
Bending light to will
Enter cold void dreaming

Beyond the skeletal shades of remembrance
Each moment crawl lifetimes slower
A Bleeding glimpse of a lost world is all that remains

Beyond tight ropes and crooked ladders
Each breath a cosmic lifespan reversed
Weaving the seven pillars into dehumanising flesh

Underworld cantons roar through the ether
Walking with shadows, through worlds without end
Eyes fill with pits of night and pools of stone,
and heavens fire...

Enter cold void dreaming
Into oblivion black
Enter cold void dreaming
Striving to the other side of paragon perfection

Timeless and eternal
Crushed against a wall of void
Like a pariah fire in the dark
Unlock, Unravel, Unveil

5. Towers upon Towers

[Music: Archaon, lyrics: Destroyer]

Behind flickering contorted faces
Phantom claws move hidden hands
On pathways of least resistance
Worn to bone by rats and sainted lies

As words of filth hails heaven high
Hosannas choke on children's skin

Towers upon towers
Mask behind masks
Filth upon filth
Rib upon ash...

Towers upon towers
Scraping the skies
Bone upon bone
Lie upon lie...

Limbs upon limbs
Souls upon souls
Sin upon sin
Lie upon lie...

Sanctimonious vultures necrotic dance
Like hungry wolves upon altars of flesh
You all shall eat the offspring
Of your own stinking bodies
Visiting your fathers sins,
Upon own butchered lambs
The lingering stench
Of grotesque parody ever present
Ember by crumbling ember,
Last dying fire, fading slow

Creeping into feeble mind like lice
Searing veins like sweetest poison
Now cut the skin and eat my flesh

6. Tunnel of Set IX

7. Deeper Still

[Music: Archaon, lyrics: Destroyer]

Fall deep and deeper still
Brooding on the throne of primordial scum
Craw-link forth, between spirit and dying flesh
Deeper still - In all spectrums of death

Racing the sun through shifts of darkest essence
Static nocturne afire with unholy visions

Deep - And yet deeper still
Wrenched from soul, into vortex hauled
Beyond all mortal comprehension
Seeing the world to a grain of sand

Ungodly aeons
Icon of perfection
Omega occulta
Clandestine Idol

Alighting unhallowed paths
Re-awakening limitless dimensions
Parted in soul and bone
Stalking the myriad masks

This unquenchable thirst
Realms eternal unravel
Through vision-storms
Light is swallowed by night

Racing the sun through shafts of darkest essence
Static nocturne afire with unholy visions
Come death-touch
Diabolic navigator

Mesmeric manifestations
Visions, reaching for the bones
Unveil the carnal truths
As the blade cuts through
Each second, timeless in itself

Deep - And deeper still
Stalking on blackened bones
Deep - And yet deeper still
Carve thy paths through stone
Oh corrosive one

8. Striding the Chasm

[Music: Archaon, lyrics: Destroyer]

At the edge of existence firm on ground, growing roots like swords speak the hidden words
Trailing karmic death - Dark ore of obscurity
Enrooted from blood-soil - Void-birthed from flesh of Gods

From the scorched abyss black veins, branching through cosmic soil
The rotting edge ever closer Chasing fire - The opening of the bones

Towards the sub-divided levels detach disintegrating soul
Towards eternity and far away from time
Follow blacked beacon, through the mist of man
It has always been here weaving into the fabric of flesh
Striding further into darkness roots so old, touching soul

Upon black clouds of magic turn earth to flesh, and sum to gold
Beyond underworld maelstrom hunger of the arcane hand of old
Engulfed in the slimy depths - Each step is a myriad lifetimes
Tide turn against testimony - Possessed through rot in rapture

Striding the Chasm
Inverted as below, no trace of root above
I'm Striding the chasm

Growing in the endless shadow of the soul Dark pillars through Sephiroth passage
Gliding over gargantuan depths Upon the rim of monolith chasms

Bearer of the abhorrent mark engulfed in earth the pitch of tar
Channeling the ravens of death Soul-hunger of eternal shadows claw
Star of fire - Melt my soul

Striding the chasm like limbs of the soul
Striding the chasm darkest roots taking hold

The opening of the 7th gate phantasmagoria walk with death
Through the crooked spear of time A widening rent of absolute nothingness
I stand in mute testimony stone cold on the ritual arena
Soul built upon cromlechs of bones To macabre depths, black root, pillar of balance

Striding the Chasm
Inverted as below, no trace of root above
Take wing of hallowed soul, as I'm striding the chasm below

Growing in the endless shadow of the soul
Dark pillars through Sephiroth passages
Gliding over gargantuan depths
Upon the rim of monolith chasms

9. Dødskamp (Album Edit)

[Music: Archaon, lyrics: Archaon / Seidemann]

I can no longer see
Where chaos ends and I begin
It is cold, it is dark and there is no return
With my back against the wall
I stare into abyss

Endless fervent
Blessed death
The haunting agony of mortality
Dreading eternity
Depths of Infinite despair
The gasps resonate beyond these walls

Breathing life
Breathing death

Breathing life
Breeding death

I dreamt I was a cloud
Rid of human form where no light shines
Wake up to noxious walls and the stench of decay
Bloated faces hold grotesque expressions
Their bulging eyes sightlessly staring
Prayers flung
All to no avail

Triumphus mortis

10. Tunnel of Set X

11. Stand Tall in Fire

[Music: Archaon, lyrics: Destroyer]

I am shedding skin from a vision obscured
I am shedding skin Unfolding from the veil

I am shedding skin from perspective blurred
I will shed this skin
Mind burning like a million suns

Come forth from fire - Standing naked to the flame
In cold triumphant silence - Penetrating deeper into darkness

Each stitch sown, a bridge to planes, beyond the scope of men
Edging ever nearer, to the gateways of transformation
Living each moment, departing from the flesh beneath
Enraptured in timeless metamorphic moments

Re-skinned by chaos Inner worlds returning
I will shed this skin
Re-skinned by fire Soul shards burning
I will shed this skin

Shifting - Moving
Come forth from fire
Crawling through wombs upon black wombs
Standing naked to the flame
Passing inner shields,
Stand tall in fire!

Shedding skin
Lives carved from voids
Time parting like cosmic tides
Peeling away each layer of my soul
A lifeless mask of ash remains

Releasing spirit... From shrivelling flesh
Releasing soul... From the clutches of fate
Released through spirit... From astral flesh
Released through soul... From beaten path
Released through spirit... The ritual death
Released through soul... The cage of flesh

Come forth from fire - Standing naked to the flame
Being human - Being flesh - Being skin
Stand tall in fire - Flayed naked by the flame
Being nothing - Being all - I am not flesh
No more of this flesh

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