Dark Lyrics


1. Invocation

[Music: Archaon, Ravn, Lyrics: Archaon]

Let the darkness fall, arouse my soul,
Unveil the mysteries of all past aeons,
Out of deep slumber crawl,
And reignite the Black Flame.

Rise with the new sun, descend
With the spirits of the moon,
Rebirth in screams of terror,
A domain of pain,
Moving with the black clouds forming,
The twilight's heavens cross.

Winds blows burnt pulverized bones,
Yet the spiritual flame burns deeper,
Devoured by them,
Gasps in the nightly air seems weaker,
As the darkness fall.

Time's up...
The time is now...

2. Serpentine Sibilance

[Music: Archaon, Seidemann, Ravn, Lyrics: Destroyer]

Corpus Replica, Oath of the Black Tongue,
Man unkind in perfect unison,
Shapeless evil, touch the hell's fire,
The cloven death mass

Cold Logic, Devil and Vulture,
Back to the original sin,

There is no God, and we are his prophets,
Days will be eclipsed by leather wings,
Like ice-cold statues in a Labyrinth of Bone,
You stand to drown in tidal waves of sickness,

Fire-crested crouching shadows,
Skeletal requiem of death,
You come with the blackest tidings,
Leading the rats to our poisoned wells,

Cold Logic, Devil and Vulture,
Back to the original sin,
Cold Logic - Devils and Serpents,
Back to the cardinal sin.

Serpentine Sibilance
Incalculable Monochrome,
Phantom fingers unstitch time,
Serpentine Sibilance,
Unconditional harvesters,
Rattling bony fingers in the dark.

Have we come unbidden...?
The absolute tyrant of your flesh,
We came to taste forbidden fruits,
To boil your seas and burn your world.

Shadow fastened - Scorched into dry bone,
Under the Blood-Banner,
Spirit-raked, flagrant violation,
Harvest this world,
Serpents stare, all souls shadow,
The Black everlasting flames.

Ulterior motives - Walking nightmare,
Through the slime of age,
Spiritual dissection, twin-horned heathen,
Collective bile of millennia,
World incinerators - Raised by the infernal,
Through decades of slaughter.

3. Horns

[Music: Ravn]


4. Maggot Fetus... Teeth Like Thorns

[Music: Archaon, Lyrics: Destroyer]

Maggot Fetus,
Centipedal Slithering,
Sick Deformity,
Slow macabre devolution.

Teeth like thorns,
Carrier of plague and filth,
Like the pested fly it's there.

Maggot Fetus,
Crawling underneath the skin,
Only black-rot grows in here,

Breathing is a disgusting habit,
The decomposing mother-crones siren calls for death,
The necrotic flesh of the scum in her soul,
Clusters in decaying worm-holed bone barbs.

Teeth like thorns,
In hydra-headed multitudes,
Excremental decay,
In rotting postural flesh.

Maggot Fetus,
Rapture of the conqueror worm,
Blackest Venom,
The ghost in the carcass womb

Raven wings and Devil's Horns,
Black eyes waiting for the world,
Feel the cold seep into your bones,
Claws drilled deep into your marrow,
Black voided bowels bleeding out,
Like a vulture devouring from deep inside.

Teeth-like thorns,
Festering with ulcerous mouths,
Spine crawler,
Plague-bearing virus child.

Maggot Fetus,
Feeding on the dying soul,
The sickening stench of death...

5. Misanthropy

[Music: Ravn, Tekro]


6. Uncreation

[Music: Archaon, Ravn, Lyrics: Destroyer]

Upon the powdered joints of human bones,
In grim chambers and unhallowed ground,
Tied down with ropes from skin and flesh,
Here lies only ruin and damnation,

The dead holler... endless and toneless
Rites of the miserable turned to dust,
Your maggot-ridden hearts still beating,
Fleshless, bricked up, and left to rot...

Unspeakable Rituals,
Into my rotten soul they wail,
Clandestine Writing,
Hacked from human bones,
Whispered in the eldest ways,
Casket movements,
Through Cascades of towering limbs,
Behind a leathered masque of hate.

Out from a permanent nothingness,
Beyond the black cloak of death,
Ancient, Rot-browned inhuman ways,
Buried in disintegrating flesh.

Diabolic Blight,
Enter with pride Necropolis,
No sanctum,
Here lies only infernal death,
Buried in ash and angel's dust,
Casket movements,
As worms on gangrene-flesh,
Like drones through necromantic galleries,

Howling through mounds of teeth and hair,
Imprisoned behind a wall of corpses,
Necrotic skin peel from yellow bones,
Licking the envenomed blades of evil.

7. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

[Words and music by Roger Waters 1967, by Westminster Music Ltd]

[Pink Floyd Cover]

8. Solitude

[Music: Ravn, Tekro]


9. At The Gate...

[Music and Lyrics: Ravn]

Guided by the flame,
An image branded in your vision,
The infinite infernal incarnation,
Burning like acid in your mind.

Filling your eyes with absolute darkness,
Guiding your mind to envision,
Nothing more to be hidden,
In this darkness you can truly see...

Descending into the deep,
Consumed by the darkness,
Witnessing with awe,
The view that enfolds.

At the end at last,
The final destination:
Let it all begin,
Here at the gate of...

Recorded in Studio Nyhagen, Bøverbru, Norway, under the Full Moon December-January 2009
Engineered by Kjartan Hesthagen and Ravn
Mixed in January 2009 at Studio Nyhagen by Kjartan Hesthagen, Tom Gabriel Warrior and Ravn
Mastered by Kjetil Ottersen at Vektor studios, Full Moon February 2009
Produced by Ravn, Additional production by Tom Gabriel Warrior.

Cover Heksenatt ("Witchnight") oil on canvas by Lillian Tyriberget
Band photos by Rome Ramsies
Cover design by Ravn and Archaon
Layout by Fredrik M. Hermansen

Additional Credit:
Drums on track 11, 17 and 19 by Ravn
Guitar on track 15, 17 and 19 by Ravn
Upright bass on track 13 and 18 by Ravn
Stringed rain deer horns on track 13 by Ravn
Various sounds on track 11, 13, 15 and 18 by Ravn
Guitar on track 17 by Tom Gabriel Warrior
Bass on track 17 by Tom Gabriel Warrior
Bass on track 17 by Tom Gabriel Warrior
Screams on track 11 by Odd Sprakhang
Guitar on track 18 and 19 by Ronni Le Tekro
Melodyne on track 11 and 19 by Ronni Le Tekro
Pump organ on track 19 by Ronni Le Tekro
Piano on track 15 by Ronni Le Tekro

Tom Gabriel Warrior appears courtesy of Prowling Death Records

Endorsement Credits:
Frost: Mapex Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Vic Firth sticks, Evans Drumheads, Trick Pedals
Archaon: Dean Guitars, TMT Pickups, SIT Strings, Tim Dunlop picks, Framus Amplification
Seidemann: Warwick Basses and Strings, TMT Pickups
1349 endorses Coffin Cases

Archaon thanks Espen Østgård at Østgård Gitar (http://gitarmaker.no)

Thanks to gardnerjohng for sending these lyrics.

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